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Friday, October 31, 2003

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Not got much time but i prepared these snapshots. Anyway hope you all have a good evening and more importantly a safe evening.

Look out for my entry on Sunday when i will no doubt moan some more!!!
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Thursday, October 30, 2003

I went out yesterday and got the season 1 box set of Smallville, so that is something else off my list of DVDís to get I also took a chance and rather an expensive one at that and got myself a Freeview box (for those that donít know it gives you access to digital television and additional channels without having to pay for them) to get all these additional channels and also the hope that I will once again be able to pick up channel five which shows most of the programmes that I like such as CSI and Alias. So it was a tense few minutes when I plugged the new box in and waited for it to search out the channels - I had been warned that not all areas can pick up all the channels and it may not have worked at all.

As the amount of channels found got higher I could feel my excitement building but a little worried that all these channels were going to be snow filled screens but they were not so I now have all these additional channels along with channel five and the English channel four (we in Wales have S4C which is a Welsh version of channel four but all the best films and programmes are on at weird hours.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Ask Me A Question?

It was payday yesterday and with baited breath I opened my pay slip to discover that they had finally given me my pay rise and the back dated pay which they owed me so that came at the best time possible and I have already been in to town to pay off my bills and got another parking permit for six months this time. Talking about work Paul ( Sunday worker ) has handed in his notice and next Sunday will be his last. I canít say that this surprises me as he originally came to work part time for us in the linen department working 20 hours but soon went to Sundays only and go another job during the week so we had expected him to leave. The only thing that concerns me is that as staff are leaving or cutting back there hours there are no replacements coming along. The linen department has been run by the linen supervisor for months now and I am running the bedroom department with no dedicated help during the week. I really donít think Kelly will be around for too much longer, I have been keeping an eye on her sales and they are going down each week, in fact she only has 28 live invoices left on the system (An invoice has to be ďdeadĒ in order for the commission to be paid ) She is not stupid in fact I think I would do the same and wait for some of my larger orders to be dead filled before leaving - I donít think she will be around for Christmas.

Oh Christmas it is fast approaching and I got some Christmas cards today so think I will begin writing them tonight as otherwise I will leave it to late at this rate I can have them all written and stamped so all I need to do is post them come December.

Quiz last night and it was no surprise that we came last again, it is really annoying and if we were to take it seriously we would really look at who contributes what to the team and look at making some changes. I have been trying to convince Martin who is a friend from ASDA to come and join us as I know he would be good for music and movie questions, especially some of the older ones.

Big thanks to Ceri for commenting a few days back, you should all go and take a look at her site.

After watching the 100 scariest moments last weekend and disagreeing with most of it I have been thinking of conducting my own little survey, it would fit in well with my movie theme and the other movie related contents which are being planned, I will in time get the movie reviews completed.

I really need to do something with the navigation on this site as I donít think the current one is letting visitors know about the vast array of content on the site - any suggestions leave comments

Mystery Movie Game have I made this to difficult as no one has even attempted to guess which movie this image has been taken from!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Would you believe that a scene from The Shining has been voted the scariest of all time in a poll for channel four. You can take a look at the other ninety nine scariest movies and television scenes at this web site 100 scariest moments some of them are so stupid I could not believe that they were included, it was however interesting to find that eight of the top ten were all movies that were made in the seventies and eighties. (Maybe you donít need all these advanced computer generated images to create a scary film)

I started work today on the wrong foot as shortly after I arrived Liz (the manager ) informed me that Kelly had neglected customers on Sunday as she was too busy building up the new bed frames. Liz told her to stop but by this time all the customers who had been looking around the bed department had gone hence the department had not sold anything. That may seem a simple enough thing to say but when translated it comes out a little like this - ďKelly was kept so busy that she was unable to serve customers so why did you ask her to do so much on a Sunday when you know that this is one of the busiest days of the week?Ē
Why did I give Kelly so much to do, I donít really know maybe there is a part of me that wants to punish her in someway for not working during the week and missing out on all the dirty work, also I have to run the department single handed and donít have the time to do the little things such as cleaning and after she told me last week that she was not going to come to work every Sunday just to be a cleaner that I decided to give her something different to do. Not that she would have cleaned anyway, I still think that she is very crafty and everything she does has an alternative motive behind it, I would not be surprised if she purposely ignored the customers and then complained to Liz that I had given her loads of things to do!

