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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Every Tuesday night when I go to bed I make sure that I switch off my alarm clocks in order to wake up at a time that my body decides and not a time that I set for myself so it was a shock to sleep until after ten this morning as it feels like such a waste of a day. It took me about an hour before I was finally ready to step outside and I thought I would go to the library first to get some stuff done online before heading back into town to do my shopping and getting ready to meet Kath later on this evening.

The new area manager was calling at the store today to make sure that everything was ready for the re launch on Friday so when I left at six last night the assistant manager was staying behind, no doubt to try and get things looking tidy and organised for the visit as the manager only called shortly before we closed to tell us to make sure the shop was clean and tidy. If she had been in work yesterday and knew that late in the day that we were expecting a visit no one would have left the shop on time otherwise they would have faced her wraith. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow as the painters are due so there will be a lot of last minute preparation before Friday so what time will we leave the store tomorrow.

Oh well got to try to thing of happier things and keep in a positive frame of mind, at least I have not had my cd changer and cdís stolen from my car, which is what happened to Andrew yesterday - but he did leave his car unlocked outside work so it could have been a lot worse!!

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Really donít know what I have eaten but I feel terrible and have a pile of ironing to do when I get home. Iím really looking forward to the week ahead in work as next weekend the store is having itís re launch and because of various meetings dayís off for the next two weeks have been rearranged, I am lucky that my day off has not been affected but it looks like I will have to work tomorrow so not too happy about that.

I did get the Star Wars Trilogy on dvd the other night and yes I did get it from Tescoís and my other dvdís also turned up so have updated my dvd page.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Ask Me A Question?

I ordered a few DVDís off today. I donít know why as I am still rather annoyed with them upping the prices of the Stargate SG1 box sets. On the subject of DVDís I did go to Tescoís to buy Star Wars on Monday only to be told that they had sold out, which was understandable but the question I had to ask myself is why they still had loads of the display boxes still on display if they had sold out and why was I not informed at the till when paying that there were none left instead of having to wait for ten minutes at the customer service desk to be given this news and subsequently a refund.

I did go back there today and did think about getting the box set but a small voice in the back of my head told me to wait and I think if I do buy it before it gets reduced it will not be from Tesco, see how they like loosing my £30!

Was up early today and in town to get my hair cut, canít remember when it was last done but when it takes longer than a few minutes to dry it is a sure sign that it is too long and now seemed as good a time as any to get it done.

Just worked out that I have been lost out with my Sundays at work, the cause of this was me doing a favour for another member of staff a few weeks ago when I worked her Sunday and she worked mine, well at the start of October the store is having a major re-launch and all staff will have to work that weekend. Originally that would have been my weekend to work but because of this change I will now have to work the weekend before and work the weekend I should be off before working the following weekend so potentially I will be working three weekends in a row. Of course this is likely to change but whether this change is for the better I will have to wait and see.

Got stopped by someone doing market research today on Tea so I agreed to be interviewed and okay it did take some time and I have very little interest in tea as I only ever drink it at work and not very often at home, of course I did not tell them this and for my trouble I was given some new PG tips ďHint Of Earl GreyĒ to sample (80 tea bags for answering a few questions, just hope I like them)

Well I have rattled on about nothing for long enough now.

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Monday, September 20, 2004

A quick entry while on my dinner as I really did not have the time to post an entry yesterday as most of the morning was spent cleaning and the afternoon I was either helping my brothers or up shopping at ASDA. Did see Kath last night, poor thing was still in pain after having one of her wisdom teeth removed last week.

The new area manager visited the store today and because I was in such a rush to get to work on time I left my mobile phone at home, I did think about getting it while on dinner but it would have been a nightmare to find a parking space at this time of day so I will have to wait to text Kath when I finish (hope she does not think I have forgotten about her!!) which looks likely to be 8pm even through I swapped with another member of staff she has not turned up today so looks like I will have to work on.

Edit Okay so the manager decided to work on her own so I got to leave at 6pm so happy enough about that.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Ask Me A Question?

As I mentioned in my last entry we have been having some pretty bad weather, okay not as bad as some parts of the world are experiencing with hurricanes but the weather that has hit the UK over the last week has been bad compared to normal.

