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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Ask Me A Question?

Friday was not as bad as I had imagined it to be, I did go into work in a positive frame of mind but did get a little annoyed when three beds were sold and I had to write them up for Kevin, We have a policy in store that if a customer has been seen by another member of staff we will write that sale up in there name, of course with any rule like this it is subject to various interpretation depending on who you speak to. Basically a couple came in last thing on Thursday and looked at the beds and told me they were looking at three beds, I told them that if they came back the next day I would have reduced some of the beds, thinking that I had a good sale coming back I mentioned it to Kevin (assistant manager who told me that he had spoken to them last week. When they came back I did ask them if they had been in before and yes they had spoken to Kevin but they told me that they had only been looking and I was not treading on anyone else’s feet. Normally I would have put the sale in my name but Kevin can be funny - So yes I was a little annoyed as the beds they went for were not the same ones that Kevin had spoken to them about.

In the progress of adding some new sections to the site at the moment I have added the lyrics to “Saturday Night At The Movies” by The Drifters as a lot of visitors to the site arrive here after using search engines looking for the lyrics, so they can be found in the Site section.

I can’t believe that it is nearly December, it seems that this year has flown by at lighting speed and what have I achieved during the last twelve months, well as usual I will posting my review of the year in about a months time, all that will tell me is that I have wasted yet another year of my life but there maybe some surprises in there.

Talking of times gone by I found this entry from this time last year and thought it would be interesting to post and comment on it.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Payday tomorrow but I have already had my payslip and am happy to say that they have finally sorted out my pay which means that I have the money to get Christmas presents for my family but still no idea as to what to get them!
This last week I have made the time to get some snail mail sent off to various people, well if I am honest just the two so far but I am hoping to get a lot more done before the last date to send mail internationally passes. Other than that I have done very little that is worth mentioning here, I am still waiting to get my personal CD player which I won in a 'Treasure Island' style game through work and hope it arrives soon, except that it will mean yet another possession to find a home for as it seems that when ever I tidy my room it only stays tidy for a few days (It is never dirty just untidy I should add)
Tonight there is a meeting of the Action Group and I will have to go and buy a bottle of wine as I won the raffle last time but I don't think I will get a ticket this time as I am sick of the few members that are part of the group always being asked to dig into there pockets when the group has a fair amount of money in the bank and a reluctance to spend any of it - I however have some ideas which I want to put forward to the group.
Last Friday night they switched the Christmas lights on in town, I did not realise that they were doing it then and missed it as I had gone to the leisure centre swimming but don't think I missed much! I know that is a bad thing to say but the town just does not seem capable of doing anything great when you compare what the switching on ceremony at Llanelli will be like (Llanelli is the next big town in the area) and Carmarthen is the County town as well. I did catch some of a concert that had been organised by the town council but the less said about that the better.
Pub quiz last night was a little disappointing as there were very few teams there, in fact there were only three and we came second after it came down to a tie breaker question with another team which we got wrong - otherwise we would have won. The question which cost us the quiz was a Star Trek related one and if I had gone with my original answer we may well have won but I listened to one of my team mates.
I have heard back about my request to take over the C.S.I Fanlisting and will have it up and running in the near future so watch this space.
This weekend I will be going to Swansea to watch the new James Bond film "Die Another Day" and will not be online again until next Friday as i am planning on going to Llanelli to see some of my old friends at ASDA and do some Christmas shopping.

It is amazing how I could have cut and paste that entry and used it today with just a little bit of editing, it has only been in the last month that my pay has been sorted out and again I missed the switching on of the Christmas lights in Carmarthen, however this year I was at work and not swimming. This time last year I was setting up the CSI fanlisting, which I had taken over with about 30 fans - Currently there are over 700.

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Friday, November 28, 2003

Ask Me A Question?

Been a busy few days but I have managed to remain calm, I have a feeling that this will not last the day as the manager has been off at various meetings this week so I have not had to put up with her. I maybe wrong and today could be fine I will just have to wait and see.

It will be a hectic day as I have a load of beds that I need to re price as well as digging around in the warehouse for a bed, which is being delivered later.

The last day for posting my Christmas cards/packages to my international friends is soon approaching with last posting days in early December - looks like I will have to pull my finger out and get those cards written.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Ask Me A Question?

