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Monday, May 30, 2005

Ask Me A Question?

Yet again been a busy few days on Wednesday I went up to Bridgend with Kath and donít know if any one else remembers Cadburyís Spiralís I honestly thought they had stopped making those as it has been years since I last saw one for sale yet there they were in the Cadbury shop along with loads of other things to eat!

On Thursday I became a deliveryman helping Kath to collect some wardrobes and it still amazes me that I we managed to get everything in to my car. It did mean that Kath had to sit trapped in the back of the car and I used this to capture her on my digital camera so if anyone would like to see that footage feel free to leave a comment but I should warn you the language is atrocious!!!

Friday saw the launch of Big Brother 6 here in the UK and what can I say about the oddballs that are in the house this time around, not a great deal at this early stage but I am sure I will have more to say on this subject in the weeks to come.

Bit pissed with work on Saturday as they told me that I could only have one day off work next week, well when I say they told me they didnít actually the manager just casually forgot that I had booked next Friday off (cough:mybirthday:cough) as a holiday and as such would still be entitled to my normal day off. I was offered the Saturday but that is not really suitable for me but guaranteed in a couple of weeks the manager will be bitching at me for not taking any holiday days.

Happy Birthday to Arienne who celebrates her birthday today and Andrew who celebrated his yesterday. Oh yes I donít call three packets of crisps spread out in bowls a party.

Well still not feeling great but my voice is ďbetterĒ

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Big Brother 6

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Friday, May 27, 2005

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Not really an entry as I feel rotten again tonight, what is more annoying is I have no idea what is wrong with me, yesterday I thought it may have been the start of a cold and then I figured it was something to do with my hayfever but I am starting to wonder if it is even that.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

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Off on a Wednesday again well for this week at any rate as there are various members of staff off work and it was in my best interests to miss a week of college to keep the peace at work and as I am flying ahead with the ECDL course I donít think one week will matter all that much but from September I will have to look at doing the course at another time as I will no longer be able to have the Friday off.

Had a bit of a sort out last night as falling asleep early on Saturday night really messed up my plans for getting things ironed and sorted out and for once I actually sat down to watch Deep Jungle apparently last nights was the last episode and from what Kath has been saying the series has been pretty interesting, have to say from the episode last night I am rather annoyed that I missed most of the previous two episodes of it, I will have to keep a better eye on the television schedules.

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Monday, May 23, 2005

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Been a little while since I sat down at my computer with the intention of writing an entry here but thought I should make the effort so who knows how long or interesting this will be. I actually got to college on time on Friday after posting my last entry as the roads were not that bad not there again for another two weeks and next time I go I am hoping to sit the exam on the Internet and Outlook I completed the mock test with 88% which is a pass and could have sat the real exam but I was not happy with some of the questions I got wrong so will look over parts of that module again over the next two weeks.

A few good films out in the cinema that I would not mind seeing and Star Wars - Episode 3 is only one of them but then again the next couple of months looks like there will be a few good films out that I will have to go and see. Hitchhikerís Guide To The Galaxy also looks pretty good any visitors to the site seen it and what did you think? Have managed to see The Village and thought that was pretty good, I have heard mixed reviews about it but I enjoyed it.

Talking of movies I will have to update the Mystery Movie Game just need to find anotther movie image that will confuse and confuddle you all, I would hope to get that done within the next week.

I will also take this opportunity to plug the new fanlist that I run, which is the fanlist for Quantum Leap still very basic at the moment but any fans of this time travelling series please feel free to join.

Got a new memory card for my digital camera on Saturday night which will greatly increase the number of photos I can take while I am on holiday in Spain, can you believe that six weeks from now I shall be sitting on a bus on route to Calella which is on the Costa Brava and the wonderous ďBon ReposĒ hotel. Or at least I hope that it is wonderous anyway. I will have to look at getting some new clothes before I go especially some shorts or those three quarter trousers as last year I did not feel that I had enough clothes with me constantly changing.

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Friday, May 20, 2005

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Just realised that I have not posted an entry for quite some time so instead of leaving early to arrive in college on time I shall endeavour to add something riveting to keep you all happy, failing that I will just rabbit on about nothing so you can guess what is comingÖ

As I mentioned off to college now and last Friday I actually sat another of the exams for the ECDL course and again passed that with believe it or not 92% so I have completed modules one and two out of seven in about four weeks which is not bad. I am hoping to complete at least one more module before the college breaks for the summer sometime during June.