Time is flying by so fast that it will be Christmas soon and that means Christmas card time again, not that I have taken down last years cards yet but I will have to try and make sure I get all of them written and posted on time this year along with letters to my international friends.

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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Pop Idol tonight has gone from the final twelve contests to ten and I was a little surprised at the two who was voted off tonight, with Kirsty and Leon being the two who received the least votes and having to leave. My reasons for being shocked about Kirsy going probably had more to do with her looks rather than talent and I thought she was pretty attractive. I really thought that she would have gone further in the competition; I did not think she would win; I have a gut instinct that honour will go to one of the ďBigĒ girls. Still Kirsty was in tears when the final result was announced and I have to admit that for a couple of seconds I felt smug, I know this odd as it is there dream of becoming famous and to see it snatched away at this stage but I could not help think that since the previous round when the judges said she was fantastic she may have thought that this was a Golden Ticket to the grand final.

Work was hectic yesterday and that of course meant we did not leave on time, I was slightly annoyed about this as I was responsible for opening and closing the shop as the manager was still off sick and the assistant manager is away for the weekend. With the discount event on the linens Becky also came in and she spent most of the day complaining that when ever the head of the linen department is off she is expected to work in the linen department, at times I really feel like telling her to shut up and remind her that she is getting paid the same amount as a department head but not doing the same amount of work. It was her reluctance to close one of the tills down early that eventually made us late leaving; I guess in future I should go with my own instincts.

Extra hour in bed this morning as the clocks went back last night, well early this morning which means that it will be getting darker earlier now a sure sign that winter is slowly creeping up on us. It was only on Wednesday that I went out and got some de-icer for the car and I will have to get a scraper for the window as I have already needed one, so sorting out my car in preparation for winter will be one of my jobs today.

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Friday, October 24, 2003

Another tiring day at work yesterday, in fact this week has been a struggle as most days there have only been three members of staff in due to holidays and sickness, so maybe that is why I am starting to feel that I am being spread to thinly and not concentrating as much as I should be on the bedroom department. It was only today that I got around to changing the prices on three beds, which we can no longer get and I have been meaning to do that since last week!

Voting is now over at the Crab-Shank Awards which is a shame as I spent all my time getting people to vote for me that I forgot to vote myself, oh well we shall see what the results are shortly.

I really must carry on with my life history, it seems as soon as I finish a section something else pops back in to my memory and then I have to find a way to fit it in.

The computers in the library are being worked on so will have to get going..
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Thursday, October 23, 2003

I knew I would be unable to resist getting the DVD box set of Indiana Jones and yesterday I went into town with the aim of getting it, I had been planning on getting it from WHSmiths as they had sent me a voucher to use with it so I would get more points - and we all know what points make? However after shopping around I found a better deal at MVC who were giving away an Indiana Jones music CD. ( Donít you just love the theme tune )

I sorted out some of my car things which have been in my mothers shed since my last car was written off over four years ago, back in those days the boot of the car would be packed with every sort of tool that you can imagine along with filler and rust eater, I even found an old syringe that came in handy for car maintenance but could I find the one thing that I had been looking for - my ice scraper not a chance so that is going to be something I add to my list of things to get. I did load the boot of the car with somethingís that can always come in handy such as jump leads and a tool box.