It has been a difficult couple of days at work, which is half the reason why I have not posted here for a little while. Basically my fuse has been so short that I have been exploding at the slightest thing, I believe this is down to the shortage of staff at work and everyone being spread so thinly throughout the store doing more than one thing at a time. I will not go into details but needless to say mistakes were made and the blame had to fall on someone and in this case it fell on me. (If the blame was put down to lack of staff then the manager would be responsible)

So for the past few days my head has been pounding and on Monday I was sent to the Swansea store to help them move stock around, this was something I was not happy about this as I have enough of my own work to do without having to go to another store and do the work that they should be doing. Being away from the Carmarthen store should have given me the chance to cool down but a phone call from the manager at Carmarthen just before I left Swansea wound me up again. There was a report in the papers saying that in this country staff work more hours than anywhere else in Europe without getting paid and I would agree with that as Monday I did not get my dinner hour, in fact I had nothing as I would not have been allowed my hour for dinner at Swansea so I decided not to have anything.

Again I did not go to the quiz last night, don’t even know if it was on and to be quite honest I don’t really care, I am so tired I just wanted to go to bed and on Monday night I was in bed by 9.30pm which is really early for me.

I got a phone call off my mother today asking if I could take her down to the school to collect one of my brothers as he was not feeling well. This was one of the first occasions I have had to return to my old school in years and just going to the office I could hardly remember the place, I would love to just take a walk around the corridors and look at what else has changed. As we were leaving I noticed a girl coming out of the school at the same time, it only took a moment for me to realise where I had seen this girl before, it was last December when I had been out and got chatting to a girl who told me she used to go to that school but was not at university - seems she was being a little conservative with the truth and instead of being a university student was still a student in the sixth form, so can’t have been any older than 18, maybe 19 at the most.

Because I lost my parking space in town I used the computer at my mothers house to update some pages on the site and have made a few changes to the visitors section, joined another fanlisting (only wish I could get Flinx to work correctly then I would not need to rely on this computer so much) I would also like to ask if there are any Quilting Bee members out there who would like to exchange patches with me please feel free to email me.

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Monday, November 24, 2003

Roxanne has been voted off Pop Idol, to be expected really as she already fits the role of Pop Idol and by that I mean young and good looking and we only have the programme makers word that she had the least amount of votes. Susanne seems to be like a cat with the amount of lives she has after surviving a few terrible weeks and I am convinced that the winner will be female as last year it was a male winner!

My fuse seems to be getting shorter and shorter with each passing day,

*I think it is better I stop now
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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

The library had a power cut last night and internet access has still not yet been restored, why a power cut could bring all access to the internet at the library to a standstill is beyond me. So I have had to use the computer at my mother’s house, which of course means that my time online is going to be limited today but hopefully the library computers will be working by tomorrow.
I decided not to go to the pub quiz last night, partly because I was tired and a little annoyed that for the past two weeks I have ventured down to the pub only to find that the quiz has been cancelled for various reasons, the time was used in a constructively way by planning out some letters that I have been promising to write for months, all I have to do now is actually start writing them up so no guessing what I will be doing most evenings. I still have to write the Christmas cards I bought weeks ago so that it is not a mad rush and expense at having to send them all at the same time, I had hoped to get them written up and get them stamped so all I would have to do is pop them in the post.

For the past couple of days I have been try to sort out my room, by sort out I mean clean it up and today I was looking at storage options for my DVD’s, I already have one unit which will hold around 200 but because of the various sizes of the boxes and the ever increasing size of my collection that has been full for a while now so I only got something cheap which will hold another 50 DVD’s and does not take up to much floor space, so this means that a lot of the DVD’s I have stacked up on the floor will now have a home.

I spoke about the hassles I have been having with the fridge so I forgot to mention the other people who live in the same building. In the room next to me is girl, who is younger than me and likes to play her music loud. The last people in that room were asked to leave because of the loud music upsetting the people using the hotel which is next door and I really did think that she was heading that way but it seems that she has friends in high places, or should that be friends who live in other rooms and there is one bloke who I lives in one of the rooms upstairs that must have been living there for a few years and gets on well with the landlord and he is constantly knocking on her door at all hours of the night and what scared me the other night was his drunken threats of getting the master key to open her door. I truly believe that he does have access to these keys, so yet another reason to look for somewhere else to live.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Ask Me A Question?

