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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Because of the opening times of the library and the hours I have work I have been unable to get online since my brief visit on Friday morning. The bedroom department has been ticking along nicely, talking of nice things there have been many nice young women in the shop but they all seem to be attached to a bloke!

Last night I went up to Swansea with Steven, Jane and Andrew to see American Pie: The Wedding and had half expected it to be a rehash of the jokes used in the previous two films but even if it was I would not have noticed as I was laughing so much and would suggest that you all go and see this film if you have not already done so. It was also a clear night last night so I spent a little time staring up at the universe and feeling very small in the grand scheme of things but I did get to see Mars.

The summer is all but over and the schools are nearly going back and if I am honest this was one of my favourite times of year as it would always symbolise a new start at school, of course I was worried as a new school year meant new classes and in some cases new subjects and the fear that I would be unable to cope with the workload or would be in classes without my friends. I was lucky on the whole however and there are times now that I wish I were back in school.

As I have said before the area manager is away for a few weeks on holiday and is due back around the time when the pay is cut off for next month so I was not expecting to get my pay rise next month either but apparently before the area manager went he did ask for my surname so I can only hope he has done something about it before he left.

I will have to get my room sorted out as my shelving unit fell down the other night, it had started to tumble a little while ago which had given me the chance to remove breakable things from it and try to reinforce it but it was to no avail as it fell on me while I was reading, gave me a shock!

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Friday, August 29, 2003

I spent too much time on the computer on wednesday, after going to the library just after 9.30am I did not step back out into daylight until 2.30pm but I blame the stupid computers there as there was something wrong with the connection and I was constantly needing to refresh the page so it was taking me three times as long to get done what I wanted. So it was just a quick walk around town taking in the sights (if you know what I mean) before going up to my mothers house where I took one of my brothers for a McDonalds which I had promised him as a birthday treat.

It was an early start for me yesterday as it was ‘PAYDAY’ and I needed to get to the bank to pay off a few bills and make sure that I use a little tighter control over my credit cards next month as it is very unlikely that I would have had my pay rise by then as I was unable to get hold of the area manager on Tuesday, and have found out he is away on holiday for the next three weeks.
My mother is trying to persuade me to go to Ireland with her next Wednesday, it has been ages since I was last there but it just feels like a lot of hassle when I only get one day off work per week. I might go depends on how I feel.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I noticed tonight on my way to the pub that it has started to get darker earlier, then again it is nearly September and the autumn months are fast approaching. I can remember as a youngster feeling sad at this time of year, as it would signal the end of summer. At the end of the day everyone would gather on the steps outside my mothers house to talk as slowly each person would be called home until I was the last one to go in.
Trying to look up into the night sky last night to catch a view of Mars was pointless as it was rather cloudy so I am hoping that it will be a little clearer tonight as Mars is closer to Earth at this time and I don’t think I will be around when that happens again. Mars has always been associated with war so it was interesting to discover that the two moons, which orbit Mars, are called Phobos (fear) and Deimos (terror) that were discovered in 1877.

Incidentally there was not a very good turn up at the pub quiz and generally the scoring was pretty low with the winning team only getting 37 points and we lost out for second place with a tie breaker question which wanted to know when the first Woolworths store opened, originally I had 1901 but was told that was much to early and added ten years only to find that it was indeed earlier and the other team having put 1908 snatched second place from our grasp. There were no all female teams, think it is a little early for the new batch of students to have arrived in Carmarthen and heard about the free drinks on offer at the quiz but yesterday was not all bad as I got a few girls to try out some beds Having no ladies to look at during the quiz I found myself doodling on the scrap paper and what I had originally set out to draw was a tree but what do you think it looks like a tree or a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion? Leave your comments

cloud (26k image)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Sunday and Monday have been exceptionally busy in work and especially on the bed department and I have already completed the weekly bedroom budget so everything we sell for the rest of the week will make up for some of the poor weeks we have had recently and I have done really well with the majority of these sales!

I was watching a quiz show and was shocked to see that a young woman was able to answer a question about the surname of a television presenter but when asked the name of the disciple who betrayed Jesus and she had no idea, okay she may have been an atheist but I would have thought that everyone would have know it was Judas Iscariot for thirty pieces of silver.

My tongue is sore and it is driving me nuts as it feels like it is burnt and I have a feeling that it is down to the new mouthwash that I have been using. Been meaning to talk about a new bar which as recently opened in Carmarthen – you maybe wondering what is so special about a bar well this one does not serve any alcohol! Personally I think that it a bad idea as all the original marketing has been aimed at children and now the owners are going all out to encourage adults, how many adults want to drink in a place with children?

For once I am not going to mention any of the girls I have seen in passing, even though there have been a few in the shop over the last few days. Never know there may be some all female teams at the pub quiz tonight, heck even the bar maids are lovely so I will not be disappointed.

