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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

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Got my new disks and a new ink cartridge for my printer and managed to access the file I was having problems with up at my mothers. From past experience I know this is a short-term fix but gives me the chance to save what I want to.
While up at my mothers the local children were washing cars so I got them to give mine a clean as it has been weeks since it last saw soapy water, of course I should know better than to let children clean my car as they soon lost interested and started to disappear so I went out and finished off but what else do you expect when you donít pay them to clean it. Looks all shiny now so once I clean out the inside of all the junk that has accumulated it would look almost new.

I went to buy my television licence today only for the post office to tell me that it would be backdated to the start of March, therefore paying a years fee for only eleven months. The fee goes up from the start of April by £5 so I thought it would be better to pay the extra and not have to worry about it for another year - except I could not pay the extra to have my licence start from tomorrow I would have to go in tomorrow to pay for it which I canít so why wonít they take my money (not that I really want to give it to them anyway)

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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

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I watched Amistad on Monday night and donít know why I have never watched it before as I thought it was a great film with some very disturbing images, while watching any film which is based on actual events I always allow the film makers a little leeway.

I am really quite annoyed that another floppy disk is becoming corrupted and has forced me to buy some new ones. The only time I use floppy disks is when I go to the library to post an entry or send an email. I called at the library last night and added some contents to the disk I go home to open the particular notepad file and it no longer opens, this has happened in the past and I have lost valuable data so will try to open the file at my mothers house later and will transfer all the contents to my portable hard drive and then use another disk for my day to day business.

I joined Provance the other day, the main reason for this was to broaden my horizons a little as I donít really surf the net and choose to limit myself to a few sites. With Provance you get emailed with sites to visit each day and you have to post a comment and more than just the tradition ďNice siteĒ one. This means that you have to spend some time reading what has been said and commenting about that, donít know what to make of it at the moment but it does seem a good idea. I do however find myself wondering how little you could get away with saying before you are reported? A entry about some music concert you attended, would you be happy with a comment that simply said ďI like that group as wellĒ

Thanks to Nichole, Becca and Becci for there comments.
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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

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Sunday morning I awoke to the start of British summertime, this of course meant an hour less in bed as the clocks went forward but it gives me an almost rejuvenating feeling knowing that summer is fast approaching. I also got the chance to spray over the repair job on my wheel arch, not really happy with it but it will have to do for the time being.

Programme on Sunday and it concluded last night about called ďPasser ByĒ and basically it was about a man who looked the other way when a woman was being harassed by two other men on a train and subsequently leave the train and the woman to get sexually assaulted. Okay a dramatic storyline but it did get me wondering how a person would react in a situation like this, I would like to think that if I saw anyone in trouble I would offer assistance and certainly hope I would not look the other way but I think everyone would think like this as it is the moral thing to do. The only way to really answer this question is to be in a situation that calls on you to make a decision on whether to help or carry on walking!

I like a good horror film, so am looking forward to seeing the remake of Dawn Of The Dead. I thought the original was good but this time around there are more gory scenes so that looks like it has some potential, in fact I may go to see that in Llanelli rather than chance it coming to the cinema in town. Gothika is another film that looks good but I have read some poor reports about it, which say that the scares are good but otherwise, a very forgettable film so may watch it depending on whether it comes to the local cinema.

A film that has caused a lot of controversy is The Passion Of The Christ and I am undecided about whether I want to see this film, originally I was not going to see it as it was subtitled but I do find my curiosity aroused but donít want to see it just because everyone else is and I have to admit I donít like the idea of churches blanket booking cinemas and giving the tickets away it just does not seem right some how. Oh well have it is very unlikely to be show in the cinema in Carmarthen for a couple of weeks at least so I have some time to decide.