I spent some time this morning looking at Friends Reunited and checking to see how many of the people I went to school with have signed up and added some sort of update to what they have been getting up to since they left school and in most cases left Carmarthen as well and it can be quite depressing.

Funnily enough I had already decided to include this question in my entry before visit Friend Reunited but it does seem more fitting now.

If you could travel back in time (within your own lifetime) and give advice to your previous self would you do so, knowing that it could alter the type of person you are today?

I canít believe that I have used 200 free text messages in just over a week, a hundred maybe but certainly not 200 so I think I will phone up and check whatís going on as I am text mad with Kath but surely not that bad!!

EDITOkay so it turns out that between the 13th September to the 15th I sent at least 80 text messages so it is more than likely that I have used my full 200 messages in just over a week.
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Sunday, September 12, 2004

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Donít know what has happened to the weather over the last few days, last Sunday was fantastic with glorious sunshine this week it has rained so hard that it was hard to see out of the window while I was driving.

Well only a short entry today.

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

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Managed to do a very quick tidy up (update) of some small features on the site my Quilting Bee Quilt has now been deleted after my membership was cancelled for not exchanging patches as often as I should have. It does not really matter a great deal to me, as over the past few months it has been getting progressively more difficult to do any serious updating to the site as access is still problematic. The library has reopened in the morning and I have got just enough time to check my emails before I have to get into work so if possible I might get the chance to update the blog then as well.

Another sunny day yesterday and I find myself just watching the clock before it is time for me to go and see Kath, she still wonít stand still for more than 5 seconds so I can get a photo of her but never fear I shall get my photo : Evil Cackle: I have never been more glad to have power steering last night as without it I would never have gotten home after being blocked in, not really sure if I hit the car behind me donít think so as I am not that bad a driver (just have problems with parking!!)

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

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I spent some time last night trying to organise my computer a little better, after seeing how another computer has been organised I have realised just how disorganised mine is so I am taking no prisoners and am deleting files that I no longer need or have downloaded and never used, if I have not used them already it is unlikely that I ever will.

I am starting to catch up with my backlog of DVDís watched One Hour Photo on Monday night what a good film and what a change of role for Robin Williams, I am used to seeing him in comic roles so it made a refreshing change to see him playing a more sinister role. It does seem that people only take photos of the good times of the times that they never want to forget but then again only a fool would take photos during the bad times as who wants to remember those?

I was up and out earlier than usual today to get my shopping from Tesco and to pay the landlord, he is being very crafty at the moment and as I am already a week later than usual paying him I could not put it off for any longer.

Starting to rant which is a sure sign that I have run out of interesting things to write about so I had better get off and get ready for tonight as Iím meeting up with Kath who is not feeling that well so lets all wish her a speedy recovery.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Well I ended up not working on Sunday as they messed about with the days off not that I was that concerned as it was a lovely day and it gave me the chance to do some cleaning. I met up with Kath in the evening and attempted to take her photo but she was a little quick for me so I will just have to plot and plan and catch her off guard (lol) I shall be seeing her tomorrow so may get an opportunity then, she is shy so I will not be putting her photo on this site so regualar visitors need not get excited.
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Friday, September 03, 2004

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I thought that I would tell my mother about Kath last night as I was sure she must have started thinking that I was on drugs or something because of the way I have been acting recently so you can imagine my shock when I break the news only to have my mother tell me that she already knows and saw us together a few weeks ago. I was talking to her today and apparently one of my brothers told her that he had seen me walking through town with a woman and of course the week later my mother saw with her own eyes.

Donít know why she did not ask me about it, apparently she knows how shy I can be and that is why, oh well she is fine about it anyway.

Watched American History X last night and what a film, I really did not think I would like it and that is maybe why I have never bothered to watch it in the past, I have seen it before on special offer but have just ignored it so I was surprised that I was actually able to sit down and watch it and even enjoy it.

Oh yes Kath you are more than welcome to leave a comment here anytime you want to - hope your feeling better!

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Thursday, September 02, 2004

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Slept until midday yesterday to catch up on some sleep so I did not go to the library yesterday to update the site, instead just went into town before heading out to meet Kath
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