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Monday, May 31, 2004

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Saturday night and I was up in Llanelli as it was Andrew’s birthday, I could not drink as I was working yesterday and did not want to do the whole clubbing thing so offered to give him and the others a lift into town to save on the taxi fare and I did join them for a quick half in one of the local pubs.

Many people go through life afraid to take risks or seize opportunities when they may arise and there are many different reasons for this, I am someone who does this preferring to stay safe and not upset the applecart! Well things need to change and I know that I can’t change that drastically overnight but need to keep reminding myself of the phrase “Carpe Diem” which translates as “pluck the day” however I prefer “seize the day” does not sound like I am wanting to pluck a chicken or something.

The two girls from "Poor Little Rich Girls" went back to there own lives last night and I did notice that it did not take long for the poor girl to take her clothes off for the cameras in the hope of securing celebrity status maybe I am being a little harsh but it does seem that glamour modeling is seen as an easy way into this life but she insists that she prefer her poor lifestyles!
From a wannabe celebrity to a people who have had there chance of fame long ago and are desperate for another bite of the cherry in Hell’s Kitchen and after watching it for the past week you do get to see how the pampered “Celebrities” cope after having to do a hard days work, I really don’t know what they expected when they went with there agents to sign the contracts!

Big Brother kicked off last Friday and this time they promise that it will be meaner than before and have filled the house with twelve misfits that are bound to argue with each other. From the moment I saw the lesbian “Kitten” play up on the way into the house and get her own way I lost the respect I had for the program, the quicker she is kicked out the better.

I do get Wednesday and Thursday off this week so a big hurray for that.
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Friday, May 28, 2004

Last night I did decide to get out of my place and went down to Llanstephen, and typically it was slightly overcast which was rather annoying as I was hoping to get some shots of the castle at sunset.
Instead I just walked along the beach taking in the tranquillity, which was on offer, and it did get me thinking about life and as I walked along I thought of a fantastic entry for today but after getting home the mood had passed.

My mother is thinking about getting broadband which would be good for me as I could stop by all the time to check my email without having to worry about disconnecting the phone but I am really not sure if her computer is up to the job as it is my old one and nearly five years old so they may need to get another one, I am in the process of cleaning it up.

Work also told me I could have the old computers so I shall see what can be done with those to make me the most money!!
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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

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The other day while using the computers in the library I was bored and decided to take a look at what had been stored on the hard drive of the computers and saw a CV and I took a look at it to discover that it was someone who I had been at school with and had a bad reputation, I got on with him most of the time as with all the “troublemakers” at school when together they would be major hassle but individually they were okay and looking at his CV I was surprised to see how successful he had been, maybe even a little envious!

It is just over a week until my birthday and I have absolutely no idea what I will do to celebrate it, maybe I will do the same thing that I do every year - nothing. (I may however treat myself to some DVD’s)

Watching Hell’s Kitchen last night and I am ashamed to admit that I am addicted, yes I recorded the programme while I watched C.S.I on the other side don’t normally do that! More swearing and tantrums it is trash television but you just have to watch. Of course all the “celebrities” threaten to walk off the show but every time that is said I remind myself that they are getting paid to be there and if they walk will no doubt lose out on their appearance fees and for some of them this is there chance to relight that flame of fame for a second chance so will they just quit I don’t think so!

There was also a new series on last night which follows a girl from a privileged background who swaps places with a girl from a less well off family, of course the privileged girl was a glamour model living in London and the girl from the “poor” family working as a hairdresser living in Liverpool. Television companies will do anything to boast the viewing figures but I can’t help thinking that they are picking girls from completely different ends of the spectrum. The basic idea behind Poor Little Rich Girls is that the two girls switch places and lifestyles for two weeks and are not allowed to contact there friends or family. It will be interesting to see how things pan out for the two girls as they have both made the decision to appear on the show for various reasons. (It did not take the girl from the poor family to much persuasion strip off for the topless photo shoot)

I am still waiting to hear back from one of my friends about payment for the New Quay trip and am starting to get a little annoyed that I have not heard anything from in regarding payment, I could of course phone him up and ask but I don’t really like to do that so instead I will sit and stew over it. Have not seen or spoken to Steve since we got back so I have no idea how his test went, it is because of a test that he was unable to go to New Quay.

This weekend is Andrew’s birthday he is the one who sometimes leaves messages on the site and one of the people who did go to New Quay but his plans of going out on the town to celebrate look like they are falling apart around him as none of the (Insert cool name such as Scoobies here) are able to attend for various reasons.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

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I find myself again struggling to find the time to sit at my computer and do some work, be that finishing off my update about New Quay or working on the mountain of email that has built up over the past few weeks. I should be able to make a start on that tonight and really make some headway on Thursday evening.
I am being very good at restraining myself from buying any DVD’s as I have been tempted on a few occasions but I have realised that being prudent now will pay off later as I have a couple of potential expensive months coming up.