I went on yesterday about my old school and I was shocked to discover that it is the 25th anniversary of the phasing out of the old girls grammar school and the new comprehensive school created in 1978. There was an account from one girl who started school in the last year before it became a mixed school and she recounts how things changed and how strange it was as the new intake of mixed pupils arrived and that with each passing year as the sixth formers left so did a little part of what had been the old girls grammar school until she and her fellow year group, the last group of all girls who had travelled there way through school left in 1984 marking the end of an era. Of course it was a further five years before I first arrived at Queen Elizabeth Cambria school and began my journey. For the insanely bored amongst you I have more details of my time at Cambria here

Okay donít know why I get so sentimental at times I guess that is just one of my faults, another of my faults is not keeping on top of things and this site is one of them, I know I still donít have a guest book and maybe I should concentrate my efforts there instead of the other things I have been doing. Talking of which just to let you know the following are hidden away on the site

# Ask Me A Question?
# Mystery Movie Game

You can talk a look at those before going over to Crab-Shank Awards and hopefully voting for me (well it was worth a try anyway)

Should be back again tomorrow with more riveting news!!
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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Finally got a question script to work but alas no questions for me to answer yet, so be a good visitor and ask me a question there must be questions that you have always wanted to ask me and never had the chance? Plus it will give me something to do on these cold autumn nights.

It is funny how old memories can suddenly surface for no particular reason, donít know where it came from but I remembered a time when my car battery died late one night while I was still working for ASDA. The shop had closed and the bloke I had been locking up with had already gone home and I was unable to get back into the building, even if I had been able to I very much doubt that I would have been able to get help. I was standing out in the car park when a small Metro pulled up which was full of girls, who were all dressed up for a night out they wound down the window and it was then that they realised I was not the person they thought I was. I would not have blamed them for driving off but I heard one of the girls in the back suggest that they stay and help.
Of course they were not much help it was a cold night and their clothes were not really designed for that time of year! (I told them that there was not much they could do, I was not going to ask them to push the car so thanked them for stopping) I think since then I have always wanted to try and do the same thing and stop and offer help when I can - only had one opportunity to do that so far when a woman crashed her car into a hedge.

Donít forget that you can vote at Crab-Shank Awards you donít have to vote for me but it would be very nice if you did and it would mean I would have to work on an awards page!

Ever get that feeling that when you see someone that you have seen them somewhere before, at the library on Monday evening there was a girl on the computer next to me who was having problems with her computer and the library staff donít really know much so they asked if anyone knew how to open a certain file, so I kindly offered my assistance. I know I have seen her somewhere before and it is driving my nuts trying to remember. I am absolutely awful when it comes to this as I have the knack of remembering faces after only a glimpse, so most of the time when I see someone I recognise it is merely from passing them in the street or them coming into the shop.

Quiz last night and again we came last but what made me really mad is that we are normally a team of five, Andrew, Jane, Steven, Michael and myself, last night Michael was unable to come so that was our sports expert gone but what really shocked me is that Andrew deserted the rest of us and went to join another team. Okay the team he went to join was a team made up of four girls (I have mentioned before, they nearly always loose) so I can understand why he would rather have been with them but as Steven said we go to the quiz to meet up as friends, okay we may want to win but the main aim is to just meet up, so we were a little disappointed. People that know me well will know that I saw this defection as a challenge and I have to admit that my aim was to either draw with the main competition or beat them. It was a hard quiz and we were only beaten by Andrew and the girls by two points, I later found out the they had answered the first two questions which are anagrams correctly when we had not ( this is something that Andrew is good at ).

My old school had produced a small newspaper in conjunction with the local paper and for once I was not overly annoyed about reading it, in the past I have become annoyed as every issue the same faces and names appear and with a school of over 800 pupils I find it rather disturbing that every few months when the school gets to produce a six page paper that the same people are involved in producing and staring in it.     ...continue...
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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

There have been some great programmes on television lately, both have been history related with a drama about Henry VIII on Sunday and last night there was a programme about the last day at Pompeii, Truly wonderful and scary how they had made the programme about Pompeii with all the evidence collected made into a story and finally being tied into all the casts that were left of the dead. Both were interesting but then again I have always been interested in history so enjoyed them.
I finally found a paying in book so will be going to put that £50 reward for returning the stolen credit card into the bank tomorrow. I spoke to the customer who it seems has had his bed stolen yesterday and I really donít know what to make of it, I spoke to our head of security at head office and was told that the customer was trying it on and to inform him that as far as the company was concerned the bed had been collected by the customer - I have to admit that I think this is not good enough, we have an address given to us by the person who collected the bed (he also purchased a mattress) and this information could be passed on to either the original customer or to the police. I was right in guessing that Kelly would have no idea about what the customer looked like when I asked her about it on Sunday!

