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Monday, January 31, 2005

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A pretty uneventful day I was up a little earlier than normal to take my car to have the oil and filter changed and at the same time asked them to change the spark plugs as it has been a year since they were last looked at, not too bad as it only cost me £35 but as soon as I get some spare time I will take a look at the air filter myself and do other little bits.

Again I find myself stuck in front of the computer when I could be at home putting my time to better use, last night when I got home I ploughed though a ton of ironing and then settled down to watch some television and that took away the rest of my evening.

Well we have come to the end of the first month of the year and I think that this year I will keep a month by month account which will make my review of the year a lot easier come December, see I always plan ahead!!

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Sunday, January 30, 2005

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Had a pretty good day at work today did not see a great deal of customers in fact only two people actually bought anything and one of those sales was worth nearly £3,000 and it just so happened that I was the one who got it, so a great day and next week should get even better as the manager is on holiday from Tuesday onwards. lol

I really had planned to not stay online for that long last night, in fact I had wanted to be on my way home by 7.30pm but you know what they say about the best laid plans going haywire. So it was just after 9pm when I was sitting down to dinner last night and my fault really as recently I have been trying to eat a little better in the hope that this will help with my weight loss so last night I have a lamb steak with potatoes and have to admit that it was pretty good and while it was cooking I did have a clean up of my room and now have a bag worth of newspapers going back to the start of January that need to be taken to the recycle bank. I am still waiting to hear back off Fox and Mole about the £9.50 Sun holidays, the booking form will need to be sent off in the next couple of days!!

Friday night while I was at McDonalds and waiting for my friend to get served I just sat in observation mode watching all the other people who had decided to visit there local fast food outlet on a Friday night. As you would imagine you had a wide variety of people there and no doubt each of them were there for a multitude of reasons and it does seem that fast food has become more popular in recent years but I suppose a lot of that is down to the fact that there are many more families at work and no one there to make the food so it becomes easier to just pop out for something. I was reading an article that said that the British people spend on average £200 a year on snacks like burgers, which is the highest in Europe. I did wonder if this was correct but when you work out that I must go to McDonalds once a week and would spend at least £5 over 52 weeks the costs do add up so I think I had better look at my consumption of fast food both for my wallets sake and for my health.

Will try and watch a dvd tonight I had planned on watching one last night but ended up watching The Edge on television, I will of course be watching Anatomy For Beginners tonight which has been pretty good if not a little painful to watch at times, the vision of that scalpel cutting into the scrotum brings tears to my eyes.

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

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I hate the feeling that I have forgotten to do something had it for most the today and it is still lingering even now. Must just be me as I donít think I have forgotten to do anything!!

Well busy night last night sorting out my friendís computer which had become infected with various spyware software, I say that but even as I type this entry out I am trying to remove Solid Peer from my mothers computer, driving me nuts.

I wish I had read the latest edition of Empire magazine before going to see Elektra as they really slated it, of course they have said similar things about films that I have enjoyed in the past but maybe reading the review would have tipped the balance. Looks like there are loads of good films coming out over the next few weeks and months so will have to keep an eye open for them when they hit the screens.

It occurred to me today that I have not bought a single dvd this year and we are nearly at the end of January, okay I do tend to buy most of my dvdís online now and have not really had the chance to shop but I think seeing that I had over 25 dvdís still wrapped and unwatched at home I made a subconscious decision to limit my spending until I had actually watched some of the ones I have already bought. Plus the start of the year is always pretty expensive for me and will continue to be so until at least the end of May for various reasons so being a little prudent will do me no harm.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

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Decided to go to the cinema last night, I think a more constructive use of my time would have been to teach myself to walk on water! I went to Llanelli to watch Elektra I think the lure of Jennifer Garner was too strong for me to resist so I made the twenty mile trip to a cinema I last went to years ago, must be at least fifteen years thinking about it. So fair enough I was in the cinema with the smallest screen and that screen was stinking so maybe that affected my view of the film, doubt it I just found the film lacking in every department, the only good part was the start and the first five minutes of the film. I sat and hoped that things would get better they did when the lights came on at the end.