I will try and update a little more next week.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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Had an early night last night after falling asleep both Saturday and Sunday nights with the television on I thought I had better get an early night so that I could face the day a little fresher today.

No idea what I have done to my eye as it is hurting in an annoying way, it is almost like something has gone into it but I canít see anything in there so maybe it is just the start of my hayfever, something must be in season now and giving off pollen!

Been listening to some music I downloaded on Sunday night and finally found a song I had been looking for, been looking for it ages and I had no idea what it was called which meant my chances of finding it were limited so thanks to Kath and her musical skills in identifying the song as One by Harry Nilsson, also know as the one fron the UNISON advert a few weeks ago.

I have been carrying out some market research for an online company about the number and types of drinks I have in a day and seeing it on paper I realised just how little I actually drink in a day, sometimes I wonder why I signed up for all these surveys and then I remember they pay me for them!! So I should not complain.

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Monday, May 09, 2005

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I really donít know what is wrong with me I was late arriving at college again on Friday, okay if I had not gotten stuck behind every slow vehicle on the road to Llanelli I would have been there in time but I arrived to such a small class that it did not really matter that I was a few minutes late. Yes there were only the five of us in the lesson on Friday and it does look like the large group of people there for the first two weeks are not going to bother to turn up again. Talking to the lecturer he was saying that these people are used to computers and found the first lesson too basic and the second lesson too difficult so he is in a no win situation. Anyway back to the class and on Friday three of us were taken into another room to try the online exam practise papers, the aim of this was to see where our strengths and weaknesses were so that we could concentrate on the stuff we were unsure of and I am happy to say that I passed this with 91% and I was told to sit the real thing which I again passed with 92% rather annoyed as I messed up similar questions that I had in the practise exam. So I have now passed one of the seven modules of the ECDL course along with one of the others in the group of three.

I had been finding the whole college thing rather boring, as I did not feel that I was learning a great deal but now that I have achieved something it has given me a renewed energy so I am hoping that I can sit a few more practice exams at least before we stop for the summer.

Working the late night tonight so not going to be online again today will have to be up a little earlier tomorrow as the area manager is due down.
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Friday, May 06, 2005

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Awoke to another Labour Government this morning but donít really know if that was a great surprise but gosh all these programmes on television which look at how many votes each party got really annoys me, they won not as good as last time but they are in power for another couple of years - end of story. Not that I had any part in selecting a new Government as I cannot vote and I really should do something about that as I pay taxes so I should have some say as to how they are spent. Oh well other people could not vote as well so never fear all your criminals and mental people!!

Well my luck in Yahoo Pool has gotten slightly better as playing Kath last night I beat her in a few of the games, I guess that just goes to show what happens when you mess about with the cosmic balance of the universe. The force is strong in this cue!! lol

Well off up to college now got to make sure I leave early enough this week after turning up late last week donít really want to do that today so just got enough time to write this entry run to the toilet before setting off to Llanelli.

It occurred to me last night that again I have missed another anniversary and each year I say that I will do something to remember her and each year I forget, for someone who was such a massive part of my life I feel in some way that I have let her down, forgotten about her and this upsets me. It upsets me more than words can really express and with each passing year I am sure it will get worse.
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Thursday, May 05, 2005

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The audit at work has finally finished after what seems like two weeks and I for one am glad as the last week or so in work has been really stressful that has been caused mainly by the manager getting worked up about the audit and the fact that I donít work late nights on Fridays anymore but it seems she is the only one that has a problem with this none of the other staff care so I really do wonder what her problem is, needless to say it makes me feel like quitting the college course until I can do it at night and going back to my normal Wednesday as a day off.

Went up Kathís again last night to assist her with some D.I.Y, and it really was this Do It Yourself but then again I should have learnt my lesson after she ďhelpedĒ me build the swing. Lasts nights job was to fit a new kitchen blind so while I was busy doing all the work she was doing sod all. I am only kidding she did decide to put up some holdbacks for the curtains and managed to knock down half the wall but that goes to show why women should not use power tools. Her mother was not best pleased to come into the kitchen to find it looking like a demolition site. (lol)

And what thanks do I get for all my hard work getting blinded but a light and having my photo taken when I look like someone who has just been blinded by a light and looking gormless. (And please no comments about me looking gormless anyway)

Oh Kath you know I am only messing about and I really did not mind putting the blind up but still not forgiven you for telling me that it had fallen down and smashed things up, so I will get you back for that you mark my words I am already planning so cunning to get you back it is as cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University.

