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Mystery Movie Game?

Took longer than expected but the Mystery Movie Game has now reopened. Basically I have taken an image from a film and posted it below, you think that you know what film the image is from then guess. In the past I had been supplying prizes but due to the poor response i have stopped that for the time being - you will of course be linked if you are the first to guess correctly.
I would also ask if you could mention the game on your sites.That was the last Mystery Movie image for a little while but the game will be back in the very near future. I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to have a go at guessing and those of you lucky to get it correct and be the first to reply.

Mystery Movie: Think you know what movie this image is from?

Make your Guess

~ Labyrinth ~ Emily
~ Singin' In The Rain ~ Emily
~ Being John Malkovich ~ Andrew
~ Men Of Honor ~ Emily