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Sunday, February 27, 2005

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Iím so tired but determined that I am not going to the pushover at work that everyone has grown used it comes to sales and serving customers, gone are the days when I will stand aside and let the other two race in and get to the customers first I will have to be more ruthless. It feels pathetic having to chase after customers now if they were single and female it might make more sense but we shall see how long my resolute will last before it is worn away again. I have come to the decision that if they get rid of me because I am not reaching the minimum required standards I will accept it and go on my way - Iíve had enough.

Really need to get that letter finished and sent off to Chelsey the deadline for that will be Wednesday as that is the last chance I will have to post it off to get there in time for her birthday so might have to wait until after then before I upload some new photos to the photo gallery but I am going to slowly work on new contents and just generally have a spring clean update some of the information I have on here.

Any ideas as to what you would like to see on the site?

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Friday, February 25, 2005

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Another cold night and I spent way to much at Tescoís, I only went there to get some Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. Nothing on last night, I could have used the opportunity to watch a dvd but was not really in the mood for it I have been trying to lead The Grudge off my brother but he is being very mean at the moment, suppose he remembers when I used to rent out my videos to him when we were all younger!

Got a txt message with a photo yesterday off Debbie one of my friends who had a new baby back at New Years which was good, her son was only two days old when the photo was taken and looked pretty alert so have to reply and find out how many sleepless nights she has had since the birth.

Still got to finish my letter to Chelsey I made a good start getting it up to ten pages with very little effort but now I have hit a brick wall, I know what I want to write about just got to spend a little more time working out how I want to structure that part of the letter. I still intend to beat the thirteen page letter I sent last time (lol).

The image below was taken from once I had climbed that hill as shown in the photo yesterday - just in case you lot thought I had chickened out. Anyone who has studied geography will notice the river (Tywi) is slowly forming a oxbow lake and will over time completely cut through the landscape. Not the greatest photo but follow the river and you will eventually get to Carmarthen

View from the castle

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Isnít that a fantastic view? Took that photo on Sunday when I went out on my travels was pretty happy at how the photos turned out and I really will need to add a section for these photos to my online album.
The photo was taken at the foot of the hill and yes I did actually climb all the way to the top before you ask. I would value any comments you have about the photo is the quality any good did it load quickly enough?

I found the disk with my entry for Tuesday on but since then have decided to edit it a little, if this dammed computer was not so slow I could write a lot more but think it is on its last legs so not going to push it to much. Mentioned the other day about getting a ring at work, no not talking about a video tape which is doing the rounds nothing as exciting as that.

Basically for the past few weeks we have been trying to get a rubber ring, around the size of a ten pence piece for our spray machine without this small part the unit will not work and we needed to get it working in order to spray a suite for a customer. As we no longer deal with the company which carries out our after sales service they were reluctant to send the part wanting £25 sent in advance before they would post the part to us. Of course this was not done and things were left as they were but as soon as I found out that everyone else had just given up I was rather annoyed as it was my customer who was waiting to have his suite sprayed and delivered so I got on the phone and using my powers of persuasion and charm (lol) I finally got the company to post me out the replacement part free of charge so a good result.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

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I am so wound up at the moment, yesterday as there were only two of us in work I was unable to leave the shop during my dinner hour so had planned on getting online at my mothers house once I had finished. Well we all know what happens when you make plans they go all to pot!

I spend close to three hours at my mothers trying to connect to the internet with no luck as the computer can no longer find my modem so after repeated attempts to help the computer find it and shouting at the screen that the #íí# modem was right next to the #íí# computer I decided to call the AOL help line, good thing that it was a free phone number as I was on the phone for ages trying to get the problem sorted, it appeared to be a problem with the computer at my wits end I gave up and went home after setting a program to look for spyware on the computer.

I did get the computer working today after removing a few files that seemed to be doing nothing and am even more annoyed that I canít find the disk with the entry I had prepared for yesterday so some higher being canít want me to publish that and thinking about it I think thatís for the best.

Iím tired now been an exhausting day and I have had enough it is cold and I still have not been able to find a hotel in Bath so I am going home to bed, thatís the only time Iím warm plus I get to read more of my book which is pretty good.

Don't worry Kath I'll be sure to remind you to tell me about what that nutter Keiran did. (lol)

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Monday, February 21, 2005

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Did not get a chance to transfer the photos off my digital camera last night and the batteries are dead now so fingers crossed I will get the chance to recharge the batteries and transfer the images tonight. It is bitterly cold today I woke up and it was colder than normal and the heater I had on did not seem to make much difference in cutting through the cold so it was a quick shower and dressed.