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Sunday, March 28, 2004

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Even though I am not working today, yesterday was pretty much the last day of my holiday and I did spend a couple of hours in the library before heading to my mothers where I carried out the spray job on the back wheel arch. I really will need to post a before and after picture so that you can judge my handy work, the spray was a lot quicker that those touch up pens I originally got. Once the paint was dry I was on my way to Llanelli, went there for a number of reasons one of those was to catch up with my friends and in particular Keith and while I was up there I called into MVC to buy some DVDís as for some peculiar reason they are cheaper than the Carmarthen branch. Finally got Bruce Almighty and a few other DVDís and I also took advantage of one of there £5.99 DVD offers but they charged me £18.99 so when I noticed and went back the girl behind the counter (must have been one of the weekend staff as she looked young) hit a few buttons on the till and gave me £5.99 back being so late and I was confused I took the money and left it was only when I got back to my car that I worked out that I had still been overcharged so today I went back to the Carmarthen branch and they gave me a refund for £13 which means that I have had the DVD for nothing. (I am assuming that because the girl in Llanelli did not process the refund correctly the Carmarthen store had no idea that I had already received a partial refund, and I was not going to tell them)

Today I have been doing some last minute cleaning and ironing my clothes ready for work so that I donít have to do it tonight when I get back from my mothers and I should also stop off at the paper bank to get rid of the old newspapers that are taking up space in the boot of my car.

I did get some of the emails I had planned on getting out sent last week but still have more that I need to get finished and sent so hopefully I can work on these over the coming week(s)

Went to McDonalds last night in Llanelli and had to put up with the large size and not my usual super size meal but better get used to it as all super size meals are being phased out because of all the reports about the growing obesity problem in the UK, however I donít think that McDonalds would stop me buying to smaller meals if they knew I was going to eat both! Oh well at least going to another McDonalds gave me the opportunity to see the different female staff who work there, so the great debate which outlet has the sexiest looking staff?

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

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So tired and tense anyone would think that I have not spent the last five days off work and when I try to think of what I have spent those five days doing I find myself scratching my head trying to remember, of course I have fitted in quite a bit and by the end of today I would have done close to three hundred miles this week travelling around west Wales. Yesterday I went to Llandysul to visit Pam who was my old manager when I started with the company; I donít know why I go to see her as when I worked with her she would drive me nuts with her way of doing things in the shop, then again it costs nothing to be nice!

I can understand now why people get so heated up that they write in to the local paper complaining about children using the computers at the library on Saturdays and they have to go without. Not normally online today because of work so when I arrived at the library it was already full of children playing games on the computers, I was lucky I got a computer but countless people have been turned away as all the computers are being used and that got me thinking to what constitutes constructive work?

Why is reality television so popular? I know why the studios like them, it is because they are cheap to produce and can generate more revenue with phone votes and other similar money making schemes. So it annoys me to hear that ďnormalĒ television programmes are going to be producing interactive episodes where the viewer gets to decide the outcome of a situation and the worst thing about this is that to do this viewers will be asked to vote via phone or text messages and I do wonder whether the voter has any really control as the scriptwriters normally know how a character will develop and what stories they will have for the next few months so can any choice be so drastic that it changes the path of that character?
Next time YOU are watching the television keep an eye open for all the extra services that are available if you subscribe by text message or other similar means they have of parting you from your hard earned cash (or that of your parents)

So Britney Spears has been voted the sexiest women in the world according to the FHM 100 sexiest women in the world poll 2004, looking at the other 99 women in the top 100 I have to say I was a little disappointed at the placement of some of them and have no idea what the voters were thinking of when they voted the over inflated Jordan in to eighth position while the lovely Eliza Dushku polled in at 26 - criminal. At the end of the day I suppose it is all down to who is at the front of peoples minds so headline hogging females get the votes.

Been working it out in my head and this year I have only been to the cinema once this year and that was to see The Last Samurai I donít really know why I have not been more often as I have said before I live a couple of doors away from the local cinema but then again is there much point in going to the cinema just to see any film and not worry about what is being shown or should I wait and see what I want to?

