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Please note this section is being worked on hence information may change!! A quick overview of the guy behind the monitor, pretty standard stuff really if you want to dig deeper look at my other sections or you could of course ask me? (Last updated 30th July 2011)

Full Name: Phillip Lee Whatley

Location: Carmarthen, South Wales

Birthday: 3rd of June 1978

Age: 33

Sex: Male

Status: Single

Height: 5‘8 or about 172 cm

Build: Medium

Weight: I would consider myself overweight.

Hair: Dark brown normally gelled.

Eyes: Yes, I have two and they are brown by the way

Family: Mother, stepfather and five younger brothers (Josh, Sam, Ben, Dean and Christopher)

Pets: Four cats (Sweep,Socks, Garfield and Casper) and a dog (Odie). No longer with us Ali and Tiger

Friends: Andrew, Bull, Johnson, Nathan, Fox, Mole

Good acquaintances: When does an acquaintance become a friend? I know lots of people that I will acknowledge as I go about my business so I guess those people should be here!

Online friends: I have had many arguments over the last few months about online friends being nothing more than penpals but I would like to think of as more than just acquaintances. But simply these are people I consider friends but have never physically met, in no particular order : Arienne, Rachelle, Christina, Keeah, Nessa, Sarah, Debbie.

Star sign: Gemini; The Twins

School: Used to go to Llangunnor primary school and Queen Elizabeth Cambria secondary school

Favourite subjects: Business Studies, History, and Geography

Job: Civil Servant

First car: I had a Fiat Regatta 70, lovely car, sadly no longer in existence. Gone to the same place as my second car!!

Good points: Friendly, trustworthy, honest, loyal and a good listener

Bad points: It is always good to know if you have bad points and I would consider one of mind to be the fact that I am shy, I have also been accused in the past of looking at things too deeply.