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The story behind the site.

I have been online since September 1999 and it did not take me very long before I was dabbling in web site creation. I am under no illusions that I was just sticking my toe into the whole web design life and like so many people my first site was at Geocities (in fact it is still there) and was created using Microsoft Word. At the same time I created a site about my home town at Angelfire, which I have been trying to update for the last eighteen months with no success. November 2001 saw me getting away from the Geocities and my personal site was hosted by Renee at her new domain, After being hosted I felt it was time to stretch my wings, I had felt guilty at the size of my site and the fact that there are other people who have much better web designing skills than I have who are stuck on free servers. I also have a lot planned for the domain and it would have been unfair to take up the space on someone else’s server.

Why Nightmare-Relm I had been planning a darker layout for sometime and once I made my mind up about getting a domain I set about thinking of a name without much luck and one day I was thinking about how people like to scare themselves with stories and the children who think that there is a monster under the bed or in the wardrobe that come out once all the lights go out and darkness closes in. This got me thinking about the place where these ‘creatures’ live during the daylight hours, they have to stay somewhere and this is where the realm in which they live came to mind, as they appear during the darkness when we sleep nightmare seemed a good choice. I should point out that I know “relm” is spelt incorrectly it was intended to be like that in order to make it easier to remember.

1 a very upsetting or frightening dream. 2 an extremely unpleasant event or experience or possible event or experience

Realm(Pronunciation “Relm”)
1. Royal Domain; Kingdom
2. Region,Sphere or Domain within anything occurs, prevails or dominates; The realm of dreams.