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Sunday, October 31, 2004

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Well been busy cutting through my email address book and have made some headway in getting it down to a more manageable level, of course if I get emails off anyone I have deleted I will still be able to respond to them and if need be re add them to my address book. I have already made mess of editing my address book by deleting Kath from my messenger contact list - really sorry about that but hopefully she will not hit me too hard .

Well the clocks went back this morning so an extra hour in bed this morning, I used the extra hour to carry on with cleaning and sorting out my room it really does amaze me that it can take me weeks to tidy such a small room what would I be like if I had a whole house to keep organised. Oh well I am getting back on track with keeping things as organised as I used to all my bills are now filed in one place and for once I really can see light at the end of the tunnel. My mother has already asked me what I want for Christmas and as usual I have given the same response, and that is I have absolutely no idea as if I need or want something I tend to just go out and buy it myself. My gran has already asked me what I would like and again I really donít know what to suggest, I could ask for clothes or deodorants but that time my brother opened up that dress from my gran keeps coming to mind.

The week ahead looks like it will be pretty busy as the shop is open for extended hours so I am not sure how easy it will be for me to get access to a computer to update so might be another week with very little entries so please bare with me.

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Friday, October 29, 2004

The last few days have been pretty busy so I have not really had much of a chance to post an entry. Weather has still been crazy with high winds and heavy rain but hopefully this will have blown itself out by the weekend. Work has been very stressful this week and with yet another promotion starting today I really am getting fed up, it seems that as soon as there is something that does not involve being ready to pounce on customers I am given the job. Yesterday I missed out on a few sales as I was loading and unloading various deliveries when there really was no need for me to be given that particular job as far as Iím concerned if a woman is getting paid the same amount as I am or in this case more than me they should be able to do the same work as myself.

On Wednesday I spent an enjoyable day shopping with Kath, she is a lot more organised than I am when it comes to my Christmas shopping but I am working on getting started now that I have been paid. Finally managed to get The Goonies on DVD they have been out of stock at Tescoís for ages but saw one on Wednesday night (well Kath saw it and was keen to point it out to me)

Been working on clearing out my address book for the past few days and for once do seem to have made a difference in deleting people I have not spoken to in ages and who have not contacted me, this is unusual for me as I tend to be very sentimental about these things and still had people listed who I have not heard from in over four years so these have already been deleted and I have emailed close to 70 other people to find out if there addresses are still current and to see if they email me back, seems pointless to remain in contact with people who donít want to stay in contact with me, I am hoping to have this completed within the next two weeks and then maybe I will be able to keep in better contact.

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Monday, October 25, 2004

Happy Birthday Steve.
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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Been off work today and it feels like a wasted day to be honest with you. I was up just after 8.30 this morning and thought I would use the early start to clear up my room a little after I started sorting out my paperwork last week the place seems to be a little upside down. By the time I had finished ironing and had showered and changed it was close to 1pm so it was quickly into town to get some ideas for Christmas presents then it was up to Llanelli. I did stop on the way so got to ASDA just before they closed so not really much time to look around but driving back and the main road was flooded because of this weird weather we have been having.

Nights like this you just want to be snuggled up in front of the television so a very short entry today,

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Friday, October 22, 2004

Ask Me A Question?

I get so mad whenever I watch Holiday Showdown basically the premise behind the programme is that two families (with totally different ideas on what makes a perfect holiday) each experience the others holiday. I have yet to see a programme where both families are happy with the holiday but then again that would not make good television. Last night ďFamily AĒ who liked to holiday in a villa in Spain which involved drinking loads and then drinking some more had ďFamily BĒ with them who lead a more hippy lifestyle but this family did try to fit in. When ďFamily AĒ were told that they would be spending some time in France on a yoga retreat with ďFamily BĒ and there would be very little alcohol and they would be expected to eat a vegetarian diet. Well ďFamily AĒ especially the eldest daughter acted like a right baby refusing to go and take part in any of the activities and being dam right rude about the place in front of the owner.

I know that everyone has there own idea of what makes a good holiday and sometimes things can get heated while on holiday, I should know I have been on enough of them and fallen out with people but surely you can be open minded about trying something different? What do you think, I would value some comments from all the people who visit the site on a daily basis, what is your ideal holiday?

You have to admire the business sense of some businesses, most of the large supermarkets stopped putting sweets next to the till point some years ago after complaints from parents who were harassed by there children to have some sweets. Well I think I have seen it all now while in a national chain of childrenís clothing shops they had a ride which you had to pay to have a go but any thought that a parent may have had of leaving there child to play on the ride while they shopped in peace could potentially be short lived as the money is soon gone and you are left with the decision do you keep feeding the machine to keep your child happy? Shops should stop doing this or decrease the price.

