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Self Description

This is one of the sections that I always have problems writing and I suppose there are many people who experience similar moments of blankness; I know I for one don’t like describing myself I never know where to begin and it always seems easier to find the negative points about yourself and sometimes this is not the same way as strangers see you so I hope this does me some justice.

I have been described as an analytical person and I would have to agree with this as I do spend a lot of time looking at things around me and maybe at times I spend a little too long trying to work out why things happen and trying to work out why people do the things they do.
Apart from this I am generally an easygoing person and I do have a good memory for dates and figures so it is never a good idea to tell me lies, as I will usually catch you out at some point and that is why I value honesty.
In some ways I could be seen as old fashioned but I am trustworthy and it does take me ages to lose my temper but when I do make sure you are not around as when I lose it I really do lose it. I tend to keep my feelings hidden, and never wear them on my sleeve for fear that someone will come along and trample all over them.

They say that people born under my star sign are prone to mood swings and I am afraid I am a typical Gemini in this way as one moment I can be fine the next I am in such a black mood, thankfully these dark moods don’t tend to rear themselves that often. As I have already mentioned I am easygoing and find it easy to make friends here online but in recent months these friendships have been tested and this is something that makes me deeply unhappy as I hate having to say good-bye to anyone.