Well another day another entry and I really should thank Flamingo Reviews for their review of this site. Again I have taken note of what was recommended and in some cases have already implemented changes.

Which is better quantity or quality? I am of course referring to the contents of web sites in general would you rather loads of different things to see and do or would you rather less contents but better quality to what is available. I ask this as one of the reviews I had did not think I had a great deal of content and maybe I don’t but I have resisted filling it up with all sorts of things that can be found on the net, as I would rather quality. Oh well I am currently working on some new “contents” so we shall see how I get on.

I don’t know what it was about yesterday but everyone seemed to be in a foul mood at work, Kevin (the assistant manager ) has been like it for a while now and as the day drew on Liz (the manager ) got more annoyed. I was upstairs in the bedroom department and was starting to get flustered as my workload was increasing and by the end I had around five things on my to do list. Some of you may thing that I should plan how my day will go beforehand and prioritise jobs in order of importance, unfortunately shop work does not follow any carefully laid out plan and yesterday when I went downstairs to get the staple gun to use while packing a bed up I have to answer a phone as no one else is available, the person on the phone is a customer who wants information on furniture they have purchased - my job of packing the bed is put on hold and it goes on.

I spend most of my time complaining about work so forget to mention any gripes I have about where I live and maybe because I have spent the last few days defrosting the thing the landlord calls a fridge. I have lost count of the amount of food that I have had to throw away because it has become waterlogged I have the fridge on full blast and still the water manages to get in to any food packages I have. I have three options
# Move out!
# Speak to the landlord and tell him I want a new fridge!
# Get myself a new fridge and tell the landlord that he can remove the old one but when I move out I shall take the fridge with me!

In time it will become apparent why I cannot move out at the moment and judging by the other furniture that was here when I moved in I don’t think the landlord would get me a new fridge, of course it might be a newer fridge as it looks like this one was onboard Noah’s Ark. The last option is the most likely.

Watched Goodnight Mister Tom last night as I finally bought the DVD a couple of days ago and every time I see it I cry, in fact I read the book when I was in school and I thought it was so good that it was one of the first things I ever bought off the internet. I would recommend you read it as I think most people would be touched by this charming story by Michelle Magorian.

Thanks to Derra ~ Renee and Laurie for commenting.

Not sure if I will go to the quiz tonight, it has been cancelled the last two weeks and I could use the time to catch on some emails.

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Monday, November 17, 2003

Ask Me A Question?

Still tired which is why I did not make an entry yesterday, my Friday went something like I thought it would but when I arrived back at the store at eleven, one of the trainers had turned up at the store so the next two hours were taken up with that. I did however get back on track and got to leave the store at six. Of course I missed my dinner hour

Kelly was in yesterday and has already booked a day off at the end of this month, I could not believe that she still had any holidays owing and we are all still waiting to see how much longer she will be with us. She still has over £28,000 pounds worth of sales and 28 live invoices on the systems, she will get paid for one which was delivered last week and that is worth £46 to her. Because there was only three of us in yesterday I did not get that much of a chance to talk to her but then again maybe that was a good thing as I only get annoyed. In fact she did mention that her birthday is on a Sunday this year so it will be interesting to see if she turns up for work as it is the first Sunday after Christmas when all staff have to work – I can almost guarantee that if she is still working for the company at the end of December Liz (the manager ) will let her have the day off.

With me constantly going on about Kelly I have forgotten to mention that Dot (linen supervisor ) has been off for nearly a month now and that is half the reason why things have felt so hectic. The first two weeks she had taken off as a holiday and when she was due back she phoned in sick after getting this flu bug which has been going around and it was while she had this that she fell and split her head open on the cooker and had to have a couple of stitches. I thought she would be back today but apparently not, so there is speculation that she will not come back at all and to be quite honest I would not blame her.

Pop Idol on Saturday saw Andy get voted off and I have to admit that I was rather shocked as the past few weeks he has been doing pretty well and getting good reviews off the judges. At first I did think it was rather unfair that he had been selected to go through to the top fifty considering his background and the potential contacts he or his sister would already have in the music business, it was however a shock to see him go rather than Susanne who has sounded like a strangled cat these last two weeks.

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Friday, November 14, 2003

Ask Me A Question?