I donít normally hang around childrenís shops by the way just happened to be with Kath at the time. Oh yes Kath you are more than welcome to post a comment!!

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

The weather today has been absolutely awful; I have never seen anything like it and was lucky that it only started once I got to my car this morning. It was very windy last night and driving back from Kathís the roads were covered in leaves and broken branches.

Rather annoyingly I did not sell anything today and felt that I was being kept out of the way so that Dot had a clear run to the customers. This was not helped by the fact that I was cleaning upstairs so by the time anyone came upstairs they had already been seen.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

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You always hear people complaining about the poor quality of television programmes on at the moment with all these reality and makeover programmes but last night I thought the it was pretty good. Firstly the new series of Little Britain started and I have to admit I have never watched it before but after seeing a few clips of it on breakfast television a few days ago I thought I would give it a try and it was funny. Last night they also showed a documentary about the last months of a 35-year-old man who suffered from Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa called ďThe Boy Whose Skin Fell OffĒ I found it really harrowing to watch the pain that he was living in but also the incredible strength that he had in baring this illness, I was in tears by the end of the programme after seeing his funeral.
You can find out more about Epidermolysis Bullosa at the DebRA website

Only a short entry today as I am off to meet Kath and it takes me ages to get ready

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Today was really slow in work, it was only the assistant manager and myself in so it should have been an easy day but for some reason it seemed to drag and I really hate that feeling I sometimes get that I have forgotten to do something. Well off work tomorrow so enough time to relax and de-stress before having to put up with work on Thursday - Can't you tell I love my job!!
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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

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I suppose I had better finish off what I was talking about yesterday with the security guard. Well Kath and I had gone out for something to eat on Sunday night and had stopped at a car park, had my first McDonalds milkshake as well after about half an hour we noticed someone approach the car and informed us that we were not allowed to park there at night and we would have to move immediately. Which was fair enough except we were told to move such a small distance and were only there for a few more minutes before we were planning on leaving anyway - so it really was worthless being told to move but then again someone has to be a jobs worth.

There was an interesting programme on channel five last night about a woman who suffers from multiple personality disorder and has to live with seven different types of personality. It really was quite a harrowing programme to watch and I really donít know how this woman was able to live.

Getting back into my old habits of everything having order, for the past few years I have become very lack with keeping records and other such important documents. So instead of it being an easy job I find myself taking hours to sort old bills and receipts and know if I had been doing this as and when required it would not have mounted up to the enormous job it is now but I can see light at the end of the tunnel which is always reassuring when you are having a spring autumn clean I did however find my missing ďNow 58Ē cd, I was starting to think that I had never bought the thing it was getting to the stage where I was starting to think i have never bought it but I moved a load of papers and there it was still with the security seal on so will have to make the time to listen to that. I will need to get another stand for my dvdís as I have yet again ran out of storage space, I am seriously thinking about selling off some of my video collection especially the videos I also own on dvd. Might see if I can get enough stuff together to hold a car boot sale and get rid of the stuff.

EditYes for those of you that noticed I had amended the entry, think I was on my medication when I wrote it originally!!

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Monday, October 18, 2004

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Wow, I wait all weekend for the manager to give us our envelope with our pay review, I really donít understand what all the cloak and dagger stuff about not being able to have the envelope until today was for we all knew there was not going to be a major hike in pay.

I really am wondering what I will spend my extra £0.045 an hour on lol I suppose it is not that bad they could have taken my pay down a level and when you consider everything it is extra money and they are going to be back dating it to the 1st of July so next months pay should be pretty good.

Kath was stressed last night and I really did think I was going to witness a murder as someone had been messing with her computer and screwed it up, will call her later to see how bad it was and whether she has been able to sort out the problem.
Will have to tell you about the weird security guard who moved us along tomorrow!!
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Sunday, October 17, 2004

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Friday turned out to be a very long day, once I left the library I headed off to visit my grandparents down in Pembrokeshire, because I was in a rush I decided to stop off at their local supermarket to get some groceries and I was hoping that they would have a photo processing department as well. It turns out that they donít which was a good thing as when I went to pay for my shopping I noticed that I did not have my wallet and no way to pay so you can imagine how embarrassed I was and how worried I was about where my wallet was. I went back to my car in the hope that I might have fallen out of my pocket while I was driving. It had not fallen out in my car so as soon as I got to my grandparentís house I looked up the number and phoned the shop I had last used my wallet but no one had handed in a wallet. So getting more than a little concerned I played back the events of that morning and narrowed down a few possible locations for my wallet:

1Left behind at shoe shop, I last had the wallet there when work phoned.
2 Dropped/stolen from my pocket.
3 Fallen out of my pocket, at the library.