Yes Arienne I know I have been saying for years that I will come over to Australia and I may only need my air fare but at the moment I can barely find my bus fare. (lol) Donít worry I will make it over there one day and when I do I will come visit you.

Fox know you are reading this hope that you are better now and have not infected everyone on the council with chicken pox? We will have to arrange to meet up at some point.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

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Did not get the chance to post an entry yesterday for various reasons, so you can take that to mean that I was getting my ass whipped in Yahoo Pool yet again! But I really needed to chill out after the day I had at work yesterday okay the manager was off but there was a change in promotion which meant changing the various posters around the store which is okay except when you have to do it three times as the powers that be outside the shop have no idea what the hell they are doing. It does make me wonder if they canít organise a simple promotion change how can they run a business.

Monday evening I went up to Kathís to again show her how a professional builds a swing but I really donít think she could grasp the basics of it as all she was doing was pissing herself laughing so you can guess who did all the work ďagainĒ .To be fair to her she did her fair shareÖ of nothing

Oh yes an update on that software I ordered the other week and was going to send back I have not yet used any of it as my hard drive is full so thought I would phone the company back up to get a returns number and more importantly get my £89.94 back, all was going well until the bloke on the other end of the telephone asked me why I was returning the goods and being the idiot I am told him that I would not have the chance to test the product before my money back guarantee was up so he rather kindly offered me up to the 30th June to use the software and they also reduced the price of the software down to £50 so I get a £39 refund. I am still planning on returning the goods and next time I will have a better excuse for not wanting it - I hope at any rate. (So anyone who wants to sell me anything just give me a call as I am very unlikely to say no!!)

Talking to buying things I did order The Phantom Of The Opera on dvd last night which should be here tomorrow and I really will have to sort out with the bank when my last loan repayment is, I am hoping that it has already finished or that at the very worse this is the last month I will have to pay it so might have to move some money around over the next few days just to make sure I donít go into the red.

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Monday, May 02, 2005

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The 2nd of May already I really donít know where the time is going it is just over a month until my birthday. Oh well more about that closer to the day another busy weekend at work as Saturday was the last day of the financial year and the company wanted to get as much money as it could. I still think that is why they screwed up nearly everyoneís pay! I had a pretty busy Saturday I think it was more luck than being a great sales person but half the time all you need is to be in the right place at the right time, it was a little like that yesterday but I did get the new financial year off to a good start and can try and beat the £200,267 of sales that I did last year. Whether I am still working for there at the end of the next financial year is another question.

Bank Holiday today so as usual I am working and as expected the manager has been bitching about me not working every other Friday night because I go to college on Friday that she has decided that the only fair thing to do is get me to work every Monday late while the other member of staff will have to work every Friday which sounds fair enough except whoever works late Friday gets the rough end of the deal as they finish at 8pm and have to be back in work before 9am on Saturday. Why things needed to change I will never know but only six weeks left at college before it breaks up for summer so with any luck I can go back to having a Wednesday off which should solve these problems - just watch this space as it will not be that easy!!

Been a strange day so far when I left for my dinner I was the only one who had sold anything but as I left the manager asked me when I was going to take my Spring holiday - A week which needs to be taken during the next three weeks. I don't think I will take it as I really have nothing to do and don't want to waste a week of my holiday doing nothing so that is likely to cause some trouble later on.

The Phantom Of The Opera dvd is out today and I think this will be the first dvd I will get this year, after my self imposed ban on buying them as it was such a fantastic film that I just have to own it and I really donít think I could wait for it to go cheaper so will more than likely be getting it later.

What else have I been up to, not a great deal to be quite honest with you not a great deal I went to college on Friday and it was a lot more friendlier as there were only the six of us in and it was a lot easier to talk with some of the others. I had been hoping that we would get the chance to sit some of the mock interactive exams online as once we prove we can pass those we will get the chance to sit the real thing and I am pretty confident that I could pass the this module and really wanted to get at least one of the modules completed before we broke up for summer.

Found my way back to Yahoo Pool and was doing really well at it until Kath came along and took all my points off me or as I will not let her forget took all my money off me

Have started on another book Goodbye Dearest Holly which tells the story of how the family dealt with the death of their daughter by Ian Huntley in 2002. I donít think anyone in the United Kingdom would not have heard about this tragedy and the book has been written by Kevin Wells, Hollyís father.

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