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Sunday, August 24, 2003

I was watching “The Lyrics Game” on BBC1 on Friday, one of the first times that I have managed to catch it and they had a segment that had been filmed in Carmarthen. The segment was only small with three (female) students from the local college and after watching it I will have to find out where all these students hang out but the point I was going to make before I turn in to some sex crazed fiend is that they had filmed one of the girls shopping in the town when it was blaringly obvious that none of the shops was open - WHY!
Next month I am going to find it hard not to spend all my money on DVD’s as there are so many due out next month “The Ring” is out on the 1st September and is a must have as that was one of the only films I have seen in recent months that I can honestly say scared me, when I left the cinema I went home and left the television off. Already out and I have missed when on my shopping trips is “Misery” which I think is a great film and I still squirm when Annie (Kathy Bates) makes sure that Paul (James Caan) stays put (can’t you just hear those ankles snap). At least I would have been paid again by the time the first season of “Alias” with the gorgeous Jennifer Garner comes out on 29th September and the first season of “Smallville” that hits the shelves on October 13th. I am a little concerned about the Smallville DVD as the review I have read says that the sleeve will put straight men off buying it, from that I gather that there will be no picture of the lovely Kristin Kreuk on the box which is rather disappointing.

I did speak to the area manager on Friday about my pay or rather the lack of it and he said he would look into it and get it back dated for me which would be a godsend at the moment, so I will phone him on Tuesday after the Bank Holiday just to give him a gentle reminder

They say that laughter is the best medicine, so every Saturday night I get my weekly dose watching Pop Idol, I sometimes wonder why people think they can sing or worst still there friends and family telling them that they can sing. I know some of the people who audition for Pop Idol that can’t sing are hoping to get there 15 minutes of fame and hope that it will to something else – I suppose that worked for the Transylvanian Twins (AKA The Cheeky Girls) as they auditioned last time and also got on television when a TV station was looking for models, they failed to get anywhere on either show but have still managed to grasp fame with there ‘Cheesy Pop’. Why I had to start cleaning my room I don’t know but I have had enough and will have to decide where I am going to keep my ever growing collection of DVD’s which have gone well past the one hundred mark (and are stacked on my table as I type)

Work was quite yesterday but by golly was there some lovely ladies in the shop, I however did not get the opportunity to try out my cheesy chat up line (not that I ever would) as they completely missed the bed department. I did see a girl from years ago (with her boyfriend) she did not seem to remember me but it was over five years ago that we met on that railway platform on that miserable Sunday in December. (We spent a fair amount of time talking while waiting for the train and I never caught her name but have since found out.

Today it was a nightmare as the bedroom department was so busy and i was the only one there, talking about beds i need mine
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Friday, August 22, 2003

I had been meaning to post an entry here on Wednesday but got preoccupied posting at SNOG!!. I have this “Nightmare on Elm Street” theme and now that I see it I really don’t like it so think I will change it before too long. I am also looking at ways to get more hits, I am ashamed to say that I am a “hit whore” and who like to think that I could eventually get regular visitors here on a daily basis but for the time being I would just like to get the same level of interest that my site got while hosted at

The last few days have see us getting everything ready for the Bank Holiday weekend at work and there has still been no confirmation that the girl who phoned in last Friday to tell us that she had suffered a miscarriage is telling the truth. I know the manager tried phoning her at home of Sunday and left messages as there was no reply, and it was only on Wednesday that the manager got to speak to her (she was in hospital and only got out on Tuesday) Was it an elaborate plot to get out of work for a few days or was it just a very bad coincidence? She should be back from her holiday at the start of September so will have to wait and see what happens then.

I have been trying to catch up with watching some of the new DVD’s I have recently purchased which has been slow going but I am sure I will get through them all. Maybe I should not have such an active social life (if only) and I really am being sarcastic as my social life is non-existent unless you count my weekly trips to the pub quiz. Is it no wonder I am single?

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Monday, August 18, 2003

Finally got the site operational, I hope that everything is working, as it should be if you see something, which is incorrect, let me know and I will fix it. Still got to play around with a few things.

So yes I got myself a domain the main reason for this is that I want to do so much more than I have in the past and did not think it would be fair to use someone else’s web space so look out for some new contents in the next few month. I will eventually move my web site, which is about where I live to this domain and also have planned some more movie orientated contents - of course the Mystery Movie Game will be returning in the not too distant future.

Don’t know if many of you would have remembered me talking about one of the girls in work getting pregnant soon after having a miscarriage and the store manager thinking that she was lying and planning on using the pregnancy to take time off work and I can remember the manager telling me that she thought the girl in question would suffer some tragedy around the same time as she had originally asked for time off, which had been refused. That time was this week and would you believe that last Friday the girl in question phoned in to let us know that she had to go to the hospital to let us know a few hours later that she had lost the baby - Coincidence or what!!

I do feel guilty about thinking this but it does look like she will be off this week and of course her holiday’s start on Friday so it is unlikely I will see her until September. Would anyone make up such a story just to go away with the cadets and earn Ł90 a day?

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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

This is a test post to make sure that i have set up greymatter correctly and     ...continue...
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