As usual for a Monday things have been quiet they did not sell loads yesterday, which I have to admit put a smile on my face and today I have been upstairs cleaning. Did get a suite I had sold a few weeks ago spray treated but I shall talk more about the hassles involving that tomorrow.

Another late lunch, well if lunch can be called two apples, and the manager has had another go at me for going to dinner so late. I donít really care as it happens I am working late tonight so as I see it the later I have lunch the less time I have to work afterwards, oh well not long before I am on holiday so just got to keep thinking happy thoughts. The cold has seen a snow flurry hit Carmarthen something which does not happen very often so hope we get a little more as I could get some more photos taken and maybe even some film if I can get the digital camcorder off my mother.

Thanks Kath for leaving a comment always great to have one lets me know people do visit the site and yes will have to arrange to go to cinema again.

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

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Last night I finally got around to setting up my surround sound system, well got three of the satellite speakers connected and set up and the first film I watched was Peteís Dragon and have to say it did make a difference. Of course setting this up meant I had to clear away a large mound of junk from the floor of my room and this is not something I wanted start on a Saturday or have to finish on a Sunday, as too many Sundays have been wasted days down to cleaning and I had better things to do.

Those better things involved getting out and seeing more of Wales, last summer I started seeing more of the local area but with winter setting in and the nights getting darker. Well those nights are now starting to get lighter and today I headed to some secluded spots to get some photos taken for the next project I have planned, yes yet another one which will no doubt ever get finished! I would like to say I enjoyed myself but canít the views were fantastic and the walking would have done me good I am even hoping that the photos turn out okay but canít say I enjoyed myself.

My entries recently all have a theme of sorts running through them no matter how subliminal they have been but Friends not the TV show has been on my mind quite a bit recently for various reason which I will talk more about over the next few days. Very unlikely there will be any sort of update tomorrow as I am working late so depends on what I can get done during my lunch hour.

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

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Not very often that I will take about soap operas on the site but made sure I was home in time to watch Eastenders last night to see Dirty Den get his comeuppance in an hour special. Well what can I say what a disappointment all very predictable with Den making his peace with Pauline. I have to admit that I remember what they call the glory days before he got shot by a bunch of daffodils and yes I watched when he made his comeback from the grave but there is something to be said about leaving the past where it belongs. They promised it would be worth watching but I did not think so in fact I felt cheated because Andy also met his match, now that was a good way to go!

Off work tomorrow and not really sure what I will do with myself, I suppose it all depends on the weather but saying that I practically know that I will end up in Llanelli it is almost a certainty well otherwise I will just end up sitting in front of the computer so much better to get out and get some air.

I really am going to have to work on some system to keep in better contact with my online friends itís a shame that I need to resort to a system. There are people I will chat with via instant messenger more than email but all it would take is a slight change in circumstances on either side and contact would dry up, in fact this has already happened with some one I know online as they never seem to be online at the same time as me but I think there is more to that than meets the eye! (Am I so unlike able that one meeting and people run?) Of course I could just be paranoid but if people donít want to be friends or live in fear of me messaging them all they have to do is tell me until that time I will continue to be a friend or try to at any rate.

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Friday, February 18, 2005

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I must be ill as by 9.30pm last night I was ready for bed and maybe an early night would have done me good as I was up at 5.30am yesterday morning with a bad stomach and found it hard to get back to sleep and yesterday was a tiring day at work as a new promotion was starting and as usual the manager was calling me away from one job to do something else - surely it is more important to get the sale ready and not make coffee!! Instead I decided to watch The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, great film with some great songs.

Did not get around to adding anymore to my letter but am confident that they will be ready to post next week sometime, in fact it has given me the kick I needed to get some other letters sent out to my friends and I will get these two videos sent off to Marie in Sweden after having them for over two years, I really do need to get my priorities sorted.

My brother Ben was happy with me after I bought a USB hub (cost me £20) on Wednesday I was able to connect his MP3 player to the computer and transfer some music on to, okay he had to put up with the rubbish songs that I had downloaded but beggars canít be choosers and they wonít be on my mothers computer for long now that the hub is working I will connect my portable hard drive and transfer the files on to my own computer. Donít know about other people but I find WinMX a great peer to peer program for music downloads, may not be as great as Overnet or Morpheus but I have trouble working those and am sick of all the spyware that comes along with them especially the latter.

