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Friday, April 30, 2004

Ask Me A Question?

I have again been experimenting with adding some colour to my hair and on Wednesday I got two new colours, I got the blue and the screaming blonde as the image below shows.

hair2 (5k image)

Wednesday turned out to be quite an expensive day as I had to get a new parking permit for my car which set me back close to Ł100 and today I had to get a new tax disk which cost Ł165 so I will have to be really prudent with my money for the rest of the month.

My mouth/throat has been playing me up for the past few days which is usually an early indication that I am coming down with a cold but on closer examination (don’t worry no photo) I have discovered a mouth ulcer at the back of my mouth and that is what is causing the discomfort.

I saw on the television that they still offer these magazines which you collect and build up into a collection and I can remember as a child always buying the first edition, which was normally offered at a reduced price but never buying them again once the price went up. I wonder how many other households had these first editions but never bought the rest of the collection.

I said I would like everyone who commented last time, so thanks to Antonia, Laura, Vivi, Ashley, Tiffany, Jenn and Michelle

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Ask Me A Question?

It was a fantastic day on Sunday but I did feel as if I wasted it as all I did was go shopping in Llanelli. Okay I may have had my sunroof and windows open and I don’t think I could have just sat on a beach somewhere. As I have already said I did get some new clothes basically things for New Quay and Spain so fingers crossed that the weather is good otherwise I will look a fool wearing shorts and tee shirts in the pouring rain! I also got a memory card for the digital camera I got for Christmas so the good news is I can take loads more photos before having to download them on to the computer, I will use this camera at New Quay and maybe even get around to creating my photo CD’s.

My stepfather had bought a van a few days ago and needed me to go with him to drive it back, this would have been fun if not for the fact that he drives so slow and was in front of me I was unable to really put my foot to the floor.

I finally got around to booked a room for the wedding in June, I supposed I had better let them know that I shall be attending now. I did decide to stay at the hotel where the wedding was being held and was relieved that it was only Ł80 per night and they were not going to charge a single room supplement, so I only hope I don’t get lucky at this wedding otherwise I will have to suggest going back to her room

I have been experimenting with adding some colour to my hair as the image below shows I coloured the hair at the front of my head a vibrant red and am hoping to experiment with some additional colours maybe even a blue and try to blend them together.

Red Hair (6k image)

Will have to look at adding some new patches to my Quilt as I got an email yesterday informing me that I needed to add a certain number of patches per month to remain active and in the past this has been difficult for me as the Quilting Bee site was not accessible on the library computers, however since they have moved the site I can access it so will be looking at people to trade with later today.

If you could have ONE superpower what would it be and why?

Thanks to Sanne, Ashley, Elenea and Jenn for posting a comment last time.
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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Ask Me A Question?

I did wonder how long it would take for work to reduce my pay and alter my contract and found out today that my pay has gone back to that of a sales assistant but they have also altered my contract so that I should be working five days away which include Sundays as standard. I said I would not talk about work on this site so will say no more about it.

I read an article in one of the daily papers last week, which reported that a female lawyer was sacked after objecting to a ban on wearing short skirts and tight tops. The law firm sent a memo to female members of staff forbidding “revealing or suggestive clothing”. The woman in question objected to this clothing policy and claimed that this was sexual discrimination as this policy only effected women and that the her male co workers were able to loosen their ties and roll up there sleeves in hot weather. When I first read this story I thought that it was a disgruntled ex employee who was looking for revenge on a former employer. Does she have a point were her employers being unfair with their dress code for women or is it just sour grapes? The paper also ran a photo of what sort of clothing was not acceptable and I have to admit I would much rather work in an office with someone dressed like this, What not to wear!(pop up) however I have no idea how much work I would actually get done! In its defence the law firm in question said that “We were getting people coming to work dressed sloppily in clothes only for going out in” they also stated that the sacking had nothing to do with what was being worn to work.

There was a shock on American Idol and I am not sure that the correct person was voted off the show on last weeks “Barry Manilow” special and when George was sent to the top group and picked the one with the three divas you could tell how surprised everyone was when those three were the ones in the bottom three. It just goes to show that you should never assume anything. Personally I thought John was poor and deserved to go but as I don’t get the opportunity to vote it really should not concern me.

I watched The Hole the other night with Thora Birch and the gorgeous Keira Knightley, I had heard some bad reviews about it when it first came out but the film was pretty good. Unlike the time travelling cock up known as The Tomorrow Man there were so many holes in the plot that it was unbelievable and at least it was a free DVD with a magazine I get so there was no wasted money spent on that.

