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Friday, April 29, 2005

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There was very little point in the shop staying open until 9pm last night as no additional sales were made during that time, okay I came in to work later than usual so have worked no extra hours but still what a waste of an evening. I really donít know what the company expected they run these promotions at the last moment with very little planning and they will spend the next couple of weeks blaming the staff for not putting there all in to the event. Oh well thatís enough about work this is my day off.

Been an expensive day already but I knew that this next month would put a real strain on the old purse strings which is why I have been more prudent than normal with my money over the last couple of weeks after spending £170 on road tax this morning and £102 yesterday for a parking permit having a car sure is expensive and there are a few people I know who would tell me that having a car is no longer essential and that I should get rid of it but I knew when I bought the car that it would once again become something I could not live without and yes without a car things would be difficult. Any thoughts on this leave a comment!

Got a text message off a friend at the start of the week letting me know that another old school friend was about to become a dad, another message soon came to me that this was only a wind up but I think what caused me the greatest negative feeling was the fact that I hear this type of news second hand and never directly from the source. It does not take a great deal to send a txt message to two phones at the same time and just gets me wondering about the various friendships I have. It makes me feel that I am a friend by association only, if I am honest the events down in Bath are still on my mind and no I have yet to hear from Chelsey who I guess must be back in Australia now. There is a part of me that wants to contact her just to find out what she has to say about what happened and why she never turned up but then again why should I do anything except delete her from my contacts list. I know I will write to her to find out what she has to say maybe I am just plain stupid.

College later today and hopefully I will be sitting a practise test and all going well if I pass I will be able to sit the real test next week and hopefully pass the first of the seven modules of the course so looking forward to later in a nervous sort of way. Oh yes my student union card turned up in the post so I can now get various discounts at all these hip designer shops all I need to do know is grow my hair long and look like a student! (Sorry to any students reading this)

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

I really donít know what has happened to the week it seems to have flown past yet again, okay it never helps when I have to work the late night at work which is what happened on Monday and since then I have not really found the time to post an entry. Tuesday I was up at Kathís helping to put up a swing, although I think I was the one doing all the work while other people just stool around watching me get crawl all over the wet grass!!

Up at the cinema to see Amityville Horror last night and have to say that it was a pretty good film well worth getting on dvd when it eventually comes out. Kathís dog had decided to go on his own little adventure yesterday afternoon and escaped from the back garden, donít think that anyone has told him that the The Great Escape should have taken place on Monday - thatís why we have Bank Holidays!! On a more serious note he did turn up later that night, which I know, would have been a relief for all concerned.

Well working to 9pm tonight so better get back to the slave camp shop!!

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Monday, April 25, 2005

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I spent more time than I should have online last night and as soon as I got home I did some work offline on my computer, I just fell so exhausted (if that is the right word to use) at the moment. Not tired exactly just off donít think all this hassle in work is helping and today is the first day of stock taking and anyone who has known me long enough knows I hate stock taking and always have, at ASDA I could act dump and avoid it that will not work here.

Oh yes was going to explain the story behind the software package that arrived for me, it must have turned up on Saturday and I still have not opened the box to be honest I have no real idea what software it is someone phoned me up from Serif and rattled off some jargon about some new software they have and would I like to try it risk free for 30 days. Originally I had said no and after saying no a further two times they came back and told me that I could have it for 60 days trial at a reduced price and if I did not like it I could send it back and they would also throw in some additional software for me to keep either way. So I agreed on condition that it was easy enough to send back I should have said no especially as they wanted me to pay for it then and not in 60 days.

I really do need to learn to say NO to these telephone sales people and I am adamant that this software is going back no matter how fantastic it is as I really canít afford to pay for it and I was assured that it was easy to send the goods back so I am asking people to remind me to send it back!!

I doubt I will look at it tonight either I shall try to open the box at least and take the free stuff out and then send it back and get a refund.