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

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Really donít know what is wrong with me at the moment it feels like my body is in a constant battle against getting ill and I feel so drained that I know it is only a matter of time before my immune system runs out of fight and gives in, apparently there is this flu bug which is going around and I have been lucky to avoid it for this long oh well just have to keep fighting the good fight.

I had not realised it was half term with the schools until I ventured out yesterday afternoon and saw loads of kids all over town, so that would explain why my brothers have been home! Spent most of yesterday at home handwriting a letter to one of my foreign friends, all ready hit the ten page mark and still got a fair bit more to tell her about will have to get a move on as I promised to get it sent off before her birthday at the start of March.

Think I will get off now my head is hurting and I have a ton of ironing to do tonight, sure I was going to write something interesting today as well!!

Oh yes I did get a Valentines card as well so rather pleased about that.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

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I am someone who hates to be wrong and I also donít like being played for a fool and that is exactly what happened at work on Sunday and Monday. It started innocently enough with a customer phoning the store and asking for the price of a three seater sofa and a chair which I promptly did and the customer hung up - I assumed that she would think it over and either call into the store or phone back, what actually happened is she phoned the Swansea store where she had already order the items mentioned some weeks ago and demanded that she had the difference refunded, was £50 difference. I then get a call from the assistant manager at Swansea who tells me that I have got it wrong and I need to phone back the customer and tell them that I have given them the incorrect price. Being as I am a mere sales person I cannot argue with someone higher up than me but refuse to accept that I am wrong on the phone to him so explain to my manager what has happened and she gets involved. To cut a long story down we phoned the regional support store that original agreed with my calculations but later changed their minds after the other store had spoken to them. Rather annoyingly that store then informed us that we were wrong and never one to give up I phoned head office and explained the problem that every store seemed to have a different method for working out the prices and that things needed to be clarified, the woman at marketing who I spoke to agreed with me that there was nothing wrong with the price I gave but would say nothing more than that until she had spoken to someone in the buying department - oh the hassles but I would still charge the same amount so for a good deal you know who to see!! (As it happens a woman bought that combination off me today and I charged the lower price, because I am right)

As I predicted there was no post for me yesterday, which was a good thing, I suppose as I could have received a bill or something equally unwelcome. I have been watching my Knightrider DVDís over the past few nights and watched the Knightrider 2000 movie, which was released in the early 1990ís, and I have to say what a dreadful attempt to revive the series for a new generation! Yes it had the same actors as the original but no black trans am, no real storyline and no wonder it did not get made into a new series. There is just something that was present in the original series that canít be recreated, as they said ďOne man can make a differenceĒ donít think they intended to get someone new to take over.

Enough of that I spend too much time in front of the television and really should get off my butt and do something else!

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Monday, February 14, 2005

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Well it has come around again the 14th February the day that has been set aside as a loversí festival which of course should make it rather an unhappy day for those of you like me who are single. I will admit that I have never received a real valentines card ever and yes I had hoped this year would be different but sometimes things happen and there is nothing you can do to alter them. I thought that this chain of events would make today more unbearable for me but it is not I have good great friends who are there for me when I need them and I hope I am there when they need me.

One of these friends sent me this story years ago now and in all that time it has just been gathering dust on the hard drive so thought of no better time to give it an airing so hope you all like it as much as I did...

A "Love" Story

Once upon a time there was an island where all the feelings lived; happiness, sadness, knowledge, and all the others, including love.

One day it was announced to all of the feelings that the island was going to sink to the bottom of the ocean. So all the feelings prepared their boats to leave. Love was the only one that stayed. She wanted to preserve the island paradise until the last possible moment.
When the island was almost totally under Love decided it was time to leave. She began looking for someone to ask for help. Just then Richness was passing by in a grand boat. Love asked, "Richness, Can I come with you on your boat?"

Richness answered, " I'm sorry, but there is a lot of silver and gold on my boat and there would be no room for you anywhere."

Then Love decided to ask Vanity for help who was passing in a beautiful vessel. Love cried out, "Vanity, help me please."

"I can't help you", Vanity said, " You are all wet and will damage my beautiful boat."

Next, Love saw Sadness passing by. Love said, " Sadness, please let me go with you."

Sadness answered, "Love, I'm sorry but I just need to be alone now."

Then, Love saw Happiness. Love cried out, " Happiness, please take me me
with you" But Happiness was so overjoyed that he didn't hear Love calling to him.
Love began to cry. Then, she heard a voice say, "Come Love, I will take you with me." It was an elder. Love felt so blessed and overjoyed that she forgot to ask the elder his name. When they arrived on land the elder went on his way. Love realized how much she owed the elder.