The reality shows have already started with Hell’s Kitchen, which I have to admit I have been watching already underway and Big Brother 5 starting this Friday. Apparently the show makers have made the house smaller and less comfortable in order to cause friction and make it more exciting for the viewing and voting public.

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Sunday, May 23, 2004

I had hoped to have written a little something about last weekend and my trip to New Quay but trying to find the time has been difficult, as you know I uploaded the photos from New Quay on Thursday as I got some access to the computer and on Friday I did start to type up the events of the weekend and had hoped to carry on with this last night but I was invited to a barbeque at my brothers house and spent a few hours after work there so no time to work on the computer.

I really should spend less time in on my own and more time out and about, I know I complain about not having money but there is nothing stopping me driving down to Llanstephen one evening to take a walk up to the castle and get some photos just to break the cycle I seem to be in. Of course I could spend my evenings stuck in front on the computer working on new pages for this site. Oh well enough of a rant for today.

Saw a pretty girl in the shop yesterday with her parents and it was only afterwards that it occured to me that she had a similar look to Kelly who used to work at the store, similar but different if that makes any sense but then again it might just be my mind trying to justify how I can like someone who reminds me of someone I disliked.

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

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Got a little time on Tuesday to work on the photos from New Quay and have uploaded them to the Photo Album so please feel free to take a look at them.
Will look at typing up something about the weekend, even if it is just a little before I get the full detailed version online.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

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I really did not want to get up this morning as I felt so tired and was more than likely the exertion over the weekend and lack of sleep, which is finally beginning to catch up with me. Last night I downloaded the photos off my digital camera and resized them and have added them to my portable hard drive so the next chance I get to use the internet at my mothers house I will get those uploaded to a dedicated folder in the photo section. I also worked out how much money I had spent over the weekend and have managed to get my unaccountable spend to just under £5 so that is pretty good. I did however spend just under £100 over the weekend. Once I had ironed a few shirts for work it was getting close to midnight and then I ended up watching a film on the television.

Got work to let me go an hour earlier today instead of tomorrow so that I did at least get a chance to check my emails and site as the library closes early on Thursday so it would have been closed before I got here. Next time I will be online should be Sunday but again I shall have to see how things play out over the next few days.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

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As I thought I will not be getting a day off this week, they booked me as having a day off yesterday instead of a holiday because it suited them to do that. Not to worry though all it means is that it will take me slightly longer to upload the goings on of the weekend and the photos.
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Monday, May 17, 2004

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Back from my weekend away in New Quay and just enough time to get on the computers in the library and check me emails, which had forced my hotmail account to exceed it’s limit so quickly deleted those as I am not sure if I will be off on Wednesday or any day this week as work may cause me problems.

Fantastic weekend and you will get to hear more about it in the next few days and see the photos when I upload them to the site.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

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Another person has dropped out of the trip to New Quay this weekend and it was not me after my last entry it was Steven who needs to spend the weekend swotting up for an exam he has on Monday so it will only be the three of us going. Next year if they are running the same offer in the newspaper for a similar holiday I will not be organising that one as even the most carefully laid plans seem to go haywire.

Not very happy with my “Capital One” credit card and would not recommend them to anyone but my worst enemy, the reason for my discontent is the statement off them in which they charged me £20 for not paying my bill last month and interest on the amount I had not paid. I would not have minded but I had paid the previous bill and as usual I had more than I should have but for some reason the payment has gone missing between the bank and there account! What really annoyed me was the fact that even after I explained that I had paid they were more interested in me making a payment to bring my account up to date.

As someone who is generally shy talking to women it amazes me when I spend ages talking to them at work, yesterday I spent nearly an hour talking too two young women who had come into the shop looking for a suite and felt at ease all I need to do now is do that outside of work.

My visit to the dentist (in fact it was the hygienist) yesterday was as predictable as always, she told me that I needed to spend more time cleaning the wisdom teeth and cleaned and polished my teeth for me. It is only my fear that my teeth could cause me future problems that I spend £18 a month on them, and at times I wonder why I am paying this amount just to see either the dentist or hygienist every couple of months to be told the same thing and have my teeth professionally cleaned. The dental assistant was nice and a girl I have seen around town in the past.

I was surprised to see a pregnant Kelly a couple of days ago, she had called at the shop to pick up some furniture she had bought while still working for the company and she had that glow that pregnant women seem to have, in fact she was like that when not pregnant!

George Huff has been voted off American Idol, I actually missed the show but caught a repeat of the result show and have to admit that I did not like his version of “Cheek To Cheek” then again I love the original by Fred Astaire. So the final will be an all women affair and I don’t think it would be hard to guess who will win.