Why am I constantly exhausted? When I wake up I feel drained so I am sure that I must be coming down with something. Of course it could be down to the fact that at work I am doing the work of two people since Kelly went to only working Sundays, and she has the nerve to tell me that she will not come in on Sundays to be a cleaner (if I had the time I would do the cleaning in the week) lets take today for example, I start work at 10am and will have to go straight out to look at a wardrobe that a customer has complained about. I should be back in store by eleven when I will have to decide what to do about the complaint wardrobe and also phone another complaint customer up and give him an update. There is a cabin bed, which needs to be dismantled ready for a customer to collect tomorrow. Once the bed is dismantled I will have to move around a few of the beds and build up at least one more to replace the one I packed away yesterday.
While doing all this I will have to keep an eye on any customers and I know before I leave at six I will have to help move a couple of suites downstairs and chase up customers to collect there beds from our already packed stock room!

I moan so much but it is always good to have a place to vent everything that is annoying you, it saves it building up until you explode.

Okay answered the questions that were left for me yesterday so feel free to ask me more wacky questions, it gives me something to do of an evening and some of the questions have been interesting to say the least.
Thanks to everyone who has commented
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Thursday, November 13, 2003

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Yet another boring Wednesday and nothing overly exciting happened, there was a meeting of the “Llangunnor Community Action Group” I should have pressed for a motion to change the name to the inaction group, as the group has not been active for the past ten months and now that the treasurer no longer wants any part of things she had hoped to get the group dissolved and the money we have split between the local community council and the local school. I really did think it would be the last meeting and only six members turned up out of the original eleven who were founding members, it was decided to forget about aiming for a community hall and to focus the work of the group at a more grass roots level in the community by organising events and working to get public support - something I wanted to do from day one!

A new book about the history of Carmarthen has just come out and I took a look at it for research material for my Carmarthen web site, which is still in need of a major overhaul, and eventually I will get it all over here. I have so much to do and no time to get anything done.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Ask Me A Question?

Again no quiz last night and to be as soon as I walked into the pub and was told this news I felt like turning around and walking straight back out, as I have been feeling so drained these past few days and that is one reason why I have not posted anything since Sunday.
So anything new and exciting since then, well not really but when do I ever have “edge of your seat” news. I went to ASDA Sunday and saw some of my friends and got a few more DVD’s for my collection. I found out on Monday that Kevin did have a word with Kelly about the high level of sickness she has had since she started, of course she broke down in tears and the matter was quickly finished.

27 messages in my junk mail folder out of those only 4 were from places I have signed up to have mail the other 23 were all spam pure and simple. It really can get quite annoying at times but then again that is the price you pay for Hotmail!

Monday was my mother’s birthday and I said that I would look after my brothers when she went out to dinner with my stepfather, this was a perfect excuse for me to go online and do some work to my site and after having a review done by KK Reviews and have looked at improving a few things. I did get to speak to a few friends while online which was great.

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Sunday, November 09, 2003

I am just so tired today, which has not been helped by the fact that I got up earlier than I would normally do on a Sunday as I wanted to go to Llanelli to see a couple of my old ASDA friends, and having a lie in seems such as waste of my day off.

Not been the most exciting weekend, Kevin ( assistant manager ) at work will be having words with Kelly today about the level of her absence over the past couple of months, in fact I was surprised to find that she still has any holidays left for this year and has three in fact so it is quite possible that she could use these to get out of working for the next three Sundays, effectively she could be off for the rest of the month and as I expect she is only staying here until she gets most of her commission, however she still has 27 live invoices on the system valued at over £27,000 and worth a couple of hundred pounds to her.

Saw Matrix Revolutions last night and I am going to resist going into great details about the film as I would hate to spoil the plot for anyone who has not had the chance to see it yet. I thought it was pretty good better than the second one at any rate.While up in Swansea at the cinema I could not help but notice all the attractive women who were about and the same could be said about my visit to Llanelli today. In fact one of the women I saw last night was someone that used to work in a concession within the store when it first opened and she looked as lovely as I remembered. The one thing I was rather annoyed about was one of my friends calling me a leach for eyeing up all these women so why is it you get called lecherous when you look and talk about women all the time but if you don’t you have people thinking that you are gay so there is no way to win.

Pop Idol last night saw Kim get voted off, she was one of the “Big” girls and some sceptics would bet money on the fact that neither of the “Big” girls will win the contest no matter how well they sung, that however has still to be seen but it does not look good seeing as out of the eight contestants the three with the lowest votes were Kim, Michelle (both big) and Roxanne who I was shocked to see there as she has been constantly good in my opinion.