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Friday, March 26, 2004

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Friday, March 26, 2004

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Went down to Pembroke Dock today to visit my grandparents and while down there my gran insisted on taking me on a tour so that I could get some photos, the weather was not that good and I canít really take pictures on demand I have to live what I see and I suppose feel something for that view and then attempt to capture it. My gran meant well but I was not really overly pleased with any of the shots I took, maybe if the weather had been better inspiration would have hit me. I have gone to carrying a camera of some sorts around in the car with me, I could stop some young woman on the street and ask her to pose for a photo on the pretence of working for some model scout agency! (not that I would do that however)

My attempt to repair the rust patch above my wheel arch turned in to a farce, no one but myself to blame as I bought some touch up paints which are more use at repairing small areas which need to be touched up and not the area I treated and sanded down so I got a spray can which will get the job done a lot quicker than me trying to apply the paint with a brush smaller than those used to apply nail vanish (not that I wear nail vanish all that often!) I will however get this job completed before I return to work on Monday

Not sure what I will do for the rest of my time off, I was going to but Bruce Almighty on DVD as it was on special offer, or at least it was the other day the same thing happened with Cabin Fever - I know it only cost £11.99 the other day and not £12.99 but alas to slow! Later on today I will go and see Pam, that is something I did not really want to do today, I would have preferred to go earlier in the week but I donít intend to stay longer than a few hours.

I know I donít get a great deal of visitors to my little domain but I really had expected more people to sign the guest book, even if only to complain about the layout or something similar, so for those of you that come to this page via a search engine let me know via the guest book if you found what you were looking for?

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

I got some fantastic photos while on my jaunt through the welsh countryside yesterday and will get around to adding them to my online photo gallery. I have also got some more poems that I have come across to add to the site.

When I visited Pentre Ifan it was starting to get late and being there all alone I have to admit that I did feel a wave of fear slowly start to creep over me, silly I know but just being on the top of a mountain miles from nowhere with only sheep for company (please no jokes about the Welsh and sheep). Maybe it was just the March wind chilling me along with the slowly setting sun in the background, those of you that believe in ghosts may argue that there was another presents there, well it is an ancient burial ground and have to admit that I have experienced similar feelings while visiting graveyards.

Burial (21k image)

I did not get much of a chance to talk about the meal on Tuesday night, it should have been at six but we did not start eating until after eight for various reasons and why they wanted to go to Llanelli for the meal I have no idea, guess it was so my younger brothers could play in the fun zone that they have there. I mentioned yesterday that I had the steak my younger brothers, Ben, Sam and Josh all had something from the childrenís menu
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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

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Well true to my word I left the library just after 1ío clock today for my magical mystery tour of the welsh countryside and have included this map so that you can follow my journey into the unknown!

OS Map of my mystery tour (32k image)

Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland

I headed towards Lampeter which is to the north of Carmarthen heading inland and once there I headed north west towards the coastal town of Aberaeron (which is towards the top left hand corner of the map). Got there at about half past two and took a walk along the sea front and I have to admit that it was great to feel the sea breeze hitting me and blowing away all the cobwebs. Took a few photographs and took a look around the town itself, not really a great deal to see but there were some pretty women and I found a tourist information centre where I gathered the information needed for my next destination which was Tresaith (not shown but south of New Quay) which I was again on the coast and a place which I heard had a fantastic waterfall which is on the beach.

Found the place okay and I did not see another soul in the village but did get some great shots, or at least I hope that they turn out good so that I can add them to the site. I did not stay that long in Tresaith before I hit the road and headed to Cardigan and then on to Fishguard before heading back to Carmarthen via Haverfordwest. On route I made a small detour to Pentre Ifan, which is an ancient burial ground in the middle of the countryside, so great fun going through all those country lanes!

As I was driving though these lanes a young woman was walking towards me, I remembered her as I wondered what she was doing in the middle of nowhere and looked out for her on my way back so was shocked to see how far she had travelled as she had reached the next village (so I was unable to offer her a lift out of the middle of nowhere!)

Well today I travelled through three counties, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire and the one thing I noticed in each one was the huge number of road works which are being carried out in the area but even that could not spoil the lovely weather. Finally got back to Carmarthen after seven and thought I would use the computer at my mothers to add this entry and check my email, as I will be on my travels again tomorrow.

Thanks to Becster for her comment.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

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What am I doing here? I have no really idea I should not be wasting my holiday sitting in front of a computer screen. Last night I got a phone call of Pam telling me that she would not be in today so could I make it another day, I did not really want to go up on Friday but that looks like the day I will be going up to Llandysul to see her.
The meal last night was good, not the best steak I have ever had but as it was cheap (and I did not pay) it was okay, I got some photos but donít know if I will put them online yet.