Working late tonight and I need to keep away from the internet for at least one night so will not be online later so this will be the only update from me today so I shall try and come up with something interesting news for my next entry.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

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How does that saying go ďsomething about making deals with the devil?Ē I am of course referring to work and the recent change in my day off from a Wednesday to a Friday to accommodate my college course. I would not be so annoyed except for the fact that I asked the manager if it would be okay for me to switch days and she agreed now it has been noticed that I miss out on working my Friday late night shift, I was told on Saturday morning by the manager that she would need to look at this. If I was a paranoid person I might think that she was trying to stop me from trying to better myself and I hate to admit it but part of me just wants to admit defeat as that would be easier in the long run, I was warned that making this deal would back fire on me. How much do you want to bet if I tried to make some sort of concession and had every other Friday off and Wednesday that would not be suitable.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother.

I had tried to arrange to meet up with a couple of friends tonight but it seems that Fox has chicken pox so donít think I really want to catch up with him tonight. Did go to the cinema last night with Emma to see Miss Congeniality 2 not something I would have rushed out to see but it saved another night in front of the rubbish that is on television on a Saturday night. Donít think I will rush out to buy the dvd but it was an okay film. The nice weather we had today does make me wish that I had not wasted my day off work by going up to Llanelli to do nothing more exciting than get some shopping that I could have done here in Carmarthen. But I did call in to see Andrew on the way back.

I have found my way back to Yahoo Pool and it is driving me so mad I play people who leave after only one game, normally when they have won and taken some more points off me, or as Kath would call it they take her money and donít give her the chance to win it back!

Again looks like another night stuck in front of the computer doing, well not a great deal really I should go home and maybe start on stage two of my de-clutter program. I started on it when I was on holiday a few weeks ago by getting rid of loads of magazines and I have been good and not bought many more since then but still not happy about the clothes that I have I really need to be brutal and get rid of some of the older things that I donít wear ever, its like they say if you have bought something and not worn it within a few weeks you will never wear it so get rid of it. Getting a bit late to start on that now and working late tomorrow and with the extra late nights the shop is open this week donít think I will get the chance this week but I can get my car insurance forms sent off and look at this software I have been sent. More about that tomorrow.

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Friday, April 22, 2005

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Well I took some time last night to clean my car, donít worry I did not go over board and only concentrated on the interior it is amazing how easily it becomes cluttered. Then it was having to explain to my mother how to use the new computer to connect to the internet and I still donít think my younger brothers and her have quite grasped it that they no longer need to actually log in to use the net so every time they use it the computer disconnects from the internet and they bitch at me when they next see me.

I did get my passport photos last night for college and yes I do look like an escaped convict but then again who doesnít in those sorts of photos!!
Talking of college I thought I had better glance though the notes we were given last week, as they have not been touched since last Friday. So a quick look at them when I got home last night made me feel a little better but I have to admit that I am a little nervous as so far the work seems very basic and I donít really want to become to blasť about the course and how easy it is because that is a sure way to hex yourself into failing the exams. And if I fail some of the easier modules then I really will have to hang my head in shame.

More people are coming to my site which is not strange but how they are getting here is a mystery as more and more people are finding there way here directly and not getting here via search engines so I can only assume that they have the site book marked, it would be nice if some of you could leave a comment let me know who is viewing the site - thanks.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

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Yesterday was a tough day at work or at least it felt very tough and I was glad to finally go home. Donít really know why yesterday was any different to any other day but it really did drag along - maybe because my mind is still used to not working on Wednesdayís and the week does seem longer. Moving furniture around the shop did not help my lethargic frame of mine.

Really difficult to remember what I did when I finished work, my head was pounding and this was not really helped by spending a couple of hours in front of the computer at my motherís house, this is something that I have to try to stop as there really is no need for me to sit in front of a computer monitor for three hours a night. I did eventually go home last night as I was not making any sense to people I was talking to online a sure sign that something is wrong and I think I had just gotten over tired, which would explain the bad head and I was fast asleep by 10.30pm last night.

Today was not as bad as yesterday but I did not expect it to be as today was the managers first day back after her holiday in Venice so she was telling us all about that, enough to do my head in but I would rather sit and listen than do any real work.

