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Review Of 2002

Well as usual this post will be me taking a {brief} look back at the past twelve months in my life and evaluating if 2002 was a good year or yet another wasted year in my life! At the start of the year I decided not to make New Years resolutions but instead decided to set myself goals to achieve during 2002, I shall remind you off these goals and tell you how I got along at the end of this post.

The year did not get off to the best of starts with uncertainty about my job as the shop where I worked was closing down at the end of the month and regular visitors to the site would know how annoyed and angry I was. My future was finally decided with less than a week to go before the shop closed and I was told that a job had been secured for me at the other store in the town but there was only 20 hours available, so I went from 39 hours per week to 20 hours but at the time I had very little option but to accept the job. It just happened that the day I had found this out was the same day that I had been at the funeral for my Great Grandmother.

February ~ June
Nothing of note springs to mind during these few months, I went into work and came home, I know that I was unhappy at being told that I would be working mainly in the linen department at work while the other member of staff who had come down from the old shop would be mainly on the furniture and that is where all the money is made in commission. I found it very hard to try and keep my sales figures high by only selling the occasional bed and very few suites compared to the other part timer (who was on the same amount of hours as me) and the girl who works only one day a week. February also saw the creation of the “Llangunnor Community Action Group” which came about after a public meeting about facilities for the youth of the area. The group is unsure of what it wants to do and has raised a small amount towards the cost of building a community hall. My birthday as always was pretty uneventful it did fall on the same day as a Bank Holiday to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and I had some problems getting the time off work, and had to cut short my holiday which did not help my mood.

July ~ September
A major event happened during July and that was getting ‘kicked’ out of my mothers, the only reason was that somehow I managed to annoy my stepfather and one day out of the blue he just snapped and told my mother that he wanted me out of the house within a week, I was lucky in that my mother helped me to find somewhere else to live that day and I had moved in just after the week deadline. Saying that those first few weeks were upsetting for me and I lost a lot of weight as I was not eating correctly and missed being on the net as often as I used to be. The “Action Group” also held it’s biggest event to date with a fun day at the local park which turned out to be pretty successful and saw over £300 pounds being made on the day even thought everything had been organised on a shoestring budget. An ill thought out coach trip could have cost us some of that money due to poor planning and a poor response but we were lucky to get the money back from the coach company.
At work I was finding it extremely hard to survive on my wages and had been out looking for an additional job but had no luck with that but during the summer months I had been given some extra hours and was able to make some money by selling more furniture and it was during the middle of September that Paul one of the full timers started raising question as to how much per hour one of the part timers (Becky) was getting compared to how much he was getting for being full time. (it was one of his aims to become a manager and he had already been turned down when he applied to be assistant manager at another store, so knowing that a part timer was getting paid more than he was per hour and not having to work as many hours really annoyed him - in fact it annoys me).

October ~ December
Started full time again on the first of October so much of my time has been taken up with work, some of you may remember me complaining at the start of last year about my sales figures when compared to the other part timer well my figures have vastly improved but I am not on the same level as the other full time sales person so more work to do next year. Tuesday nights I have been going to a local pub, which holds a quiz there, every week and the team I am in have even won once. I had even started going swimming to help improve my health and to get out more. This Christmas was the first one when I have sent actual Christmas cards to everyone who I have a snail mail address for. I end the year on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to last year and hopefully 2003 will be an even better year.

My aims for 2002 were:
Get a Passport ~ I got as far as getting the passport photos taken but because of a lack of money (part time hours) I decided not to get the passport as it cost to much as I was unlikely to travel with it. NOT ACHIEVED
Loose Weight ~ My weight has fluctuated during the year with my weight reaching an all new low amount during July to August but since the start of October my weight has been going up UNDECIDED
Go out at least once a month ~ I had planned on going out drinking/socialising at least once a month, this did not really happen and it was only after I moved that I really started going to the pub quiz. ACHIEVED

My aims for 2003:
1.Get passport again!
2.Loose Weight