I had hoped to get up early today so that I could be at the library as soon as it opened just to check my email and update the site before I went off on my magical mystery tour. Well got up late and did some shopping so am about two hours behind schedule but as soon as I post this I will be off to my car armed with a sandwich, some cakes and a drink and will point the car in a direction and drive. (Will take a look at the map first)

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

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Made a start last night on some emails and fingers crossed I will get some more completed tonight after I get back from my brothers birthday dinner. My youngest brother Josh will be eight today and even through he had some of his friends around on Sunday he wanted a family dinner, so I get to go and get a meal.

Ended up not going to visit my gran today as she works one day a week as a volunteer sitting with bedridden people and today is the day this week that she is working, so trust me to leave everything to the last moment before calling her, so I will go down there on is Thursday and spoke to Pam earlier so will call and see her tomorrow. My week is quickly slipping away and I feel that I have achieved nothing.

I did start work on the rust about the wheel arches of my car late yesterday afternoon and will get a little more of that done today if the weather holds out and again I tried to figure out a way to get the cover off one of the fuse boxes under the bonnet as I am sure that it is the fuse there which controls the heated windscreen and I want to check on the condition of that fuse as I believe it has blown, only problem is I can see an obvious way of removing the protective cover.

It is very easy to disappear and leave very little trace of yourself, since I moved I have not disappeared but I have faded in the fact that I no longer appear on any electoral register and it made me realise how easy it would be to completely disappear. Even though I have faded from view that looks set to change as I will have to give my name and address to TV Licensing as they have finally caught up with me or rather with where I live and I will have to get a television licence; I know there is no excuse for not having one but when I first moved here I had very limited money and really should have gotten a licence when I went back to working full time but as always there are more important things to spend your money on. So I have the form and will pay out the £121 pounds that is required for the year at the start of April. I am hoping that I can get them to send all correspondence to my mothers address, as post is not secure here.

I am so annoyed as I was looking on Amazon yesterday and saw that you could get the first season of Quantum Leap on DVD and to get this would be fantastic, pretty sure that it would work on my DVD player but because of the cost and the potential cost of importing it in to the country it is a little more than I want to pay for something that ďmayĒ work, so fingers crossed they bring the DVD out in this country.

Thanks to Becster and Andrew for leaving a comment
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Monday, March 22, 2004

I have answered all the questions which were left for me so go view my answers and ask me more of those deep probing questions that you know you want to ask me here.
On holiday this week and I have no idea what I will do with myself, I have already began clearing out my room as I mentioned a few weeks ago the clutter is mounting up and this morning I found a plastic carrier bag which was full of other empty carrier bags which I had obviously decided to keep for some strange reason! Needless to say they have been placed in to another bag and that one is being thrown out tonight.
I will probably spend a little time on my car this week as I donít really have the time or space to work on usually and the weather is looking pretty good so I might look at the small rust patches which are starting to form around the back wheel arches. I should be doing that today instead of hiding myself away in the library.
Felt bad after my last post when I felt I gave the impression that I was looking to drop friends that I could not keep in contact with, or creating different bands for different types of friend, anyone who knows me will know how I hate to lose contact with anyone no matter how many weeks we may have been friends. So needless to say looking for friends look this way.
I was awoken this morning by my phone ringing and wondered whom it could be that would call at such an early hour, heck I wondered who would be calling me full stop! Turned out to be David (one of my friends living in mid Wales) wanting to know what dates the New Quay trip were as he had been invited to a wedding on the Sunday that we are away so it looks like one place will become vacant which is a shame and unless we can find someone else to take his place I could end up out of pocket.
During the time I have been online at the library I have worked out what I shall do with the rest of my week, tomorrow I hope to go and visit my gran down in Pembroke Dock before meeting up with the rest of my family to go out for a meal to celebrate my youngest brothers birthday. I will also try and contact Pam (my old manager at work) and arrange to go and visit her on either Wednesday or Thursday, I know that this will be an all day visit but then again it is only twice a year I go and see her! I will work on my car starting today and will devote a few hours to it on either Wednesday or Thursday depending on what else I am doing and Friday I hope to go somewhere. Not being vague on purpose but when I got the car I thought it would be great to jump in it and go off for the day armed with my camera, stop somewhere quite and take some landscape photos, so might well be travelling to the Pembrokeshire or Ceredigion coasts.