I know in the past I have said I don’t really like sport or watching any sort of sport but this morning I was watching the rugby as Wales were playing England in Brisbane and I of course was routing for Wales and to see them enter the second half with a 10 - 3 lead I was pretty optimistic that Wales would win.
How things can change so quickly, during the second half England really went all out to close the gap and take the lead to win 28 - 17.

It is also that time of year when we remember all the service men and women who have served in the various conflicts and when you walk about town or switch on the television you see most people wearing the remembrance poppy and that has got me thinking especially about the people on television who have them on; are they wearing them because they want to or are they wearing them because it is the thing to do at this time of year and is pinned on by the make up and costume department?

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Friday, November 07, 2003

Ask Me A Question?

Work is getting annoying due to the shortage of staff, today for the first couple of hours there were only the two of us in the store having to keep an eye on the customers on both floors. I got my dinner just after half past three so was not very happy when the manager came and asked me to come back on the shop floor after only half an hour as one of the big bosses was on his way. (There has always been an issue in store about the length of time I take for my dinner) I finally left the shop half an hour after I was supposed to because of last minute customers and closing the tills down.

Yesterday I spoke a little about my reaction at seeing a couple of girls and that got me thinking about how we as a society make judgements about people on how they look. These first impressions do matter and I am not just talking about relationships but in all forms of life. How many times have you seen someone who looks untidy with dirty clothes on walking around a shop and thought they were up to no good and maybe planning on shoplifting?

So when people say that looks are not important and it is what is on the inside that counts, are not strictly telling the truth. We all make decisions as to whom we strike up conversations with and a lot of this is based on what we see and no I don’t necessarily mean what sort of figure they may have but the smaller things like there smile.

Well enough of my insane ramblings for today please feel free to comment.

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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Ask Me A Question?

I was really quite disappointed in myself yesterday. The cause of my disappointment was my reaction when I spotted a group of girls (of course I mean women). I mentally rated each woman and discarded one as not being my type - as soon as I did this I realised how shallow I had been, judging each of them on looks alone and this did annoy me and I am sure in the weeks to come I will talk about this subject a little more. Do I even have an “ideal” type of woman?

Yesterday I went out and got the DVD of The Lion King to add to my collection, not had the chance to update my DVD list yet as my mothers computer was playing up last night so I was not able to stay online for long.

Short entry today.
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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Pretty annoying last night as the quiz was called off, “Tank” the question master came upstairs to tell us that as there were only three teams the pub staff did not think it was worth keeping the upstairs open for the quiz so it was being cancelled. I think it had more to do with the fact that Manchester United were playing on the television downstairs and as a supporter he would rather be watching that instead of doing the quiz.
Today it is Guy Fawkes night and many people in the UK will be setting off fire works or going to organised displays but I do wonder how many of these people will actually take the time to think about what today is really about?
These occasion become more and more commercial with each passing year.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Thanks for all the great questions that you have been asking, been really making me think so feel free to think up more weird and wonderful questions to ask.

Ask Me A Question?

It turns out that Liz ( the manager ) phoned the pub where Kelly works on Sunday night and she answered the phone, of course Liz hung up and told us about it yesterday. Could this be the end of Kelly’s employment with us? I am not going to get too excited about the prospect, as Kelly seems to have a way of getting away with things.

With my entries lately being pretty long I forgot to give an update on the missing bed, Quick Recap - Customer A buys bed and bedroom furniture a few weeks ago, has the furniture delivered and is waiting for the bed and bedside cabinet to be delivered from the supplier. Potential customer B comes into the store at the start of October and wants a bed and wants it quickly, I tell them that I can’t sell the shop floor model to them but I found another store a couple of hundred miles away that were willing to sell there display model, I passed this information on to the customer who was happy to travel to collect the bed so I told him to go to the other store and pay for the bed there.
A few days later I hear that a customer has gone into the other store and collected the bed telling the other store that they have bought the bed from the Carmarthen store and that they are customer A, the store gives the bed and that is the end of the matter - that was until customer A phones me up wondering how much longer he will have to wait for his bed and bedside cabinet?