I will have to remember to get some passport photos for college tomorrow so that I can join the student union, think the only reason I want to join is to get my discounts which can come in handy if you are as much of a skinflint as I am often referred to as!! On the subject of money I should be getting a cheque for just over £64 in money I am owed from a catalogue, I was concerned that they had wiped my account as I had not ordered anything for years so a quick phone call later and I was told that my cheque would be in the post so that will come in handy with the road tax next month.

I am sure there was something else I was going to talk about tonight but you know that feeling when something is on the tip of your tongue but will not come out, well I have that feeling now.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

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Did some work on the computer at home last night, I say work but really just had things going thought my head and tried to get them noted on the computer. Mainly it was what I was going to say to Chelsey I know that she will not send me an email to explain why she did not show up at Bath and you may wonder why I bother and I donít think I can really explain it just feels like something has been ripped out of me and maybe finding out the whole story might just help. So yea I have been thinking of what I can write, any suggestions?

Not having Wednesday off anymore is starting to mess with my head and it has only been one week and it just feels like I have no time anymore. I suppose it is true that on my day off I am in college for nearly three hours and I am looking to change the day and time of this course as soon as I can to something different.

Been a tiring day at work today and maybe that has not helped but my head is pounding.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

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I had hoped to have been home in time to watch Eastenders tonight, I said to myself that I would only use the computer at my mothers for an hour after work then head to Tescos to get some food and home in time to watch some television and yet I find myself still sitting in front of the computer when I should be just about getting home.

Been another quiet day at work and my neck is still bad, I have no idea what has caused this at first I thought I may have sat funny last Friday and strained it but not sure if that is the case.

Oh well mot got a great deal to talk about today so had better button it.
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Monday, April 18, 2005

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Hopefully i can get back into the habit of making entries here more than just once a week, it has been a hectic few days for one reason or another.

Last Friday i started my ECDL course which of course has meant that i had to change my day off work from a Wednesday to a Friday, not really happy about this but i really want to try and make changes in my life and this course is the first step so it was vitally important that i started the course now and not wait until September. Looking at things the course looks pretty easy so I am hoping to fly though it and am already thinking of doing other courses. Will have to get some passport photos done now so that I can join the student union and get discounts at various places, sure you get discounts at UCI and we all know how much time I spend at the cinema!!

As I have no doubt said over the past few weeks April is always an expensive month for me as I have a lot of bills come in all at the same time but things are looking pretty good financially so May is looking good at this moment in time but as they say things can always change. Managed to knock nearly £100 off my car insurance by shopping around so it makes me wonder how much I could have saved if I had shopped around last year. So thanks to Kath for suggesting I try Churchill car insurance. So things are looking up for the coming months and with any luck I will be in a position to start putting some money aside, I have been thinking recently about changing things and as I get older I don't want to find myself as some 40 something still living in a tiny room!

Saw The Ring 2 last Wednesday and have to admit that I was dissapointed with it, I know this will sound strange but I loved the first one as it terrified me and I still can't watch the dvd as it scares me. The thought of Samara scares me if I am honest and that last scene when she comes out of the television (cold chill).

Want to wish Kieran all the best in his new job and hope that Christine is feeling better soon.
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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Just wanted to wish Kath, Melissa and Sarah a very happy birthday for today and a belated happy birthday to Keeah for last Wednesday.

Don't worry won't let on how old you all are but hope you all had a great day.
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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Been a nearly a week since my last entry so better fill everyone in on the interesting life of Lee. This time last week I would have been in Bath I suppose the only reason I went to Bath was to meet up with Chelsey and online friend from Australia who I have been talking to for the last couple of years and who was making a flying visit to this country and stopping off for a short time in Bath so we made arrangements to meet on Sunday evening outside the Abbey.

I did not really want to travel that distance just to meet up with a friend for a couple of hours and then travel back so I booked a hotel and went up for the day a pretty uneventful journey I did loose my car and only found it after I found the hotel and was able to get a map and retrace my steps. The hotel was pretty good considering how much I had paid for it, in fact I went in to check that it was indeed the correct hotel - which it was!!