Friday I decided to get going on my life history section and have continued working on the working years section which is still in its early stages and does not look like it will be ready any day soon but it will slowly get completed. I had hoped to continue this work last night but went up to Llanelli for a drive and was up there again today getting some new clothes and a memory card for my digital camera.

Thanks to Manda, Karrie, Jessie, Victoria, Mia, MonkeyBlog for their comments.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Ask Me A Question?

I watched Tales From The Crypt the other night which was a series of short stories and there were some pretty good ones as well. Of course it is an old film made during the 1970’s and staring Peter Cushing who I always associate with horror films after all those Hammer Horror films I watched as a child.

Don’t think I will go to the cinema this week as they are still showing Starsky & Hutch. I did think about going to the cinema in Llanelli but I really need to save my money and I can use the time to do some work on the computer, there are a pile of emails that I need to get finished.

On the subject of money I have been looking into the costs of hotels or bed and breakfasts in Poole for June when one of my friends ( Nathan ) is getting married. Most of the places are charging the same sort of money so I am thinking it would be easier to stay in the hotel where the wedding is taking place, so that after a night of partying I don’t have to worry about getting back to my hotel - I can just crawl to my room!

From last year when I did not venture far from Carmarthen this year is seeing me do a lot of travelling and I don’t have any plans for this to stop. I am already thinking of other destinations to visit, if not this year then next year - maybe a trip to New York.

Can’t think of what else I have been up to since Monday, I must have been doing something so exciting or horrific that my mind has blocked all recollection of these events to save me the agony of having to relive them. Okay maybe that is a slight exaggeration of actual facts in reality I have done very little except watch DVD’s and forget the birthdays of my friends. So happy belated birthday greetings to Melissa and Sarah sorry that I was unable to send you an email on your actual birthday but there is always next year

Again I am going to thank everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment so big thanks to Jeannie, Rhiann ,Renay and Emily. We shall see how many comment I get while on "Vacation".

I saw American Idol at the weekend, the music from the movies edition and I have to say that I was a little disappointed with all of the contestant’s choice of favourite movie! I felt that they all picked safe choices of film and did not even sing a song from there chosen favourite film.
While I was going around town this morning paying bills I thought I recognised someone I used to work with at ASDA and it was Dennis and I was shocked that he remembered my name and took the time to say hello. He was at ASDA at the same time as I but was not one of the people I would have expected to remember me after five years and seeing me in a different town. I really will have to get the rest of my life story completed.

Which is your favourite series of Star Trek and why? Would you go for The Original, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager or Enterprise?

Song:The King Of Wishful Thinking By ~ Go West
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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Ask Me A Question?

(Yawn) saw Starsky & Hutch on Thursday and I really don’t know what to say about the film, I found it tired with only a few jokes getting a laugh. Can’t see me getting this when it comes out on DVD.

Why can you never find a police officer when you want one? Before going to the cinema on Thursday I noticed a small device attached to one of the cash machines (ATM) in town, I recognised it as a card reader as used by criminals to skim the data off a credit card, I tried to pull it off but was unable to so went looking for a police officer only got as far as finding a car before I gave up and carried on to the cinema. The skimmer had been removed by the time the film had finished so either the crooks returned or someone else removed it but I shall be keeping an ever watchful eye on things.

Loads of thanks to Rissa, Catherine, Chrissy, Nesse, Tammi, xxBekah, Anja, La (ecstasia), Crish, Bex and Donna I will visit each site if I have not already done so.
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Friday, April 16, 2004

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I went out to meet up with the gang on Wednesday night, originally I was not going to go but when I weighed up sitting in front of the television or meeting up with some friends I decided on the later plus there was nothing good on. Of course it was karaoke night at the Coracle not that it was busy so the same people kept giving their renditions of well-known musical numbers. Fox and Catherine were persuaded to have a go and were not that bad as karaoke goes, I have no idea what the first song was but the second one was “The One And Only” by Chesney Hawkes which I had always liked and at the end of the night those of us that were not chicken (Mole, Fox, Catherine and myself) took part in a group version of “Truly, Madly, Deeply” Savage Garden need not worry!

Got an invite to a wedding at the end of June so the next couple of months are starting to look both very busy and very expensive. With the weekend away in New Quay during May, various birthdays which will mean going out (including my own) and my holiday in Spain at the start of July. Does not look like I will have the money to spend on DVD’s for the next couple of months.