There was an accident when I was driving back to work yesterday a bloke on a motorcycle came flying off at the bottom of the hill, there were five other cars in front of mine and yet only four people bothered to get out of there cars to see if he was okay, I am glad to say that I was one of those people who got out to offer assistance. I suppose everyone likes to think that if they ever saw someone in trouble they would take time out to help but it is really only when you are faced with these situations that a built in instinct takes over so glad I did the right thing. The biker seemed okay after a few minutes and I left him with people a lot more able to help than I was.

Heard off one of my old friends from Australia that she will be in this country sometime in April, so got to try and make sure I catch up with her this time.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

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Been a hectic few days, which is partly why I have not had the chance to add an entry also trying to get out of the habit of spending any and all free time I have, sitting in front of the computer. I went out with some friends on Tuesday night and as always was the life and soul of the evening I donít think they will ever take the piss out of my ability to create stories out of the most basic of subjects unless they want to play charades again (betting me I could not keep quiet for five minutes)

Yesterday I had what I would call a lazy day, a wasted day in fact as I spent all morning just doing nothing before going up to my mothers and sorting out her computer which needed to be completely reformatted. I have to admit that I was a little sad as that computer had more than five years worth of stuff on it, okay most of that stuff would have been rubbish and needed to come off but I suppose that is where the sentimental part of my brain takes over.
My car was also washed yesterday this must be the first time I have washed it in six months if not longer, of course I am not one of these people who is out there with a chamois drying the car I will use a hosepipe and a sponge and leave the car to dry on its own. I also made a start on fixing my third brake light which fell off months ago and has been sitting on my parcel shelve after repeated quick fixes had failed so this time I will glue all the various components together separately and leave them settle before attaching them to the window. I will also need to find the time to give the car a quick clean out before Monday as I shall be taking it in to get the oil and spark plugs changed as it has been about a year since they were last done and I did rack up a fair amount of mileage last year.

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Monday, January 24, 2005

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Well spent Saturday night celebrating Burns Night, not up in Scotland but up in mid Wales! Not a very strange story behind this unusual use of my Saturday night one of my old school friends invited me up and I was I was not working Sunday thought it would be a chance to get out of Carmarthen and meet an old friend. So headed up after work on Saturday and what a long journey Andrew was driving and even though it is only a hundred mile journey the winding roads slow the journey down and it did not help that we hit snow forty miles outside of Carmarthen and it continued for the majority of the journey so after setting off at 6.30pm we reached our destination at 9.30pm where the other guests David , Nikki , Daniel , Claire , Ian and Jeff were already waiting and starving as they had delayed dinner until our arrival.

Quick hellos were said and a glass of Scottish whiskey placed in everyoneís hand and we sat down to eat. I have to admit I have never tried Haggis before and as it was a traditional dish for Burns night I thought I would give it a chance (plus there was nothing else to eat there) and if you donít experience new things in life how are you ever going to expand as a person and it was rather nice in fact if not just a little spicy of course if I had know it was made with the liver, heart and lungs of a sheep, all chopped and mixed with beef or mutton suet and oatmeal and seasoned with onion, cayenne pepper, and other spices. This mixture is then packed into a sheep's stomach and boiled, all sounding very tasty lol

I have no idea what we had for pudding but again it was a Scottish recipe and was very nice, as far as I know it was cream with strawberries, sure Nikki who was Scottish called it Cradock or something like that so any Scottish visitors to the site who have any idea what I might be talking about please help!!

It was then a case of sitting and talking and drinking into the early hours of the morning before waking up to the delights of a traditional Scottish breakfast of porridge (does some one want to invite me to a party where I get bacon and eggs for breakfast - please!!)

It was a fantastic morning on Sunday and we left just before 1pm for the journey back, I knew that during the daylight we would make faster progress than we had on the journey up and with only a few quick stops for me to take some photos of the snow covered landscape we got back to Carmarthen at 3.30pm.

Once back in Carmarthen I should have done something more productive with the rest of my day and in particular the daylight but instead I chose to spend that time sitting in front of the computer at my mothers house, some problems logging in to MSN so I used the time to sort out some files on my mothers computer before I format the hard drive and took the time to look for potential films to go and see over the next couple of months. Watched American Idol last night and I find it so hard not to laugh when watching the auditions, in fact this is my favorite part of the whole show.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

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Been a little while since I have posted an entry and sorry about that but things seem to be hectic at the moment with my life but I like it that way would much rather be out living life that sitting in front of a computer only dreaming about it.