Once I have dumped my things at the hotel I walked back in to the town which was a short walk away and visited the Roman Bath House at first I thought the £9.50 entry fee was a little excessive but you know what I am like when it comes to money and spending it! I do however know a lot more about the hot spring to be found at Bath in fact I can say that I have drank Bath water I can assure you it was clean! I was there for a good couple of hours so it was well worth the entry fee the only thing I have to complain about is that you should not visit it on your own as it is very difficult for you to appear in any of the photos.

Once I left the baths I went for a walk around the Bath Abbey which is a truly wonderful place but then I find all churches have a sort of inner beauty and tranquillity about them

abbey (23k image)

I had arranged to meet Chelsey outside the abbey at 7pm so I had enough time to go back to my hotel and get changed before the meeting time and unfortunately she never turned up so I have no idea what happened as she is still travelling and I have no way of contacting her, in fact all I could do last Sunday was wait and hope that she would turn up as I had no idea where she was even staying in Bath so I only hope that everything is okay with her as she did have my mobile number and I canít think of any reason why she would not turn up or let me know that she was unable to make the meeting unless there was something wrong - no doubt I will find out soon enough.

As you can probably tell after waiting over an hour and not hearing anything I was rather concerned and upset that I had not heard anything from her as this is very out of character for her, I donít really know how I can say that about someone I have never meet before but during online conversations and letters she has not come over as someone who could be that cruel so I am sure something serious must have happened to make her miss our meeting. It was at this time that I have felt the lowest I have ever felt and I may tell myself that I have many friends but when it really counted without having access to a computer the ďrealĒ friends I can count on were there for me and they know who they are and I thank you for all the support and for being there for me when I really needed a friend. I donít forget things like this.
I spent the rest of the night in Bath walking the streets not really wanting to go back to the hotel and yes that was most likely a waste of my trip but I felt void of everything, I canít even talk here about the feelings that were flowing over me that night needless to say I did not sleep well and was in no fit state to eat breakfast the next day so as soon as I could I set off for the journey home, feeling completely different to how I had felt 24 hours later as I was driving down.

I guess that is just life and as someone once said to me things happen for a reason!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Well what can I say - CRUSHED would be a good start.........

Yes I am getting over what happened last Sunday, it has however made me realise what being a friend means.
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Saturday, April 09, 2005

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Forgot to mention the road rage incident that happened on Wednesday night, will have to talk about it another time as got to get going now.

Realised that I had not posted about the road rage incident, does not seem as important now but on one of my Wednesday night trips to the cinema with Kath and Kieran when a Ford Fiesta decided to cut me up on a roundabout, that would have been the end of it but as soon as we had both joined the motorway they decided to turn on there rear fog lights to which I responded with a blast of my full beam. Of course to carry on like this would have been dangerous so I decided to let them follow me and drove past them and away.

Went so fast that they were not really able to keep up with me but did get consurned when they came off at the same junction as me, thought there might be some trouble but no.
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Friday, April 08, 2005

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Been a pretty busy week what with various things so not had much of a chance to actually make an entry and donít think I will get the chance to this weekend either so lets try and bring everyone up to date.

I mentioned that my car was having its M.O.T. done on Tuesday and I was pleased that it passed without having to have any extra work done to it so this is the second time that has happened, with my previous cars it has never been this simple. I know Emma has her car in for an M.O.T. on Saturday so fingers crossed that it passes, I was telling her on Wednesday that she needed to get the horn working otherwise it would fail!

Made a return visit to the gym on Tuesday and managed to get a pretty good work out, I may not have been as active since I went a few weeks ago but I do feel a lot better about myself and do feel that I have both lost weight and managed to keep it off which is surprising after all the Easter eggs I have eaten in recent weeks but I shall take things easy until I am in a better financial position to consider joining the gym.

Also went to the cinema with Kath and Kieran Wednesday night to watch Constantine pretty good film on the whole but it did drag a little in places. I finally watched The Passion Of The Christ this week and I am not really sure how to describe the film it was certainly worth watching and was in places horrific.