Love then found Knowledge and asked, "Who was it that helped me?"

"It was Time", Knowledge answered.

"But why did Time help me when no one else would?", Love asked.

Knowledge smiled and with deep wisdom and sincerity, answered, "Because
only Time is capable of understanding how great Love is."

I am sure that I am coming down with something as since Saturday night my ear drum has been aching and I have to be very careful when it comes to my ears as they seem to be my Achilles heel when it comes to my health and so far I have been pretty lucky.

Submitted the site to be reviewed so had to laugh when I only got 26 out of a 100 I really was shocked to get that amount as everyone can tell that this site is stuck together with little bits of sticky tape and I wonít even bother to mention what they said about my design skills as I say on the site I am no good with graphics I wish I was. The only thing that did slightly annoy me was the comments about my contents I always thought that what I lacked in design and graphical skills I made up with the amount of contents found on the site so when I get 1 out of a possible 20 points I do wonder what I would need to do to increase the contents without just having a load of crappy pages?

So I will start looking at a radical overhaul of the site at some point in the near future I am under no illusion that it needs to be done and what I come up with will have to be different to what I have now but given my skills it could be a long wait.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

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Not such as bad day today as it was only the manager and myself in work I got all the sales, there were only two but it will help me catch up with everyone else who has sold hundreds of pounds more than I have over the last year. It did not surprise me that we were quiet in work today as the weather was dreadful with sleet and hailstones followed up by rain.

I spent last night watching Knightrider on DVD, rather annoying as the pilot episode was on disk 7 and there seems to be no other order to the rest of the episodes are they trying to be awkward or is it just me!! Think I will watch a few more episodes tonight along with start on a long letter to one of my overseas friends, apparently the last one I sent was 13 pages long so got some work to do.

I thought I would try to broaden my musical listening so instead of listening to local radio I have switched back to national radio in the hope that I will get to hear some of the new and upcoming songs that are hitting the airwaves, just a pity that they have been playing a lot of old stuff at the moment.

My favourite day of the whole year is fast approaching, I am of course referring to Valentines Day and I am being sarcastic but enough about that for now.
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Saturday, February 12, 2005

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Yesterday I heard from one of my online friends, someone that I have not really kept in great contact with so it was good when she messaged me (normally I am the one who has to start conversations with people) which was really nice of her so caught up with all her news so no doubt she does not regret leaving the cold and dismal Wales for New Zealand.

I finally finished my book last night, not something I should be shouting about as I started the book ďAround Ireland with a FridgeĒ by Tony Hawks back in December and for various reason I have not been able to read it but have made some steady progress through it over the last week and a half. I have to admit I was sad when I got to the end as I had really enjoyed reading the exploits of a man who decided to hitchhike around Ireland with a fridge. Think I will have a rest from reading tonight and maybe get started on something new in a couple of days.

Managed to get out of work an hour early today so hopefully I will use that extra hour to do everything I need to do online so that I can settle down in front of the television tonight, donít know why but feeling rather tired today.

Been a strange day and I can only put this down to the fact that it is this time of year again, yes with Valentines Day just around the corner I do tend to fill with self pity and feel lonely but I donít know this year feels different somehow. Canít really explain it as I donít really understand what is happening so maybe I will be in a better position to rant on some more on Monday.

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Friday, February 11, 2005

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Did not get the chance to post anything here last night, as it was a rush after work to get ready to go to the cinema. How does that saying go once bitten twice shy, I really should not have gone back to the cinema at Llanelli as it was just as uncomfortable as it was previously. However on this occasion the film was a lot better - went to see Meet The Fockers and as predicted a lot of the laughs were at the surname and various uses of it, who cares about cousin ďRandyĒ (think about it!).

Not really been up to a great deal still keeping off the chocolates so only got to keep this up for oh I donít know 38 days or something, my next step will involve me going to the gym with my brothers see if I can get rid of any of this excess weight that I carry around with me. Spoke a little more to Chelsey today and she is still on track to come over here during the start of April so I will have to try and organise some time off work so that I can go and meet up with her and her friend, promised I would treat them both to a decent meal!

Also heard off Kath sure she is not 100% right but a good sign that she can get up and go online that she is on the mend and more than likely it is driving her mental not being able to get a fix of that drug we all know of as the internet!!

