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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ask Me A Question?

Finding the time to prepare an entry for the site is hard at the moment but I had better make the effort as in just over a weekís time I will be off to Spain on my holidays so unlikely to have the time to post an entry while I am there and after what happened last year when I logged into MSN Messenger and because I could not understand Spanish I left my password logged on to the computer and it was only when friends were complaining to me that I was ignoring them when they were talking to me online or I was online when they knew that I was at work and could not possibly be online!!

The warm weather we have been having over here came to an abrupt end on Thursday night with thunderstorms, not that I actually heard any of these storms but still even after this storm it is still very muggy and I actually had my fan on last night and this morning to cool me down.

I arrive into work at 8.40am to have the manager ask me if I am late, which of course I am as we have to be there for 8.30am on Saturday but that is just another little thing, which annoys me about that place - a few months ago we would get to leave an hour early for all this extra time that we work before we actually start work but that was stopped and we were told to arrive only 15 minutes before we start and there would be no need for the hour so I just bend the rules ever so slightly and turn up late whenever I think I will get away with it. The manager did ask me today if I was late on purpose and I had to lie!

Yesterday was my last day at college before the summer holidays and it is also likely to be the last time I see the others who were on the course with me as when I return in September I will not be able to go back on a Friday afternoon as work has been giving me hassle about having Fridays off. When I started the course back in April there were close to 20 people on the course that number soon fell as most of the people were hoping that they could just sit the exams until they passed without having to do any of the work, so eventually the classes ended up with only 6 or 7 people in and I got on well with most of them so it was sad to say goodbye to them.

The following is a list of the modules that are needed before the course is completed so far I have completed three of the seven -
1. Basic concepts of IT
2. Using the computer and managing files
3. Word processing
4. Spreadsheets
5. Database
6. Presentation
7. Information and Communication
I did do the mock spreadsheets exam yesterday which I was not really prepared for so failing it was not a shock but by only 2%! At least it gives me the opportunity to work on that section over the holidays. Talking to the tutor he says that I should finish the course by Christmas.

I did not realise how difficult it would be to obtain a magnet, yes thatís right I did say a magnet and no I have not gone crazy. The reason I want one is to try and fix something that I have made unusable with my incompetence so hopefully now I have one I can get the problem fixed. Also donned my work hat tonight and cut and filed some metal bits for a wardrobe done so been a busy night and its not over yet.

Later I shall be sorting my things out for my holiday, just need to make sure that I have enough clothes ready and get them packed into my case now so that if I notice something missing I still have time to get any last minute items.

It has been four weeks since Big Brother started which I find hard to believe as it only seems like yesterday but how time has flown.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ask Me A Question?

Again it has been ages since I last wrote an entry here so I thought it was about time that I updated not that when it comes to sitting down in front of the computer do I find my mind filled with interesting and plentiful news.

Two weeks from now and I shall be on holiday in Spain, and from looking online the temperatures over there have been pretty warm the last couple of days so hereís hoping that the good weather continues while I am out there. In fact bought some more shorts yesterday and will have to start sorting out what clothes I shall be taking with me so I can make sure they are all washed and ready.

Also in preparation for my holiday I have gotten myself an MP3 player so I can listen to music while I am travelling on the coach so if anyone has any suggestions to songs I can add to this player to listen to as I travel please leave a comment and let me know what you would recommend.

I have finally managed to see the new Star Wars film, which I thought, was pretty good and helped to tie up some of the loose ends in the whole series of films, can you believe that there are some people out there that had no idea that Luke and Leia were brother and sister and were surprised when twins were born. I wonít say too much about the film just in case someone out there has not yet had the opportunity to see it but a film well worth going to see and I for one canít wait for the dvd to come out!

Way back in April I went to Bath to meet up with Chelsey one of my Australian friends, needless to say she did not turn up at the time of place that we had arranged and since that time I have heard nothing from her - not even an apology. At the time I just assumed that she had cold feet and was too guilty to contact me after the event. Well over the last few days I have received an email off her not with the explanation I would have expected just a simple message telling me never to contact her again, which fair enough I shall respect her wishes I had hoped to have received a better explanation but sometimes these things are too much to ask.

My DIY skills were called on over the weekend to build up some bedroom furniture for Kath it was nothing too difficult but what a warm weekend to be doing this sort of work, especially when I was wearing jeans, that is one piece of clothing I donít think I will be packing for Spain.

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Ask Me A Question?

Rubbish weather yesterday so did not get up to a great deal but then again maybe that was a good thing as it gave me the chance to just chill out and think things over and I have decided that I will work on my curriculum vitae, when I say work I think I will need to start from scratch as my current one is over six years old and the way they are done these days mine does look very outdated.

So any experts on preparing a curriculum vitae who just so happen to be passing the site may want to leave a few handy hits

Working late tonight so unlikely to be online again today, I have this awful feeling that I have forgotten something, guess it canít be that important.

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Ask Me A Question?

Yet again not really had much of a chance to post an entry last week was yet another boring week in work, I really wonder how much longer it can go on like this. Of course last Friday was my birthday and I would like to thank everyone who sent me cards and emails, I shall get back to you and thank you when I can. Mostly I got money off family, canít spend any of it yet as it was given to me in Euros for when I go to Spain next month!
So back to my birthday and last Friday was a really nice day as I spent it with Kath and Chloe and we went down to Folly Farm I had never been there before so did not really know what to expect the day was pretty good with the exception of a couple of things which I hope did not spoil things for others.

For someone who can eat most things I am pretty much hopeless at making decisions as to what to eat as having to pick a curry in the evening proved. Okay I will admit I canít eat some really spicy foods but then again when I think about it donít know what I have tried in the past. Needless to say we had a curry in the evening, which I found perfectly okay if I could only remember what it was called I could start to build up a list of what I like?

Well it has been six months since I made my new years resolutions or to give them there correct name my ďGoalsĒ for 2005 and things are going okay so far, I know I never set myself the goal to lose weight but in the last six months, well three months in fact, I have lost a stone and a half. I also wanted to go to the cinema a lot more this year and yes have been a fair few times already this year; in fact I have been more during the last six months than I went the whole of last year, really will have to make plans to go and see the new Star Wars film soon.

Talking of films I finally got to see National Treasure the other night on dvd, donít know how I missed it in the cinema but a good film if not a little predictable and far fetched in places, okay I did not know how it would end so maybe not that predictable!

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