It was a mad day yesterday as there were only the three of us at work so it was all go and I was so glad when it was time for me to leave, of course today will be a hard day as I have to pack up a six foot bed and get it taken down stairs, not that hard except I have nothing to pack it with. Pup quiz tonight and I can only hope that we do a little better than last week so I will be scanning the newspaper today.

I would also like to remind everyone that voting has begun at Crab-Shank Awards
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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Has it only been two days since my last entry it feels like it has been a lot longer, so has anything exciting been happening over the last few days, well this is my life we are talking about and nothing really exciting ever happens so just the normal boring old post which may have some hidden gems!

It was a cloudless night on Friday and I took the opportunity to stare up at the night sky, which I do on rare occasions, really people should take the time to stop what they are doing and just look up or at the world around them makes the little problems we have seem to slip away. Without any cloud cover lately the days and nights certainly have been getting colder but at least it is not raining.

Saturday was full of fun at work, I did get a call off the area manager who told me that he had now sorted out my pay, not that I donít trust him but I think it would be prudent of me to contact head office to check that it has actually been done. I also got my phone back and as much as I may believe that I am important and missed loads of calls there was only one missed call and that was when work tried to phone me on Wednesday to let me know that the regional manager was due on Thursday. Talking of phone calls I got one off a customer yesterday asking me when his bed was going to be delivered Ė not a strange question you may think, except for the fact that someone claiming to be him has already collected the bed!

There is of course a lot more to this story than a missing bed as about two weeks ago a couple came up to me and asked me about having a bed off the shop floor, I was unable to help them but another shop was selling there display model off and the bloke was willing to travel the 200 miles to get the bed, I told him to pay at the store when he got there and thought nothing more about it. A couple of days later the assistant manager gives me a hard time about sending one of our customers to another store to collect a bed, it seems that the bloke had not been honest with me and had already ordered the same bed with us a couple of weeks ago. The other store gave him the bed as he had the correct paperwork from our store; we cancelled the order with the manufactures and were surprised when the customer called to inquire as to when he would have his bed delivered. I informed the customer that the bed had already been collected and once he told me that he did not have it I simply told him that this was a matter for the police and I would be informing them to investigate. I was not in when he originally ordered the goods so I will be asking Kelly today but she is so hopeless when it comes to problems that she will simply answer that she canít remember (which seems to be her standard reply for any problems which she causes). Of course at first it will be reported to our head of security at head office and it will be up to him to investigate. It is either the customer trying to pull a fast one and get two beds

Indiana Jones DVD is released over here tomorrow and I really should not spend any more money this month, especially after the cost of getting my brakes and tyres done but I know that I will not be able to resist and I do have some sort of voucher around her that will save me some money.

Voting has started at Crab-Shank Awards I could plead with all the visitors to this site to go and vote for me but I am not going to do that as I have no really hope of actually wining any of the categories so if you like the site and would like to vote please feel free to do so.
Talking of awards I have applied for the 500 members plus award for the C.S.I Fanlisting which I run, at least that is one I am almost certain to get