Tuesday I met up with another online friend, of course I was nervous at meeting someone I have only ever spoken to online or via txt messages and there is always that feeling that you will not get on, strange but some people are different when they don't have the safety of a computer monitor between them. In fact in the five years or so that I have had internet access at home it has only been the last year that I have met up with people I have spoken to online, then again maybe it was a safety net that I would only speak to people from overseas. Well I have met two people so far and both are good friends and I hope they will be for many years to come.

Wednesday I went to the cinema with Kath and Kieran to see White Noise and I really don't know what is wrong with me I used to be able to watch a horror film and it would not affect me nowadays I seem to jump at the slighest thing, which is funny to everyone else. It is nice to be able to meet up with Kath as friends, I did wonder if things would be difficult and sometimes I have to hold back, I was given a mouse and normally I would hug her to thank her but don't want to give her the wrong impression, on the whole however it seems to be okay.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Well taken me long enough but the second half of my review of 2004...

Jul - Dec

July saw me using my passport for the first time when I travelled to Spain, the coach journal was exhausting with a day an a half on board both ways, on the journey down one of the passengers died and was a little annoyed that the coach company offered nothing for the inconvenience caused, a free hot drink would have gone down a treat after having to stand outside a French service station for two hours! The time is Spain soon passed and I know coming back I did wonder whether I had wasted some of my time but alas nothing I could do about it when I am on a coach on the return journey.

Did make some new friends while in Spain and did the normal exchanging of phone numbers and addresses but such is life and those people have failed to keep in regular contact, I still have some photos to burn on to disk and post to them and I think that will most likely be the end of things.

July was also a red letter month as it was towards the end of July that I first met anyone from the online world and I have to admit that I was a little scared as you hear stories of people who get on well online with the safety and security of there monitor who meet up only to find that the other person is not as they expected there is an awkward silence and the friendship dissolves completely, well we met up and saw Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban together and we ended up talking for a couple of hours after the film and worried her mother no doubt! I can remember that first meeting with Kath and the flip flops she was wearing (lol)

August saw me having to change my MSM password as I had left it logged in while I had used a computer in Spain and friends thought I was ignoring them when they tried messaging me and I did not fancy going back to Spain to correct my mistake! Saw a lot more of the Welsh countryside and more importantly Kath on my weekly visits, I could go into more detail of places we visited but this is only a review of these months not an in depth look. It would have been around this time that I felt that I started to neglect the site as my priorities had changed I no longer wanted to spend every free moment I had sitting in front of a computer screen. Kelly who used to work for me finally had her longed for baby and brought him in so that everyone in the shop could see him, not that she had many friends left there but it was nice to see her happy at last.

September and Kath was still a major part of my life and my mother found out about her and wanted to meet this woman who was taking up so much of my time, that meeting seemed destined to never happen, even back at this point and on reflection if I am honest with myself this is when things changed between us. Of course at the time things carried on as normal with me trying to get a photo of her, everyone knows how much I like taking photos and yet she would never allow me to take a clear shot of her.
My membership of the Quilting Bee was cancelled after a lack of activity with it over the past few months, not something that greatly upset me as everyone I tried to exchange patches with never replied and I made no lasting friendships so pretty pointless really.

The start of October saw me under a black cloud and I have no real idea what caused this even now I have no idea but these waves seems to pass over me from time to time and disappears just as quickly, I put it down to the ďGemini FactorĒ. This was not the best time for this as the store was having its re launch weekend and I missed out on many sales because my mood and if I am honest most of October was work related with the various regional and national re launch of the store. Did have a major clear out of my address book trying to be a better friend in the long run.

November saw me busily trying to get ready for Christmas making sure that I had presents for everyone and cards written, also spent some time working on my website and updating some personal information. Kath finally gave me some ideas of things to get her for Christmas, I am sure it would have been easier to get blood out of a stone! Finally decided to sign up to broadband at my mothers house, the computer maybe slow but this did enable me to access the net on a more regular basis and not have to relay on the computers at the library. The month ended on a low note for me for obvious reasons and yes I was hurt and had many questions that I needed answered but as one of my friends once told me things happen for a reason.