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

A few weeks ago I said I was not going to spend all my time writing about things, which have been happening at work, and I did not really keep my word on that so no work related entry today.

Seeing that the pub quiz has never really started back after the Christmas break meeting up at the pub on a Tuesday night seems to have ground to a halt over the past few weeks for various reasons but hopefully a change to Thursday night will give everyone the chance to meet up.

I keep saying it but never get around to doing it and that is making headway with my emails. I have fallen into the trap of only responding to emails that are sent to me and failing at that most of the time so the people who donít send me any email donít get to hear from me and even after going through my address book and deleting those people I have never really clicked with or there email address is no longer valid and I am still left with more people than I can realistically maintain a good friendship with. Then again I suppose it has to do with your definition of a friend and what makes a good one, is it even possible to be good friends with someone you have never met and lives on the other side of the world? I think so and I only hope they feel the same way about me and are not offended at only getting the odd email off me?

Instead of ranting about it I should make the effort to contact all my friends and updating them on what has been going on in my life, I will try and get this done this week, as I am not working.

I was talking to my friend on Thursday and he told me how much he had spent on getting some new alloy wheels for his car. I was astonished by the amount that he had spent as it is more than I am paying to go to Spain, of course it is his money and his decision as to how to spend it just as it was my decision to go to Spain, what I donít understand are the people who are in debt who spend money that could be put to better use, I understand that if you donít have much money and it is a hard slog to get whatever money you have that you may feel like treating yourself, I have done it myself but there does come a time when you need to realise that you are living beyond your means and that sacrifices need to be made, cut back on the amount of times you eat out and try and lower your weekly shopping bill, little thing like this do work.

I finally got around to patching up the hole that was left in the wall of my room after the umbrella incident, I would need to add a little more filler and paint over it again to perfect finish but it is better than seeing a gaping hole in the wall every time I come through the door.

Thanks to Tiffany for leaving a comment and who ever left the questions.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I did have something prepared but forgot to save it on to disk, basically I was ranting about work and how the manager always make a mountain out of a mole hill so nothing new there then!

Goodness my mind has gone blank so instead I will talk about a letter I read in the local newspaper today which talked about the number of children who use the computers at the library to play games on. The writer states that he had to wait over 40 minutes to use a computer on Saturday as children were playing games on them and another man had travelled down to do some research only to find that the computers were being used. And he was urging the library to do something about this.

As I use the computers at the library to work on my site this could affect me as where do you draw the line? Does someone wanting to research their family tree have more right to access the computers and the internet than a child who is playing a game on the computer? I have had to go without access to the internet as children have been on the computers and I have been annoyed and think to myself that what they are doing is not as important as what I want to do. I donít think the staff at the library could do anything about this as how can they judge what is important all they can really do is enforce the two hour limit which applies to the computer usage.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

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The auditors are still at the shop going through the books and this ultimately causes tension within the store, especially with the manager who become snappy and can take it out on other members of staff. I got it last night when I was cashing up the till for counting the money in a different way!

I hate to get on my soap box but I was reading in the newspaper yesterday about a seventeen year old girl who has three kids by three different men, getting pregnant at fourteen. The first child was ďplannedĒ as she felt that she was mature enough and is quoted as saying ďMy sister had her daughter, Jade when she was 14. I wanted a baby of my own. I felt mature enough and I knew I could copeĒ and obviously gave no thought that she was breaking the law by having sex under the age of sixteen and she split up with the father two weeks after the birth of there first child, very mature! Especially as five months after the birth she became pregnant again after a drunken one night stand and canít remember the name of the father or even what he looks like. Two weeks after the birth of her second child she was out on the town clubbing and picked up another man who she took home that night and five months later she fell pregnant. Okay who am I to judge someone else and how they live there life but what annoys me is that it is the tax payers like me who end up paying all the benefits that they receive such as child benefit and unemployment benefit. Many people could be blamed such as the Government for failing to educate young people, you could blame her parents but when you learn that her mother has four children all with different fathers and her sister also had a baby when she was fourteen so can you really blame her for how things have turned out? The fathers of the children must also share some of the responsibility as it takes two to tango!