On the subject of music I have been listening to and watching some music videos over the last week and it is good to see “The Corrs” have released something new with Summer Sunshine which I like but after watching the video would not invite them around to my place to sing. The new single Don’t Tell Me by “Avril Lavigne has not really grabbed me as much as her previous hits have but maybe when I have the chance to listen to it more it will grow on me, the reason I have not heard her single that much is that the music channel I have been watching has been playing F U Right Back by Frankee almost all the time, I had no idea that it was a play on the words of the song by Eamon called “I Don’t Want You Back” which has apparently been the number one hit single in the UK for the past few weeks which just goes to show how out of things I am. Of course the reason I may remember the song by Frankie could have something to do with the video!
Don’t think I will be making another entry until next week now as I have loads to do to get ready for the weekend.

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Sunday, May 09, 2004

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I don’t know what happened after Wednesday as on Thursday the negative side of my personality came to the surface and was able to run riot for two days before the positive side fought back to regain control. During those two dark days I felt like just deleting this site and going. I guess that is why they say people born under the sign of Gemini are prone to sudden changes in mood!

I was pretty upset the other day as I realised that I had missed the anniversary of the death of my Great Grandmother and had not given a second thought to her, it may have been six years but I feel that I should have at least thought about her on that day.

Last night I begun a major clean up of my room, something that I have been trying to do for months so why I decided last night was the day to start I will never know but have skimmed down my collection of movie magazines and have a couple of bags to go to the recycle bin and even cleared some of my old clothes. Of course I have not finished and the room looks a mess at least until I get rid of the bags of rubbish.

Well this time next week I should be in New Quay, there is still a niggling voice in the back of my head which is telling me not to go and to conserve money instead, I know if I did this that I would get angry and annoyed and would slip back into “Evil Lee” mode. There is of course a fear that if I went I would spoil the weekend for everyone else well I have another few days to decide what my final decision will be.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

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Been a tiring few days, on Sunday I met up with Andrew and David J to go over some last minute details about the trip to New Quay. The original group of five has become four as David B had to drop out. Steve should have been there but found something more interesting to do. Still it was a chance to catch up with David J who had come back from London for the weekend. I only hope that the weather is good while we are away.

I watched Pearl Harbour on Monday, I have the DVD but they were showing it on television and have to say I enjoyed watching it again even if it is not historically accurate but then again does any Hollywood movie paint the Americans in a bad light? Oh well a plus with Pearl Harbour was Kate Beckinsale who is gorgeous!

The month has barely begun and I have no money left, I paid my rent today and know that the money I have in my account is not enough to last the month, I have worked it out that the current balance would just about cover my direct debits (bills) for the next month. This does not include the bills on my credit cards or any money that I will need for New Quay. In reality I should pull out of the trip to save money. It is a full gone conclusion that this month I will need to pay out more money from my bank account that I had in and this could have a knock on effect in June when I have the wedding and even in to July when I am going to Spain.

Again because of other commitments I will be on vacation as far as Provance is concerned and to be quite honest I very much doubt that I will bother with it any more as it is not doing what I thought it would and I get sick of reading comments that seem to have been left by people that don’t have the time to read my entry, which from my own experience does happen.

Thanks to Emma and Ashley for there comments.

In the past I have said that I would not talk about work on this blog and in particular not complain about things at work so have added a little about work into the extended entry section…

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Ask Me A Question?

This year seems to be passing me by so fast, it is hard to believe that it is May and in two weeks I will be in New Quay. I have a feeling that May will pass by just as quickly and then we shall be in June and my birthday, not that I am dropping hints or anything like that!

I had forgotten that it was a Bank Holiday tomorrow, which means that the library will be closed so I will not be online again until Tuesday at the earliest. Since the building work at the library meant that it opens later each day and I can’t use the computer before work I find it increasingly difficult to do everything I need to online in the time I have and signing up to Provance has not really helped this as I like to take a look around the site a little before reading and commenting on the actual blog.

I watched Reservoir Dogs last night, interesting film and I have to agree somewhat with what Mr Pink said about the whole culture of tipping, I would not automatically tip when out and think only good service should be rewarded it should not be a case of the member of staff expecting to receive a tip just for doing there job there should be something extra there, even just a smile.

Pizza Hut is one of these places that the staff seem to expect tips and for what, when I eat there it is normally the buffet that I have which is self service, I may be shown to my table and served a drink but that is the end of any service I receive so why should I tip? I remember at ASDA we had Sea Cadets helping out one Christmas to pack customers shopping and they were not allowed to except any money off grateful customers who were happy to have a hand with there packing, I have been in a similar situation having to refuse money after changing a flat tyre. I have no idea if other countries expect tips to be made and I am sure that people who work in a position where tips are given would like to comment on what I have said with there own views.

Thanks to Vanessa, Becca, Pri, Laura for commenting.

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