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Cinema Visits

Sad I know but as I am a bit of a movie nut I thought what other random junk I could add to the site, so came up with this page that will list every visit I have made to the cinema. Any entry with an * means that I attended with friends, there really should be more *!

Movies 2007

Movies 2006
January - No cinema visits
27th March - The Hills Have Eyes*
29th May - X-Men 3:The Last Stand*
24th June - Poseidon
1st July - Over The Hedge
22th July - Pirates Of The Caribbean:Dean Man's Chest*
11th August - My super Ex-girlfriend*
14th August - Cars*
28th August - Nacho Libre*
23rd December - Casino Royale*

Movies 2005
30th December - Cheaper By The Dozen 2*
24th December - King Kong*
22nd November - Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire*
13th November - Saw 2*
8th October - Serenity*
1st October - The Longest Yard*
17th September - Wolf Creek*
10th September - The 40 Year Old Virgin*
1st September - Dukes Of Hazzard
20th August - The Island*
4th August - Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
30th July - The Wedding Crashers*
27th July - War Of The Worlds*
23rd July - War Of The Worlds
15th July - Batman Begins*
9th June - Star Wars Episode 3*
27th April - Amityville Horror*
23rd April - Miss Congeniality 2*
13th April - The Ring 2*
6th April - Constantine*
16th March - Boogeyman*
9th March - Hide And Seek*
10th February - Meet The Fockers*
2nd February - Creep*
27th January - Elektra
19th January - White Noise*
12th January - Phantom Of The Opera*

And because I keep notes on everything here are the ones I saw during 2004!
Movies 2004
5th February - The Last Samurai
1st April - Along Came Polly
8th April - The Missing
15th April - Starsky & Hutch
3rd June - The Day After Tomorrow
24th June - Van Helsing
1st July - Troy
5th July - Shrek 2, Garfield
22nd July - Spiderman 2
28th July - Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban*
5th August - Shrek 2
10th November - Saw*
24th December - The Incredibles