Well I think I am all set for my trip to Bath starting to get really nervous now about meeting Chelsey I know we have been friends for years, talking online as she lives in Australia but still it can be different when you meet face to face, it will be okay for her as she will have her best friend with her. Talking of Australia had a telephone call off Nathan one of my school friends who will be emigrating to Australia at the end of this month I will unfortunately be unable to see him before he leaves for various reasons but hope that there will be an invite to visit him and Kate sometime next year - I shall start saving now!!

Girls And Boys = Good Charlotte

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Monday, April 04, 2005

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Working late tonight so not really got the time for a massive entry today, watched Chesney Hawkes one hit wonders on VH1 last night and I am not sure how sad this makes me but I knew most of the songs listed. Funny talking of Chesney Hawkes I have to admit that I liked his song The One And Only, as it reminds me of the past, in fact I will have to find out when that song came out I remember it was used in the film Doc Hollywood but have no real idea what year it came out but realised that last week when I was with Kath I was listening to music and it really shocked me when I discovered how old the songs were.

Car has its MOT first thing tomorrow so tomorrow already looks like it will be a mad rush I only hope that the car passes. Oh shirts to iron tonight as well just great!!

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

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I really canít believe how quickly this year is passing already it is April and I wonder where the last few months have gone, this time next week I shall be down in Bath meeting up with Chelsey which I am looking forward to but also rather nervous about this meeting at the same time. This will only be the third time I have met up with one of my online friends in the real world and there is always the worry that without the safety of a computer screen you will not click but on both previous occasions there has been nothing to worry about.

Finished my book Just a Boy by Richard McCann the other day and really donít know what to make about the book, I suppose in a way I felt the experiences of the author could have been felt by many children growing up in that sort of environment, in fact when I was reading I was thinking back to a boy I was friends with many years ago who seemed to live in a similar situation. I feel wrong saying that as I have no idea what his life was really like for him we were only eight at the time and he has gone on to do okay for himself so maybe any comparison I have made between him and the authors childhood is not that accurate.

Talking of childhood I was reminded of mine while eating a packet of pickled onion Monster Munch I had not eaten a packet of these in donkey years and I am sure the last time I had a packet the crisps were a lot bigger inside as I can remember biting the legs off the ďMonstersĒ first before finally eating the body. LOL I am sure I was not the only one to do this, just most people would not admit to such a thing!

When I was on holiday what seems like ages ago now I made a determined effort to sort my room out and had to be pretty ruthless when it came to my magazine collection and got rid of loads of the old film magazines that I know I will never read again and generally organised things so that the place does not get into the same state it had been in previously and on the whole things have stayed tidy but it would be so easy to let little things build up but at least I have realised this so am in a better position to make sure it does not happen.

Sun was shining yesterday and I was stuck in work which is always the case or so it seems but decided after finishing to head down to Burry Port to the harbour a place I have not been to in years so took a few photos down there enjoying the walk and the sunset.

The last of my Easter eggs are gone now and I don't know why but this makes me sad for some bizarre reason, maybe it just reinforces how quickly the year is passing?

Well enough ranting from me for today.

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Friday, April 01, 2005

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I canít believe it has been nearly a week since I last made an entry here, things have really slipped around here and I can only blame my addiction to Yahoo Pool it is a madly addictive game when you are trying to progress up the ladder or as Kath calls it taking money off other players (she means taking points off them!) and that is what I have been attempting to do and for every game I lose I have to play another just to try to win back some of my lost points something that I imagine a gambler would say.

Not much else has really been going on this week been pretty boring really or more likely because it is in the past is not worth writing about at this moment in time. I have booked the car in for its MOT next week hoping that it will pass first time and not need anything done to it but I have until the end of April to get things sorted anyway as that is when it runs out.

My diet seems to have suffered this week, not that I was really on any sort of diet I was just being careful about what I ate and ever since Easter I have had chocolate to eat and on Wednesday I had my first McDonalds in ages and an ice cream, I could have done without the McDonalds but the ice cream was really nice and surprised that I had never tried it before. With all this I have most likely overdone the eating this week so will need to get thing back on track and not slip back into old habits.

Well got a pile of shirts to iron for work so going to get going now, might just have one game of pool for the road!!

Some of you music lovers may want to check out Truevinestudios

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