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Friday, October 17, 2003

The rest of my Wednesday went well, even through I did not get the opportunity to get on the computer at my mothers so the updates I have done to a few of the pages will have to wait until Sunday. I have still not had my mobile phone returned and I hope that I will get it when I go into work today as the assistant manager of the Bridgend store was going to be dropping it off at the Swansea store where the manager of Carmarthen was going to call in on her way to work to collect it. Yesterday at work we had a visit off the regional manager, it was not a total surprise as the area manager had contacted the store just before we closed on Wednesday to let us know, which of course meant that Kevin the assistant manager decided to stay and make sure the store was up to standard - like me the manager is off on Wednesdays and I noticed the store was still lit up two hours after it should have closed and I do think that Kevin plays the martyr at times. The visit seemed to go well, I turned up about half and hour earlier than normal and the regional manager was already there, as usual he tried to catch us out with our sales figures but otherwise everything went well.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Pub quiz was a total disaster last night as we came third, and there were only three teams playing, I really donít know what has happened to the quiz it must be over a year that I have been going now and in that time the number of teams fluctuates on a weekly basis. The students who used to come last have not been for a couple of weeks now but last night there was a new team who had been having a meal before the quiz started and decided to stay for the quiz, they came in second place. When I first went upstairs to where the quiz is held I was surprised to see about twenty young women, unfortunately most of them left and there was only one of the women that I recognised but I am not sure where I recognise them from.

A few weeks back I would have posted about me having to keep a credit card from a customer and send it back to the bank, well I had been told that I would be rewarded for this and had half expected to never get anything but the other day a cheque for £50 turns up at work for me so I need to find a paying in book to pay the money into one of my bank accounts. Can you believe I have five accounts for easy access to my money but canít find a means to pay any money into them, so I will have to search my room later.

May have forgotten to mention that my mother is back from Spain and after some discussions they decided that that my cousin would have to go and live somewhere else and as it turned out the people responsible for finding her somewhere to live had not done there jobs so she has gone back to live with her mother, which really annoys me as she managed to wangle a free holiday out of all this business and is back where she was before.

Did a quick calculation this morning of how much commission Kelly still has tied up at work and the sales she still has on the system comes out at close to £35,000 so I would not be surprised to find that she waits until this figure is a lot lower before leaving Ė if that is what she is planning on doing. (I will of course be keeping an eye on the level of her sales; they should drop anyway as she only works Sundays). The total value of my sales on the system come out at around £18,000, the main reason for this is that most of my sales are beds and bedroom furniture which we tend to keep in stock so they get delivered quicker, therefore are not on the system as long as leather suites which can take up to twelve weeks to deliver.

I have not had the time to do much more work on the web site since last week and have some things on disk, which need to be uploaded, mostly I have been working on the contents adding new things and changing the layout.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I had hoped to post on Sunday but I had very limited time on the computer at my mothers on Sunday and most of that time was spent checking my emails and adding members to the C.S.I. Fanlisting. Yesterday I had been told to go to the Bridgend store to help them out as they were understaffed, I should have guessed that it would not have been that easy and as soon as I turned up and saw the others in casual clothes I knew that I would be lifting and carrying and not selling so rather annoyed about that, especially as the big bosses are looking at the level of sales for each sales person. Yes and guess who left his mobile phone at the Bridgend store? Well I am not going to travel another 100 miles just to get it they will have to pull there finger out and get my travelling expenses sent to me along with my phone sooner rather than later.

After all the hassle at the last payday, with my pay rise not being paid and all the trouble I went to by sending a new change of status form to head office by registered delivery was pointless. I have spoken to payroll and they told me that once they got the form they would have sent it to the area manager as he had not signed it, so we are back to step one with the area manager having to sort it out, just as he should have back in April, May, June, July, August and September. I know that I will not get the correct pay this month as the cut off date for the pay roll is Friday and they would need a few days to get everything worked out and the area manager will not contact the personal department until Thursday, so if I am lucky I will get my pay and any back dated pay at the end of November - but I am not holding my breath.