Can’t remember if I mentioned that the town bridge had been reopened after having some maintenance work carried out on it over the past few months, well any thoughts I may have had of being able to get to work quickly and easily don’t seem to be going to plan as more roadwork’s have sprung up in and around the town and the tailbacks are quite horrendous and yesterday I was amazed to find that an additional set of traffic lights had appeared on the town bridge and because of the way they were set up blocking all the roads onto the bridge (and this is the bridge that has been closed for nearly two months for work to be carried out!)
Coming home from work yesterday there was a car behind me and the driver kept sounding his horn for no apparent reason, I did feel like getting out and politely inform him that sounding his horn would not make the lights change any quicker but he was bigger than me so I decided to stay put.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Ask Me A Question?

Was up at the crack of dawn today, even though it was my day off, as I had to take the car to have its MOT test. This is a test, which is carried out once a year to examine the main road safety and environmental features on a car. From my past experience with cars and MOT tests I really did not think that the car would pass first time without having to have some work done on it but the car passed without any additional work needing to be carried out so my concerns about the hand brake were unjustified at this time.
Also received my insurance reminder from Eagle Star in the post this morning and I really did not expect the premium to come down a great deal from last year as they pulled some strings for me last year to lower the cost. The good news was the premium had come down so I will continue with them for at least the next year.

Normally I write the bulk of my entry the night before I post them and then when online amend and update what I have written to save me time but last night when I sat down to work on the computer I could think of nothing to write about that would not need to be changed today, I did not know about the outcome of my MOT last night and have not received my letter from the insurance company and I had planned on typing this out when at the library today. It is however quite funny the ways things don’t seem to work out as planned; I went to the library to discover to my horror that all the computers were being used! I did think about going up to my mothers house as she has gone to Ireland with my younger brothers today to use the computer up there - except my stepfather did not go with them and I did not want to drive all the way up there to find him home and me unable to use the internet, so I went back to my place and decided to write this entry before going back to the library and gaining access to a computer there. I am hoping that there will be a spare computer; otherwise I will ask to use the special need computer with its giant keyboard and monitor.

I came back to the library and the computers were all being used so I decided to sit in the reading section and keep an eye open for a free computer. One young woman who was obviously waiting to use a computer was sitting on a free chair next to a child who was playing games on the computer, I could tell from my vantage point that this was causing the woman some annoyance and when the librarian from upstairs came down she immediately went to him and told him that she had been waiting for a computer for the last hour while this child was simply playing games. Regular visitors to the site will remember me talking about this a little while ago after reading a letter sent to the local paper about children playing on the computers while “adult” were forced to wait or come back another time. I watched and listened to what the librarian did next and have to say I was disgusted when he asked the child on the computer to leave it for ten minutes so that the young woman could go online. Needless to say the child never got back on the computer as it was taken by yet another person waiting once the young woman had left. So again I ask what right does the librarian have or the young woman in this case to decide what is justified use of the computer. I have looked at the guidelines and nowhere does it say that adults can use the computers over children, as there use is more important. I am waiting for the day when someone asks to use the computer I am on because they have something important to do! (Please note I have been here for the last four hours)

Big thanks go out Brandy,Cassie,Julie,Chrissy,Sarahwho have all taken the time to comment over the past few days
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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Ask Me A Question?

It seems like weeks since I was last here but in reality it was only four days ago, and what an uneventful couple of days those were. I did go to the cinema on Thursday night to watch The Missing, not really sure what I thought of this film it was okay but I did feel that it was missing some character development, I would however get this film when it comes out on DVD but would wait for it to get to the bargain bin.
I had been hoping to work on some new content for the site or finish off old content that have never been moved to this domain but since Wednesday this is the first opportunity I have had to switch on the computer. Before Wednesday I had begun work on the continuing story of my life, preparing to start on the working years and I did not realise how much information I had locked in my head so quite a bit of editing to be done to that before it sees the light of day.

I had read in the newspaper last week two articles about women and the internet, the first relating to a British based dating website called Faceparty , which has been featuring explicit photos of girls as young as fifteen. One girl who included five nude photos and described herself as a lesbian aged 23 turned out to be only 15! I do find myself asking why these girls do this and what they hope to achieve by lying?
The second article related to Ebay where you can bid for a girlfriend, admittedly only a virtual one. These “girlfriends” can make large amounts of money for doing very little and all say that they would never meet with the winning bidder, only sending letters or emails and photos for a certain period of time. Once your month is up I wonder how many of these woman keep in contact with the winning bidder, or do the “relationships” dry up when the money does?