She is still with father number three and they are not planning on any more babies as she is now thinking of having a coil fitted Bit late!

I bought the new version of Battlestar Galactica on DVD on Sunday and watching it last night, donít really know what to make of it as someone who has seen and liked the original I had hoped that something would grab my attention but no it seemed very bland with characters who were uninteresting and not a patch on the original which I should have bought instead.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Only had this website since July but have finally gotten my Guest Book installed so please go and sign it so that it does not look all empty and alone. I will apologise for the poor quality of the Guest Book it will evolve over time!

Also got the Photo Album uploaded not got a great deal of photos in it yet but I will be adding more over the next couple of weeks and will also sort out the sizes.

Oh well hope you enjoy as I will not be back until at least Sunday.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

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Finally got online at the library last night if only for a short period it gave me the chance to check my email and get some email sent off. The display team are currently in store, well the two of them and after watching them for some time I have noticed that they move very little choosing instead to get other people to do the lifting and carrying so the company got two men in from an outside agency to do this lifting work and as it turns out the two people they sent were the same two that turned up last year and both of them are work shy!

Seeing both of these on a go slow has had a negative effect on me as my view on the matter is why should I bust my back as I normally do when they have been paid to come in specially to do this type of work. On the good side however my sore throat seems to have eased a little.

Later on today while I am at my mothers I am hoping to upload the files that will compete my guest book and my photo gallery so two major issues that I have wanted finished are ready on the same day.

Thanks to Shae for posting a question, have not got around to answering it yet as it requires some thought!

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I managed to get quite a bit done online on Sunday with my guest book all but ready to go online and as long as I spend a little time over the next few days resizing photos my photo album will be ready to view and I am hoping to have both of these linked by Thursday. With these two things out of the way I am hoping to have some time to work on a new layout and I donít think I could get away with just changing the ďmovieĒ being shown so I will have to spend some time working on my next layout which again will be movie related.

I had expected to get online at the library on Monday night but when I turned up the library was closed because of a power cut earlier that day, which was slightly annoying especially after the day I had at work. Basically I turned up and was lifting and carrying until I left at six, Sleepmasters were in the store setting up there department so we had to move our wardrobes out of there space and maybe it is a little early to pass judgement on people but I am already feeling that they are the outsiders and the manageress they have is living up to my expectations. (I know two types of managers, one type will bark out orders and get the staff to do all the dirty jobs as they look on or the second type who will see something that needs doing and do it themselves - she seems to be the first type)

I was not in the mood for moving furniture yesterday as my throat was killing me a sure sign that I am coming down with something, most likely a cold.

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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Been a tiring few days, on Thursday I went into work at midday and should have stayed on until 8pm but all the workers had already finished most of the work which needed to be done and all of them left by early afternoon so I did stay on for an extra half an hour after the rest of the staff had left and came In early on Friday. It was a good job that I was able to check my emails at my motherís house as my Hotmail account had reached its limit thanks to someone sending me a photo and not compressing it correctly.

Saturday was busy at work and because Christine was off most of the sales came my way and now that I am back as a sales person I am going to have to make sure that I donít give her all the sales. Saturday night was eventful as when I got back to my place I could not get into my room as my umbrella had fallen behind the door and had formed a barrier behind the door. I am not the slightest of people and I was using my full force to get the door open and all I managed to do was get it open an inch and see the umbrella handle embedded into the plasterboard of the wall. To cut a long story down I called my stepfather and he came down with a crowbar and managed to dislodge the umbrella out of the wall so that I could open the door - I will never leave an umbrella behind the door again!

All rather annoying as I had hoped to use last night to prepare some emails to be sent today but by the time I got in and had something to eat there was very little time and my shoulders were hurting, so I will leave that to early next week. It seems that all I ever do is put things off I have some videos here that need to be sent to a friend in Sweden and have been putting that off until later for the past year so I really will need to pull my finger out.