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

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I downloaded the photos I took on Sunday afternoon this morning and I have to say I was not really happy at how they turned out, they were okay but none of them actually stood out and grabbed me but then again I did not get that feeling when I was taking them. I will ask my mother later if I can borrow her camera and have a go at using that one to see if I can get better results or at least have a go with a camera with a zoom feature just to discover what I am missing out on with mine.

Another lazy Wednesday, with me doing very little this morning before having a shower and heading out quickly into town. It seems that the last few weeks I have spent very little time looking around the shops in town in fact I can really remember the last time I went into MVC and had a really good look at the DVDís. I am planning on keeping a list of all the DVDís I buy this year as it occurred to me at the end of last year that I had no real idea how much my collection has grown over the last twelve months. Another pointless exercise when I could should be using my time for more important endeavours.

The conversation below may seem very familiar for those of you that have ever been out to a nightclub and got talking to a woman so with Valentines Day fast approaching those of you out on the pull this weekend avoid this scenario -

Man: (Shouting) Would you like a dance?
Woman: (Shouting back) What?
Man: (Shouting louder) Would you like to dance?
Woman: (Shouting back) Yes I have.
Man: (Shouting even louder) Not have you been to France - Would you like to dance?
Woman: (Shouting) Yes please, Iíll have a large gin and tonic.
Man: (Under his breath) Greedy cow!
Woman: I heard that!!

It occurred to me that Lent has began and not something that I would normally do but think that I will attempt to give up chocolate for Lent, so I shall try my best to not eat any from now until the 26th March, of course I will keep you updated. I will also try to cut back on the amount of fizzy drinks, especially Coke Cola that I drink. I need to do this to make some sort of start on my weight loss programme.(I am actually planning on losing at least a stone by June of this year and am starting to worry that I will be unable to achieve this goal)

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

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Well my spin on Sunday afternoon saw me heading down to Kidwelly where I stopped to take some photos and just listen to the peace and quiet down on the quay. It was really rather beautiful down there and I did take some photos but my heart did not feel in it, I did come to the conclusion that I will need to get a better camera as there was a heron on the river bank that could have been a great photo except for the fact that my digital camera has no zoom feature.

I really donít know what is wrong with me promising to get photo CDís made up for various people, I still have a disk to put together for the people I met while out in Spain and now I have promised to make up a disk of photos of the local area for Chelsey but she knows what I am like so is not expecting it for at least eight months!

Off at the start of March and I have no idea what I will do with my time off, donít think I will have the finances to do a great deal but still donít want to end up wasting my time off work so any ideas of things that can be done with little or no money please feel free to comment.

I watched The Rainmaker last night donít know why I have never seen it before but pretty good film and of course by the time that finished it was time to sleep.

Well heard that Kath is not feeling that good so wish her a speedy recovery.

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

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I had a surprise in work yesterday when Pete and Julie two of the people I had met while on holiday in Spain last July came into the store. I did get a Christmas card off them and am still trying to make time to get the photos from that holiday onto a CD so I can send it to them. It was strange to see them as I had assumed that as many holiday friendships go once everyone was back home the friendship would only involve a Christmas card before even that fizzled out. It was nice to see them again and have a bit of a chat but really the only thing we have in common was that holiday.
I thought I would treat myself to fish and chips last night, I really should not have done this especially after talking to Kevin at work yesterday and him telling me that a little more exercise and watch my diet and there was no reason why I could not lose weight and I have to agree with him. Not that I am going to go on a crash diet but it will not hurt to look at my lifestyle a little and make so minor changes. I am not someone who you could call sporty and that even comes down to watching sports, I will on occasion watch sport so it was good to see the last few minutes of the England Wales rugby match last night which saw Wales win for once!!

Last night really did turn into a lazy night in front of the box as I used the time to watch some films, the first being I,Robot which was one of the DVDís I had for Christmas and had not watched. I am still undecided about my thoughts on this film I think I will need to watch it again but it passed the time until the new series of CSI: NY began on Channel 5. As a fan of the original series I was disappointed when they branched out into the Miami version and that is something I have never really taken to and when I heard that they were again branching out to set up a series based in New York I did wonder if they were flogging a dead horse. I will not make any sweeping statements just yet about the new series as I have only seen one episode and it would be unfair to judge it on that but I thought it was okay.
Once that finished I caught the last half of Shallow Hal and I really like this film and yes too many people are judged on their appearance instead of what really matters and that is what is on the inside. In some ways the internet can be a good place to actually get to know the inner beauty of someone without prejudging someone merely on how they look.