Of course December started off on the same low that November had ended on and it did take me some serious soul searching to recover and know what I wanted, some people may think that I came to terms with things rather quickly but I think I knew what was coming before it came so had that time to come to terms with things and at the end of the day I value my friendship with Kath and I will not jeopardise that being friends is good enough for me. There was still the rush to get things ready for Christmas and yet again I posted my Christmas cards late, which would come as no surprise to those of you who know me! Spent Christmas at my mothers house which meant I took my computer up there and it was great to use a fast computer for a change of course back in work on boxing day but still had a great Christmas with loads of presents. Got invited to a New Years Eve fancy dress party, which was great even though I did not really have a chance to get a decent costume together.

So when I look back over the last twelve months I wonder where the time has gone it seems to have flown by at lightening speed and it looks like 2005 is going to go just as quickly. All I can hope is that this year is at least as good as the last one; yes 2004 was a good year, any year that sees me growing as a person is good and any year which ends with me having more friends that I started the last one with is even better. I have no idea what 2005 will bring for me no doubt there will be high points along with the low points but like always I will get through these tough times as we all do.
So goals for the next twelve months, as I said will set goals that are easier to measure success or failure.

# Go to the cinema at least as many times as last year if not more (12) and make each of these cinema visits is a chance to spend time with friends by not going on my own.
# Actively look at changing my living conditions by moving to another place, a place that is more than just a room.
# Again look at my weight and look to reduce my weight within the next twelve months. Weight at the start of January 2005 was 17 stone!
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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Review of 2004

At the end of each year when I sit down to prepare my review of the last twelve months I normally use the blog entries for those previous twelve months as a basis to write this review and as I was sitting down to prepare this I was looking over my entries and thought to myself what a load of rubbish most of my entries are spent talking about work and other uninteresting things and does not seem very personal, it seems like I am only going through the motions of writing about my day there seems to be no depth to any of it. In previous years I have broken down each month and written a little about what I felt during that small section of time based on what I had already written this time I think I will be more general as there is only so many times I am say work was winding me up LOL

This is quite a lot to read so have only got the first six months of 2004 reviewed here the remaining months will come as soon as I get them written.

So on with the review

I started the year in a positive frame of mind I was going to clear out my address book and concentrate on building up good friendships, you know what they say about telling the worth of a person by his friends. This is something that I tend to do around this time every year as I have had the opportunity to update my computer online over Christmas.
That was one of my aims for 2004 and as you can tell from yesterdayís entry I did not achieve this.
In work I was yet again demoted and once more returned to my position as sales advisor which did upset me not the fact that I went from bedroom manager wages to sales wages but more the fact that I had to hand in my managers card while Dot kept hers but then again these little insignificant things always get under my skin.

Becky the part timer left during February, donít miss her even though I had worked with her ever since I started with the company but then again over the years I had gotten to know her and she only ever looked after number one, since she left nearly a year ago she has called into the shop twice and both times were to get something for nothing. Yet another valentines day came and yet another year passed with no cards sent or received I had hoped that 2005 would be different but sometimes things donít work out as you hope. We saw snow in Carmarthen during February and not just a small sprinkling it was about four inches deep. The Action Group was also closed down, it seems such a long time ago now and in reality it had only existed in name for months beforehand and it was only formally closing it and donating the money raised which needed to be resolved, I never bothered to attend that last meeting as I never wanted to see the group disbanded.

March came and the bed department closed and the new one opened, I know I was angry at the liberties that the new concession staff were taking and more annoyed that Liz as manager was not setting any boundaries for them but bitching about them and what they were getting away with. Sorry but she is the store manager what she says goes in regard to certain things! Put up or shut up
My plans for a weekend away with my friends was jeopardised when the date came back as the end of October but managed to change it to our first choice of May only to later find out that one of my friends David B would be unable to attend as he had a wedding to attend that weekend. I am still a little sore about that as he refused to pay what he owed me for the holiday but is a friendship worth losing over £21.50? I decided during some time off work that I would not spend it in front of the computer, well not all of it anyway and used my car for something that I said I would when I got it and that was to see more of the Welsh countryside. This is something I really should make the time to do more often we live in a wonderful country yet never explore it. As I have mentioned before I like to know that people view my website and are even the slightest bit interested in what I have to say and with a lack of comments posted I decided to look for these and joined up with Provance, which yes did see me get more comments per day but they were shallow I would much rather people comment on what I say because they want to rather than because they have to. Those people who visited my site donít keep coming back for more so maybe I should change my thinking and keep this site for myself and my friends who I know visit Fox and Kath hope I keep you coming back for more during 2005 (lol).