The library is opening later for the next few weeks because of all the building work so will not get the opportunity to get online in the mornings before work but hoping that I will be able to get there after work Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday I am on a day off so should be there and after that will be back a week today

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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Ask Me A Question?

Managed to get a fair amount done online yesterday in preparation for the next few weeks when I imagine that my internet access is going to be cut right down with the work which is being carried out at the library. So I could use this time to work offline and get some things finished off, I have been looking at adding some new sections and extending on present sections namely the section about myself.

Got a right blast from the past yesterday as I was talking to someone I honestly thought had disappeared from the online world so that was pretty good.

Finally got around to updating my blog hot or not listing so go and Vote

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

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I came across a rather macabre story last week when going through my daily newspaper, about a spider collector in Germany who had a lethal bite from his pet black widow spider. Police were called in a few days later after neighbours complained about the smell to discover the remains of the 30-year-old man covered in giant spider webs with spiders running all over him and coming out of his month and nose. Police described it ďlike a scene from a horror movieĒ

Rather a nasty story and certainly one who gave me the chills but then again I donít really like spiders after watching Arachnophobia and hearing about things like this reinforce that fear.

Watched or should that be half watched ďMy Little EyeĒ on Monday night, donít really know what to make of the story as I kept drifting in and out of the land of nod. Goodness knows why I was so tired maybe it was all the fresh air on Sunday?

The Ford dealership in Carmarthen is set to close in the next couple of months, it has been reported that the only reason they are closing is that Ford expect them to spend a large amount of money on upgrading there showroom to Ford standards and the company who runs the dealership are unwilling to spend this amount of money. Personally I find this odd, as the dealership has only just moved to new premises after selling there old premises for development so the money is there. Are the owners using this as an excuse to pull out of the town and put the blame on Ford as I would have thought the dealership would have been aware of the high standards Ford expect from there showrooms before they moved. Needless to say the current staff will have to find new jobs and the only people to win is the company which runs the dealership somewhere in England.

No post would be complete without me mentioning work and since Monday the shop fitters have been in getting rid of the old linen fixtures and another set have been in getting rid of the bed department and getting it all set up for the new company and rather funnily I will have to arrive in work early on Friday and leave late on Thursday as they need someone to open and lock up for the builders so I may have to give my managers card back but they still expect me to do this!

Work has already begun at the library and it will be closed on Friday and will re open on Monday at a later time, which means that I will not get the opportunity to update the site before going into work and will have to rely on updating after work or at my mothers house for the next couple of weeks while the work is being carried out.
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Monday, March 01, 2004

Today is St. Davidís Day here in Wales and as I have not had the opportunity to update and move my site all about Wales to this domain I have decided to list the words to the Welsh national anthem in this post (also with translations)

Hen wlad fy nhadau

Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yu annwyl I mi,
Gwlad beirdd a chantorion, enwogion o fri;
Ei gwrol ryfelwyr, gwladgarwyr tra mad,
Tros ryddid, collasanteu gweed.

Gwlad! Gwlad! Pleidiol wyf Iím gwlad,
Tra mor yn fur
Iír bur hoff bau,
O bydded Iír heniaith barhau.

Land Of My Fathers

The land of my fathers is dear unto me,
Old land where the minstrels are honoured and free;
Its warring defenders, so gallant and brave,
For freedom their lifeís blood they gave.

Wales! Wales! True am I to Wales,
While seas secure this land so pure,
O may our old language endure.

Donít know if anyone remembers me going on about a holiday offer in one of the daily papers and that I had not received confirmation on the dates, well when I collected my post yesterday there was a letter from the holiday company and the date they had given us was the end of October. As you can imagine I was not very happy about the fact that they had selected our last choice date, a quick email later and they called me and to cut a long story down I managed to get them to change the date from the end of October to the middle of May, which was our original first choice and we even get to stay at the same site down in New Quay.

I also got the chance to visit Llanelli yesterday and visit ASDA and on route I did stop off to take a few photographs but have not really had the time recently to devote time to uploading any photos to my photo album, which I have already installed on the site, I have some time off work at the end of the month so hopefully I will get the time to work on it then.

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