Kelly did turn up at work yesterday but I really donít know why she bothered as I found the sheet of paper with a list of jobs I had left for her to do screwed up and thrown in the bin, not a very long list, just asked her to vacuum and if she had finished a job I had given her while I was on holiday. Nothing had been done but I did notice that the level of her sales was considerably low and more importantly the types of things that she sold are what I would class as quickly delivered items so maybe she is waiting for as many of her previous sales to be delivered so that she can get the commission before she leaves. (Well I think most people would)

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Friday, October 10, 2003

At the moment I feel as if I am drowning in a sea of sadness, I can see the shore and know that it is an easy swim to the safety of the shore where I can then carry on lifeís journey - I may be wet for a little while but over time I will dry out. That is what I should do but at the moment I seem to be treading water and hoping that some other solution will present itself.
Never very good when the start of my entry is full of metaphors and weird ones at that but that is how I feel at the moment. I am back home after staying at my mothers on Wednesday to look after my brothers, which is why I was on the internet on Wednesday evening and managed to have a chat with Christy so go and take a look at her site, also I should thank Karl for answering a question I had about databases, thanks to him I had the nerve to install an ask and answer script which works but I still have a little work to do on it. Biggest news is that Mystery Movie Game is now back online after what seems ages so it will be interesting to see who gets it correct first!

Talking of movies I watched Black Beauty last night and I think that is such a good film and every time I watch it I always get a tear in my eye,(who am I kidding I was crying like a baby) a sad film but a great film all the same. Working late tonight so will not be online again until Sunday so please feel free to explore the site and see if you can find places I have forgotten about you may also wish to join the fanlisting for C.S.I. television show, which is another of my projects which I am currently working on, improving with more related contents.
I have not forgotten about my local site that will eventually be moved to the domain as soon as I have the information brought up to date.

Well hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Last night I managed to get my meal of steak at the pub before the quiz started and it was very nice, my spirits did dampen when a team which has not attended the quiz for a couple of months turned up as they have nearly always won the quiz on the occasions they have turned up, in fact the quiz master has told us that he does not like them to win as turnout for the quiz seems to dwindle when they are there as other teams lose any hope of winning they may have had. There were only the four teams last night and I am ashamed to say that we crawled in at last place but I should not be too down hearted as the winning team only had 39 points (and was not the team everyone was expecting to win) and we had 36 points with the two remaining teams both having 38 - although I do suspect that the ďnormalĒ winners may have cheated.

I spoke about one of my Australian friend yesterday and after talking to my friends at the quiz I decided that the easiest way to discover if anything tragic had happened would be to phone, I have her mobile phone number so I gave it a try to only get an answer phone message, on my second attempt this morning I did get to speak to her if only briefly at least I know that she is still alive but before I could really speak to her my phone cut out and when I tried again an hour later there was no reply, never mind now I know it works I can phone again.

Some of you may wonder why I bother but a friend is for life not just for Christmas!

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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Rather a cryptic entry yesterday and I am afraid I canít go into great detail at this time but basically I was given some news yesterday which could see my work situation change, I say could but in reality my work situation will change to some extent. The saving grace is that any changes will not be implemented until next year.

The wind had been taken from my sails after hearing that news but it did stop me complaining about how little Kelly had done during the two weeks I had been off and even now I am wondering if it is worth having a word with her about it now that she will only be working Sundays as it is unlikely she will have the time to do any of the every day work such as cleaning. Already there was a note for me to contact a supplier to check that an order had been received, she had also mentioned that she would be unable to do it, as she would only be working Sundays from now on. (I found this very odd; I canít really explain why maybe it was the way she just casually noted it down) Started ploughing through all the ďproblemsĒ which had been left for me and that is something that really riles me as I am sure most of the problems could have been dealt with by other members of staff in the store except I get the impression that they left it for me as part of there silly mind games that they play.

Someone had also messed with the air conditioning up stairs so that was no longer working, and they wonder why I am the only person who ever touches the controls for the heating/air conditioning when something needs to be changed - I got it working again.