Not a quick recap at all but since then our head of security has become involved and he is due to visit the store this week, we however have been doing a little research ourselves and it turns out that the person who collected the bed frame matches the description of customer B. This person also purchased a mattress from the other store and gave another name and address for the sales receipt and with further investigation we have discovered that this same person called into the Swansea and ordered some furniture to match the bed, the weird thing about this is that he called into our store on the Monday, Tuesday he was in the Swansea store ordering goods and on the Wednesday he was collecting the bed from one of our English stores. He has subsequently cancelled the order at the Swansea store. Has this bloke made a mistake, which will mean we catch him and bring him to justice?

(I am not able to give more details, as it is an on going investigation)

Song : I Believe In A Thing Called Love. By The Darkness
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Monday, November 03, 2003

Ask Me A Question?

Yesterday was Paul’s last day at work, not that I had ever worked that closely with him there was a tinge of sadness at seeing him leave and we had no whip round for him there was no leaving card or present, was this because he was only with us for a couple of months?
Kelly explained to me why she was unable to complete all the tasks I had set her last week by putting the blame on the store manager, not that it bothers me, what did bother me was the fact that for an hour and a half she did nothing except stand by the main till point while I was upstairs working on the figures, she did finally ask me if there was any work for her to do. Of course she did not do much as every couple of minutes she was going to the toilet and made no secret that she was ill, in fact one of the first things she told me was that she was hoping to leave early and had already asked the manager this as well. Because of her sickness level in the past any attempt to phone in sick would not have been believed, so was she really sick or did she have something else planned for this afternoon. The manager would not let her leave until everyone had had dinner so there she was trying to get everyone to have there dinner so she could leave, I find this suspicious because it was about an hour later once everyone had something to eat and she was able to go and during this time the need to visit the toilet every five minutes vanished (Strange! ) She is keeping any plans she may have to leave under wraps at the moment, still got a lot of sales and a lot of commission coming her way. I hope that she goes before her birthday in December, as I don’t want to have to contribute anything for her birthday, I would feel to much of a hypocrite after what I think of her and what I have said about her over the past couple of months.

Thanks to Becster for her comments in fact I have no recollection as to what I did on Halloween, I must be getting forgetful in my old age, or did the stalking count just spend the evening watching television?

Song : Trouble By Pink

Seen the extended entry for the Friday Five which is well worth it this week just to read my scary story!!
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Sunday, November 02, 2003

I am pretty disappointed at the easy in which I completed the CSI computer game, which I got on Wednesday. I had really hoped it would be more of a challenge and had even expected to find it so hard that I would have gotten bored with it and regretted buying it. There were five cases to solve and for each case you are given one of three ranks, Rookie, Investigator or Master. I completed all the cases with the rank of Investigator so still a little shocked that it did not take me weeks like other games but mere hours.

Yesterday was demanding at work I needed to do over £3000 in order for the bedroom department to do it’s weekly budget after an appalling week with hardly any thing sold. I did not achieve budget after only getting half of what I needed but it does make me wonder if having someone else in during the week would mean more sales - had I been that busy I had missed customers?
Today however did bring back to me what I enjoy most about working in retail and that is interaction with the customers and I don’t just mean selling something I mean having a laugh with them and I hope even brightening there day up a little.

Last night I went to the cinema to see Cabin Fever; I really cannot think of the words to describe this is why! Maybe I missed some vital part of the plot or just went in with the wrong idea of what the film was going to be like, I actually thought it was going to be scary, yes there were some things that made you jump and made you cringe but it did feel like every excuse to show some naked flesh were used which was not necessarily a bad thing considering that Cerina Vincent stared in it. However sex is no excuse for a poor film and that is what I thought this was, with cast members not being developed and no really explanation given for why they were there or why they behaved the way they did – basically it left me with a lot of unanswered questions the biggest of those was WHY?

In other news I was reading in the paper about six men who had gone on to a reality television show where they had to impress a woman. The winner receiving money and a week on a luxury yacht with her. However it seems unlikely that the show will ever be shown as at the end of filming when the winner was announced the six men discovered that the woman they had been trying to impress in there various ways was in fact a man who is planning a sex change operation (gender realignment I believe is the correct term). At first I laughed as the six men feel that they have been made to look foolish and are most certainly embarrassed that they have been trying it on with a man when they were under the impression he was a she. After thinking hard about this I would feel the same.

Song :There She Goes By The Las
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