Is this a harmless fun way of making a little extra money or is it the start of something more sinister, how much money would it take to persuade one of these women to meet you in person, it has already been established how much it takes to get letters off you? What’s to stop me bidding for some virtual girlfriend, someone who has nothing in common with me but because I have paid for a month of communication with this woman has to talk to me, will she have to change who she is just to fit in with what I want, therefore putting on an act and being someone false? Seems rather pointless to me.

The car is going in for its MOT on Wednesday and I can only hope that it passes and needs very little work done to it as we are hardly in to April and I have spend loads of money so fingers crossed that anything that needs to be done on the car will be simple and more importantly cheap. Another spring clean of my room today and have managed to get all of my DVD’s off the floor, thanks to the new tower I bought to hold them. The next thing I will look at is getting rid of some of my clothes, I have a wardrobe full but hardly ever wear any of them so will either bin them or give them to a charity shop but that can wait for a couple more days.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

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It has been great to see so many people leaving comments on my site, of course many of these are down to the services of Provance and am under no illusion that if I stopped this service the amount of comments as well as visitors would drop. I have however “gone on vacation” for a few days as because of work and the Easter holidays I will not get the time to sit at a computer let alone view other sites and leave comments. In the last week I have however found many new sites that I hope to visit on a more regular basis and leave comments without having to do so. I only hope that other people will think the same way about this site.

I don’t often remember my dreams so I was surprised that over the past few days I have had two dreams that I remember once I have woken up. Of course trying to work out the hidden meanings of these dreams is something I have been trying to do for the past few days. The first dream saw me driving my car and having a problem with the handbrake, the lever was not holding and I came to the conclusion that as the foot pedal still worked it was the cable between the handbrake lever and the brakes that had snapped. I then proceeded to drive to a particular garage to get the problem repaired. I arrive at this shop and walk up a couple of flights to stairs until I get to the desk of the garage and explain the problem to them, they tell me to bring the car back later and I leave. As I am going back down the stairs there are a lot of people at the bottom gathered around a photographer who is busy taking a photo of some people who are standing on the bottom step, as I walk past I look into the camera and carry on towards the door to have one of the women who was having her photo take chase after me shouting at me for spoiling the photo and doing it on purpose, I try explaining that I was only walking down the stairs and it was there fault for taking the photo in that location in the first place.

In the second dream I appear to be in a hotel or similar building where the food is supplied, I think I was with friends and suggested going down to the hall for lunch and looked at the dining hall from a balcony to see that all the hotel staff we having dinner and thinking that they were keeping the best food for themselves and even thought it was not time for food we went down and burst into the hall which was already starting to fill up with other people and the staff were standing at the back of the hall and told us to sit down at one of the long tables which stretched from one end of the hall to the other. I sat down near the end of the table where the staff were when one of the women staff members came to sit next to me and we started talking. Then someone came and sat on the other side of me and started striking up a conversation with this girl I had been talking to and I can remember being annoyed that this stranger was sitting between my friends and me and talking across me to this girl. It gets a bit vague then as I woke up

Strange dreams, with the first one I could understand the car aspect as at the end of this month my car will have to have its MOT which is a test to check if the car is roadworthy and this will be the first one since I got the car and have never had the best record with handbrakes with my previous cars so I can understand why that would be on my mind. As for the rest of that dream and the second one I think I need a little more time to work out what that was about.

I read an article a few days ago in which a survey had been conducted with over 16’s in this country to find out how much they knew about history. Okay you could forgive some people for not knowing everything there is to know about historical events but I don’t think you can forgive the fact that many of those surveyed thought that the Battle of Trafalgar was a made up battle, yet believed that the war of the worlds in which Martians attack really happened. (I guess that news never made it to this part of Wales)

Big thanks got out to KellyAngel,Calum, MarySy,Breanna and Julie for leaving comments, come back soon
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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Ask Me A Question?

Pretty uneventful few days since Sunday and I am sure my mother has already had enough of the kids and it is only the second day of there two week holiday for Easter so I dread to think that she will be like by the end of this week!

Why are people so lazy, it seems that everywhere I look I see people taking short cuts, some of these short cuts make life easier but many of them come down to nothing else but bone idleness. I went to one of the local supermarkets to get some supplies last night and there it was a silly woman who had just loaded all her shopping into the car and could not be bothered to take the empty trolley back to one of the trolley bays, choosing instead to move it away from there car and leave it under the control of the elements. This trolley then starts to move as a breeze has caught it, I give a disapproving glance to the woman who looks embarrassed that she has been caught. I used to work in a supermarket and used to see this everyday and also saw the damage that can be caused by out of control trolleys. I should also point out that not returning your trolley to a designated point does not keep people in employment, in fact it is more likely to cause damage to other cars which maybe parked nearby. I wonder how many of the visitors reading this entry has seen similar things while out shopping and how many have actually not returned a trolley?