Cut a long story down what had happened I had just paid for my shoes when my phone started ringing, shocked at getting a call I grabbed my bag and threw the receipt and my wallet into the bag when I went out to answer the phone. So work was to blame for my day going haywire!!

I did get my digital camera photos developed, not fantastic but the cost was pretty good and a lot cheaper than me trying to print them out myself, so I think I need to sort out the photos I have on my computer, Iíll should ask Kath for some advice on that as her computer seems to be much more organised

Managed to catch up with Keith from ASDA on Friday as well and got talking to him about what has been going on since I last spoke to him which would have been months ago. He never changes still telling anyone who will listen how he used to wind me up a treat when we used to work together

Finally got my mood add on images showing up, more that I can say that being able to get the actual film, its The Goonies if you had been unable to tell. The cheapest place to get it is Tesco but they are out of stock and I have been to a few different stores so think I will wait instead of paying £2 more and getting it elsewhere.
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Friday, October 15, 2004

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Half an hour, thatís how long it took before work phoned up today, after only this length of time they find some excuse to phone me itís enough to drive you nuts!!

Got my new shoes first thing this morning, they look exactly like my old shoes and hopefully later I will get some photos printed off a CD that I was preparing last night with various shots - I actually found my digital camera so no hiding now Kath lol

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

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Donít know what was wrong with the weather last night but when I was on my way up to Kathís the heavens opened and it poured down, it was a nightmare to see where I was going! Lucky it did not last that long but still looking a little murky today with it raining on and off.

I am hoping that the cold Kath has clears up before the weekend when she is in work, nothing worse than having to do a days work when you are not feeling well, so get well soon

Work was okay today, well I sold something so it was good and can only hope that the manager does not start messing about with the Sunday hours as that will knock everything else out of sync. Not working tomorrow as I was in last Sunday so not really sure what I will get up to yet I will have to go looking for new shoes as these ones have split in half and really will not last any longer.

I could also start thinking about Christmas presents, as it is only 72 days to the big day

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

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Well the sun is shining and the sky is blue and all should be well with the world but as this is no longer a perfect world I will just have to settle for my area of scope. I once heard that it is possible for each and everyone of us to bring a little happiness into the world and into other peoples lives, even total strangers. How is this possible, quite simply remember to smile.

The fair is in Carmarthen for a couple of days, not that I think I will go as the last time I went to a fair must be at least seven years ago when I was working at Littlewoods and met some school friends after work and we all went for a look around. The fair that turns up in Carmarthen is never what you could call fantastic even after not going for years I could tell you exactly what they would have there, as nothing ever seems to change.

Watched Superman last night, think it was the death of Christopher Reeve on Sunday that made me want to re watch this film and as the papers reported ďSuperman is DeadĒ and yes to many people Christopher Reeve was Superman so his death is saddening. To think that film came out the same year as I was born.

Poor Kath has a cold but then again it has been pretty cold over the last couple of days so hopefully she will make a speedy recovery.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

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Winter is well and truly on the way, over the last few days the temperature has been really cold, of course this cold spell has meant not much cloud cover so at night the heavens have been open up to look at, if only it was not so cold. I did take some time last night to look up at the nightís sky from the relative comfort and warmth of my car while I was waiting to phone Kath. I donít know why but looking at the nights sky always seems to fill me with a renewed energy of sorts, very hard to explain but I really should do it more often.

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

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I really hate it when I work Friday nights as it means I donít normally get to update or at least check my email until Sunday and sometimes not until Monday. My place was used as a doss house last night by one of my friends who was best man at a wedding here in Carmarthen and needed somewhere cheap to stay to save the cost of getting a taxi home, thatís the disadvantage of living right in the centre of town!

Well the re launch event in store is coming to an end tomorrow so potentially this is my last chance to catch up with both Christine and Dot in regards to sales, Christine is away in Australia for a month next week so it will have to be all guns aimed at Dot. I hate to be like that but I have been the nice guy for too long at work and the rest of the staff know that they can just walk all over me plus I really donít like the way that Dot has been talking to me recent weeks, anyone would think she was my superior . Friday was good as for the first time in ages I felt that I actually sold something and not just took an order. That may sound strange but in recent months the staff seem to just be walking into sales where the customer will come up to staff and Ďaskí to buy something.
It was a very quiet Saturday but then again that could be because of the football match being played. Needless to say with very few customers there were very few sales.