Of course we all build up a mental picture of how we want someone to look and this can lead to problems when you do eventually see a photograph of them or even get to meet them and of course if you turn out to be a different person when away from the computer screen, I would hope that I am the same person no matter where I am.

I even managed to read a little more of the book which I started before Christmas, surprisingly I was able to pick up where I left off all those weeks ago and read a few more chapters this morning.

Well off out for a spin now so look out for an update later.

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

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Glad to get home last night and get something to eat and I made sure that I washed up straight away, its all well and good eating more healthy but it sure does mean more washing up that there ever used to be when I had a piece of toast! My brothers keep asking me when I will go to the gym with them and I really will have to find something that is suitable to wear to a gym and thinking about it I really will have to make more of an effort to go swimming, I can do that with the money that I would normally spend on a McDonalds each week.

Will have to try and arrange to meet up with Fox and the gang soon as it has been a little while since I last saw them and taking about seeing people I will have to remember to phone Nathan and find out if he has heard anything regarding his plans to emigrate to Australia - I have already warned him that he will get an unwelcome house guest inviting himself over!

Not working tomorrow and as usual not really sure how I will spend my day a part of my just wants to switch the alarm clock off tonight and just waking up when my body wants to but I know that would be a waste of a day so depending on the weather I reckon I will venture up to Llanelli for a spin before settling in front of the computer. If the weather is good I will stop off on route to get some photographs taken but the conditions have to be a certain way because I am a fussy sod.

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Friday, February 04, 2005

Ask Me A Question?

Got stuck on the computer last night writing emails and looking for inspiration on new content or a new way of displaying the information on this site. I know I have many more important things that I should be wasting my time doing but these things seem to come in waves and last night I was only interested in added more content to the Man section of the site as I know how much all of you love learning more about me and as there have been no new questions asked I have to do something to relieve my boredom.

Ever get the feeling that you are being avoided? I might be wrong but a few weeks ago I met someone offline and ever since that night there has hardly been a word from her. Okay some people can be busy and have more than one friend to keep in contact with but does make you wonder. I know I am paranoid about such things but I really canít help it as it is a part of who I am. That is one thing that I am currently working on is an A to Z of who I am so any ideas please leave a comment and try to keep them clean. Example S = Shy.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

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Went with Kath and Kieran to the cinema last night to see Creep at Swansea and have to say what a gory and scary film. Of course most horror films now follow the same sorts of lines and this does tend to make them very predictable and there were some massive plot holes in the film that I would have been happy to see filled in but still thought it gave me what I wanted and that was to see a horror film and have a fright! I will not go into much detail, as I would hate to spoil the film for others but some truly gruesome scenes in it.

Was late when I got back so it was straight to bed and I think it will be an early night tonight as I am not feeling too well but that may be due to lack of food.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

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I am rather annoyed today as the deadline for the £9.50 holidays has all but passed yet I have heard nothing back from two of the people asked if they wanted to go so now it has been decided that the whole thing will be called off which is a shame as that is a weekend away that I will miss this year. Oh never mind I am still hoping to travel down to Bath for a few days when Chelsey is in the country and still hoping to go to Spain again this year. Heard off Fox this morning letting me know that he wanted to give the weekend away a miss.

Canít believe it is already February is seems that the year is moving at an alarmingly quick pace, I look back at the last month and it just seems a blur when I try and think back to what I have done I find it very difficult. Okay I have gone to the cinema a few times and I have been meeting up with my friends on a more regular basis but still donít think I have radically changed my lifestyle enough yet.

Been slowly working my way though my backlog of dvdís but I do find that I am getting the urge to buy certain dvdís, would you believe I still donít have the third Harry Potter film I was going to get it when it came out but for some reason did not and now I find myself half wanting to go out and get it now and the other half telling me that I have waited this length of time so wait a little longer and get it when it has been reduced - So unsure what I will do at the moment as I have said before I do need to be a little prudent with my money for the next few weeks.

I really will need to do something about my living conditions I have lived in my present room since July 2002 and unless I do something about it I will always remain here so I dug out an application form to go on a list for a local authority property and that has been sitting here for the past six months, in fact I can remember the exact date I collected that form, the 28th July 2004 so why does it still remain uncompleted?

I really canít answer that.

I canít believe it has taken me this long to work out that there is a facility with MSN Messenger that allows you to see who has you on there contact list so I was shocked to discover that I was not on the contact list of 8 people who were on my list. There are of course many reasons for this but quite simply if people donít want to talk to me let me know and I will remove you from my list, I donít want to bother people with messages if they donít want them.

No Sins