Smoking in public has recently been banned in Ireland, I know that many parts of the world already have similar legislation and the United Kingdom is sure to follow given time. Of course there are always two points of view to consider and I should point out that I am a non smoker so my views may seem a little biased when I say that it is a good thing to ban smoking in public places, especially in buildings. If people want to smoke then it is there choice to light up, for us non-smokers we choose not to smoke therefore why should we be subjected to passive smoke while enjoying a drink in a pub? Talk to a smoker and they will be up in arms about any ban and I asked one of my colleagues in work who happens to be a smoker what they thought about a ban and she thought it was unfair as sitting in a pub relaxing is when most smokers would want to light up. I however look forward to the day that I can go to a nightclub and not have to worry about cigarettes burning my clothes or my skin while on the dance floor.
Thanks to Z`ohki, Leah and everyone else for commenting.

I had forgotten that I had given you the address to this site Verity, it must have been a few months ago now as I have not seen you in the Coracle for ages but glad that you found the site interesting and took the time to sign the Guestbook along with Steven aka "Foxy"

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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Ask Me A Question?

I watched Zoolander on Friday night and once I watched it I wish I hadn’t as I thought it was terrible and I have sat through some right pap in the past.

Wouldn’t life be a little simpler if you could tell at a glance if someone was single, and looking? it would certainly take the risk out of chatting to someone to find that there partner turns up looking rather annoyed half way though a conversation. Of course the easiest way to find a single person would be to go to a singles night but that is off the cards due to vast case of shyness that I suffer from!
A friend once told me about a nightclub which had a traffic night evening, basically the people who attend the club wear something either red, amber or green, red meaning off limits, amber might be interested and green looking. He did not go but I do wonder how many of the clubbers would have taken the safe option and gone in something orange (amber)?

Wednesday I forgot when I posted my entry and some visitors may have no idea what I was talking about with television licences. Basically in the United Kingdom if you have a television you have to have a licence, this licence gives you five basic channels and out of these five the licence fee goes to pay for the two BBC channels, which seems a little unfair especially if you don’t watch these two channels you still have to pay and if you want the satellite channels these cost extra and have nothing to do with the licence fee. I am unsure if there are similar systems in other countries or if you only pay for the channels that you want to watch?

Thanks to Jes,Muji,Linda,Louise,Danni for there comments.

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Friday, April 02, 2004

Ask Me A Question?

Saw Along Came Polly last night with Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston and I don’t really know what I thought of the film, it beat staying in and watching the television but was a very predictable film with very few laughs except the normal toilet humour I have come to expect from Stiller and I am looking forward to Meet The Fockers even though I know that many of the jokes will be name related.

I have been trying to broaden my social life somewhat and actually get out a little more often, I have been working it out that the last time I went out for a night on the town would have been sometime last year and the excuse is always the same, lack of money or having to work the next day. Of course getting a more active social life does not mean getting completely drunk every weekend and if I was really determined to do something I would. There must be evening classes or something going on in Carmarthen that would get me out of an evening. How am I ever going to meet anyone if I never set foot outside?

April first yesterday and I wonder how many of you were fooled by some prankster? One of the breakfast shows over here had an item about “Diet Water” and that this water had minus calories and because it had been charged with negative particles it attracted the fat particles in the body to it and was passed through the body. Of course complete gibberish as any physics or biology professor would tell you if you did not cotton on while watching the piece which they talked about and repeated throughout the show (something that does not happen). I always thought that news agencies and such gave up pulling April fools pranks because they are in a position of responsibility and trust and most people believe what a newscaster says!

Listened to some of the music I have buried on my computer hard drive when I got in last night and decided on some Beatles, which seem to have a song to reflect how I am feeling at the moment.

Trying to find some time to update the contents as I felt it needed a little ‘tweaking’ especially the section about me as my life is constantly moving forward and believe it or not but I do evolve and grow even if just a little.

Thanks to Tasha,Melissa,Heidi,Renay and Andrew for there comments.

Song:Maybe Tomorrow (littlest hobo theme) By Scooch

ps - Oops will explain all my “Welsh” terminology on Sunday
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