I did say a long time ago that I would not be talking about work here for various reasons and as before I find myself slipping into bad habits again, so I shall try to keep work related topics to a minimum which will be hard as there is very little going on in my life except for Kath and work.

Talking about Kath, we went out on Thursday, had a spin in the car (not literally), before getting a bite to eat. Somehow we ended up talking about the perfect murder, so if I suddenly disappear, you know where to send the police.I also managed to steal a photo of her on my camera, but as sheís shy and doesnít want her picture in the public domain, you lot will have to take my word on how great she is.

Before I forget only 76 days before Christmas, on that note I shall leave you!!!
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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

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Did not really get the chance to add anything to the site last night and thought it would be better if I actually thought a little bit about what I was going to write.

The final sales figures for the four days of the re launch are in and as expected/predicted I was in last position if you donít count the manager, with just over six thousand pounds worth of sales while the top sales person for the four days came in with a figure of nearly fourteen thousand followed by the third and final sales person coming in with nearly eleven thousand. The assistant manager even managed to get a thousand pounds worth of sales more than me so not a very good performance!

Christmas is fast approaching and I really should try and get things organised a little better this year and not leave everything to the last moment, I should be sending out a lot more cards this year and will try to make sure that they get posted on time and actually arrive before Christmas. Presents are also something I need to start thinking about or at the very least start saving for.

Watched a few dvdís over the past few days, borrowed 50 First Dates off my brother and it was okay, if I am honest I thought it was a pretty sad story having to get the same person to fall in love with you every day knowing that they will forget about you within 24 hours and have been working my way throught the Star Wars Trilogy.

I have had a few missed calls on my mobile the last few days and, as no number has been stored I did wonder who could possibly want to phone me but mystery over it was someone from a market research company wanting to ask me a few questions about the experimental tea bags I have been using (apparently the two horns that have sprouted from my head is an unexpected side effect and should not be there for long!!)

Happy Birthday to Chloe
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Monday, October 04, 2004

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I must be using the oldest computer in the world, or at least at Carmarthen library. The nice new one I had originally planned to use has been severed from the network but some idiot who no doubt has been trying to plug there own equipment in and the old one left was this one but hey it brings back fond memories of when the library only had three computers and I made do with the Pentium 2 processor then so it will have to do for the time being!

Work was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, I had hoped for a quieter day but that flew out the window as soon as I got in and we were told to start cleaning the shop up so I took the cleaner and sorted out my section of the shop and did get to serve a few customers along the way as well. I knew I would regret my actions on Friday when I did my best to avoid taking any sales and going into Saturday I was in last position on the sales front but an okay Saturday and better Sunday has seen me start to narrow the gap between the "other" sales people. After today I would guess that I would be in fourth position with only the manager lower than me but then again she should not really be taking sales so I get no points for that. I will give a final tally of the positions tomorrow or Wednesday when I have had a chance to pull off all the sales figures from the till. The store did get a photo in the South Wales Evening Post tonight and I was surprised to find that they spelt my name correctly and I donít look like a total tit in the photo but then again I am standing with the rest of the staff so who would notice me!!

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Well the re launch in store this weekend did not go as the big bosses wanted, they seem to think that give sections of the store a lick of paint and some new lights will make customers flock to the store and part with there money. Yes we did more than we would normally do from Friday but nowhere near the magical figures that had been going around, maybe the weather could have been better for us and after my bout of negativity on Friday I found myself starting today in last position sales wise with even the manager having sold more than double what I had. I did get a few sales both today and yesterday so I will have to wait until tomorrow to see how that has effected my position.

My mood has got better since Friday but it always worries me when I get like this and canít trace the root cause as it leaves me open to suffering another bout when I least expect it or want it. Nearly had a relapse last night as I did not have access to my phone but that teaches me to keep my phone either on me or in my car in future.

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Friday, October 01, 2004

I really donít know what is wrong with me, at the moment I feel that I am sinking and try as I might I canít seem to shake this feeling off and it is really starting to bother me as I canít quite put my finger on to why I am feeling as I do!

Of course a lot of it has to do with work and try as I might to fight these demons I have I still find myself hitting the self-destruct button. Today was day one of the store re launch and was pretty busy but I found myself avoiding customers or passing them on to other people, basically cutting off my nose to spite my face and even through I know from past experience I will regret this I still find myself unable to break out of this frame of mind.

Who knows it may have something to do with the weather or the fact that it is now the start of October and the nights are drawing in. Maybe I am just SAD (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder) before you all comment agreeing with me !!!

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