April came along with the realisation that I would never find that someone special if I stayed in staring at four walls every night but my shyness puts me off the idea of doing anything outrageous such as going on a singles night. One dream I had around this time involved me sitting down to dinner in a large room and striking up a conversation with one of the waitresses when someone else came and sat next to me and also started talking to this woman through me, I can remember feeling annoyed that this new bloke was dividing the woman attention and can remember feeling deflated. I put this dream down as a message from my subconscious mind showing that I put in place a defensive barrier and maybe in someway that is what that second person in my dream represented? It was soon after this that I found an article in a daily newspaper about a British based dating called Faceparty so figuring that I had nothing to lose I signed up of course actually completing my profile and sending messages to people would be another thing. I was however lucky in the fact that someone sent me a message in fact since then most of the people I have spoken to have been the ones to send messages to me.

May came as did the weekend away in New Quay and out of the original five people who were due to go eventually only three people actually made it after Fox cancelled at the last moment as he had tests to revise for, I know at the time I did wonder if something better had come up and that is why he did not want to travel down with us but thatís just my cynical mind! At work I was surprised at how easy it was for my to talk to two attractive women considering my shyness and did wonder why I was not able to transfer this to talking to women outside of work, this also got me thinking about what my ideal woman would be and that is still something that I am undecided on. At the very start of May a dark mood came over me to such an extent that I literally felt like deleting everything on this site and shutting the door to my online life, donít ask me what caused this it is not an isolated incident by any means and when one comes over me I normally need to be left along to battle with my own inner demons I blame it on being a Gemini and having two personalities, for the majority of the time there is balance between the two sides of my personality! This mood was most likely not helped by the fact that money was short as I was still recovering from my pay decrease and the money they claimed back. I did get out to stop myself going stir crazy looking at the four walls of where I live and just took a walk along the beach of course this was relaxing and enjoyable but not as much as it would have been if I had someone to share it with. As the end of the month approached I was filled with a renewed feeling of hope for the future and one of my last entries for may was that I was going to ďSeize the DayĒ or ďCarpe DiemĒ of course there was a woman behind this feeling.

June the month of my birthday is always a mixed month for various reason but the month got off to a good start when I ďSeized The DayĒ, I will of course talk more about this in the next section of my review of 2004. My birthday came and went as it does every year and did I feel any different being 26, no not really my mother again asked me what I wanted and I gave my normal response and as I once told Kath the thing I want most is the thing that cannot be bought. I was hurt at the lack of contact from my friends on my birthday, especially my online friends I donít expect them to shower me with gifts but it does make you wonder about the value of friendships if they donít even consider your birthday noteworthy. I had a discussion with the manager at work about online friends and her argument was that you could not call someone you had never physically met a friend merely an acquaintance and I do wonder if she was right.
One of my old school friends Nathan got married at the end of June so went down to Poole for that and the stag weekend which was pretty good. I did upgrade my motherís computer using components that I was given from work, which sped up the computer considerable. As the month came to an end I was busy changing my money into Euros in preparation for my holiday to Spain.

July - December will be coming soon!!

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Ask Me A Question?

In preparation for my review of the year I decided to take a look at my aims for 2004, which are listed below, those items with a line through I feel that I achieved.
Aims for 2004
1.Complete a list of things I want to do before I die

2.Travel I knew that I would achieve this goal, with my new passport I had already planned a trip to Spain this time last year and also made my yearly weekend trip to Newquay and also made a journey down to Poole for one of my friends weddings. I also saw more of the Welsh countryside on ďmystery toursĒ with Kath which were great. So yes I did travel in 2004.

3.Exercise more often.

4.Write/email friends more often/regular.

5.Have a more positive outlook on life. I was undecided as to whether this was something I had achieved or not and think in general during 2004 I had a positive outlook, of course things made it swing back into the negative (work) but with various people in my life it was a good year and 2005 should continue in this vein.

Whatever possessed me to come up with some awful goals for 2004, Iíll make sure that the goals for 2005 are a lot easier to achieve and to measure that achievement or failure. So out of five goals I can only honestly say that I only achieved two of them. How easy would it have been for me to make a list of things I want to do before I die, pretty easy Iím sure but never did it. I did try to exercise more by going swimming more often but because of the poor mismanagement at the local swimming pool those trips got less frequent until they stopped, I will have to look at restarting that in the new year.
Every year I say that I will keep in better contact with my online friends and every year I fail to do so, I did however send postcards to those friends that I have postal addresses for so maybe not a complete failure lol .

I could have sworn that last year one of my goals was to see more movies at the cinema but apparently not what I did do however was keep a record of what movies I saw during the last year and her is that list:

Movies 2004
5th February - The Last Samurai
1st April - Along Came Polly
8th April - The Missing
15th April - Starsky & Hutch
3rd June - The Day After Tomorrow
24th June - Van Helsing
1st July - Troy
5th July - Shrek 2, Garfield (saw these on coach to Spain)
22nd July - Spiderman 2
28th July - Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
5th August - Shrek 2
10th November - Saw
24th December - The Incredibles

Works out that I went to the cinema once a month on average, I would have thought I went more often than that and yes the second half of the year saw my attendance at the cinema slacken off but I shall talk more about that in my review of 2004.

One thing I have already decided is that one of my goals will be to go to the cinema more in 2005 and at I will make sure that I go at least once a month preferable with friends and not on my own.

Got the day off work tomorrow and not really sure what I want to do with it, a part of me wants to just sleep in and rest yet another part of me wants to change my routine and actually do something with my time instead of just wasting it, well weíll have to see what I feel like tomorrow morning.

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Monday, January 03, 2005

Ask Me A Question?

Today must have been one of the busiest days in the shop ever we ended up just short of £30,000 and between 5 members of staff you would have thought that everyone would have had a good day but alas no, think my total sales for today were no more than £3,000 which is not very good when you consider that was only ten percent of the total sales - by tomorrow I will work out who did what and how that effects the sales totals.
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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Ask Me A Question?

Well 2005 is going to be the year of change but I shall talk more about that over the next couple of weeks and months, for now that is all I will say and two days into the new year and I am already going to talk about work but I shall only say that I have the sales figures for the last week which is potentially the busiest of the year. Needless to say out of four sales people in the shop I was in fourth position with total sales equalling £13,720 which for a week is not that bad but not as good as the sales person in first position with £22,949 of the sales. To put things in context there was a £6,000 difference between myself and the person in third position so not very good but for my efforts I will get over £240 in commission.

I really have no idea when things are going to start getting back to normal, not had a day off work since Christmas Day and am hoping that I will be off on Wednesday I will also have to sort out with Christine who will be working next Sunday as that will start the new rota system, I think it will be me as I am hoping to be off at the end of the month but looking further into the future there are other Sundays that I want to try and make sure that I am off, oh well can always change things later on.

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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Ask Me A Question?

Finally said goodbye to 2004 and welcomed in 2005 and what a change compared to last year when I decided to stay in on New Years Eve. Last night I had been invited to a fancy dress party and even though I did not have a great deal of time to prepare so did not look as if I had spent any time on my costume I still had a great time. It was good to just stay in someone elseís house and not have an expensive night of going into nightclubs and having to pay excessively high prices for alcohol. I think everyone had a good time and saw in the New Year (with the exception of Andrew who canít handle his alcohol and left before midnight). We all manged to stay up to midnight and no doubt if I try to mention everyone who was there I will forget someone but here goes Fox, Andrew, Mark, Cristian, Becky, Cath, Phillipa, Sarah, Carl, and Becky's boyfriend who I have no idea how to spell his name I had fun and even stayed out until 2am knowing that I had work today at 9am and did try to send txt messages to everyone at midnight but was not very successful but did hear of Kath earlier that evening which was good and got a message off Emma which was a surprise as she had been out drinking as well but like they say you only live once and I had such a good time that I have been looking for another ideas for fancy dress, making sure that I donít get caught out with no time to organise things - I am thinking of a police man, take down peopleís particulars!! Or maybe even a doctor someone responsible I think lol

I have not had the chance to work on my review of 2004 or should that be not had the chance to finish it I have been working on it for would you believe it the past few months but have been looking at changing how I actually present it. Some of you may have noticed that I have already added the review of 2002 and 2003 to the man section of the site as soon as I finish 2004 I will add it there as well as posting it here, so hoping to get that done in the next couple of days.

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