Okay enough about work, I spend most of my time there but other things do go on in my life. Such as my mother returning from Spain and I get a lovely bottle of Brandy (okay it may only be small but at least I will be able to keep warn on the fast approaching winter nights) Last night I visited one of my friends who had just moved into his new house, I know he visits the site and I am not in a position to criticise his new house after all I live in just one room but from my quick visit I thought that the house needed a lot of work and am not sure just how good a deal he got.

Talking of friends I am concerned about one of my Australian friends, who seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth. I have tried emailing; texting and have even posted a letter and still no reply. Maybe I care too much as I am sure many people would have made friends online to have lost contact with them as quickly as you made the friendship in the first place but I would have hoped that anyone who did not want to keep in contact would at least let you know - I am imaging all sorts of things at the moment.

Song : Return To Sender By Elvis

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Monday, October 06, 2003

Work really was as bad as I had expected it to be and I learnt something that could affect my future but I can't talk about it here at the moment as what I know is not generally known and for the time being it is better kept that way.
Not much time at the moment so I will post a little more tomorrow morning before work.
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Sunday, October 05, 2003

I left rather quickly yesterday as my stepfather came home and ate glass! You may wonder why anyone would purposely eat glass and it is rather a long and silly story to quickly recap yesterday when I was looking after my brothers one of them broke a bottle of tomato sauce, when it came to clearing away I looked for something to scoop up the excess sauce from the floor before mopping the floor, foolishly maybe I used a plastic plate to do this and when I had finished I put the plate on to the work surface and cleaned the floor. When my stepfather came home he immediately started eating the left over food (he is like a human vacuum cleaner) on the plates and had used some bread to mop up the sauce on the plate and of course contained traces of glass! He went nuts and started panicking and I think it was only because he needed my help today that he did not have a go at me, however if he was not so greedy it would never have happened.

I did decide to go out last night, as I could not remember the last time I was out on the town and met up with the rest of them in the Coracle, which also happens to be the venue for the pub quiz on a Tuesday and we were quite a big group with ten of us and I have to admit that there did not seem to be many women that stood out from the crowd but that could be the club that we went to but I had a good time even if I did not get home until after three this morning.

I am not really looking forward to returning to work but that is nothing new as two weeks is a long time and so much can happen so no doubt tomorrow will be a day full of joy. On the other hand I do want to get back as I have been so bored that is will be something to do!

Mystery Movie Game is back online.

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Saturday, October 04, 2003

Took my car back at midday yesterday only to have to wait nearly an hour before they even took a look at it and it turned out that there was indeed a problem with the back brakes so some components needed to be changed so I left the car there and went about my business, I return a couple of hours later to be told that there was a problem with not just one but both of the back tyres and that they would need to be replaced so that was even more expense, so quite an expensive day yesterday. (The tyres that needed to be replaced had only been put on the car when I got it, and it looks like reject tyres had been used, otherwise it was the garage yesterday who wanted to fleece me for a little more money) Of course this happening has made it even more essential that I get the correct pay next month!

Today I have been looking after my brothers again and washed the car first thing this morning before spending the rest of the day on the computer working on the site and with any luck the Mystery Movie Game will finally be back online in the next couple of days.
A few people are going out on the town tonight and even through I have said I will go I am not sure if I really want to, I could come up with a list of excuses as to why I canít go but I know if I use them it will be ages before I get another chance to go out so more than likely I will make it even if it is just for a few drinks.

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Friday, October 03, 2003

My holiday is nearly over and I was relieved to find out that I was back in work on Monday and not any earlier as the area manager will be visiting the store tomorrow and teaching the staff how to sell - yes sales have been that bad, or maybe more importantly the conversion rate of customers who purchase the extended warrantee is low and although we are not as bad as the big electrical companies when it comes to warrantees I feel that it is getting that way. (They would rather you sell the warrantee rather than the goods)

I really will need to get an early night before I go back to work as I am finding it very hard to get up in the morning, this has not been helped by the fact that I have been up play stupid games on my computer and yesterday I slept an extra two hours more than I had planned which meant it was a rush to visit my grandparents down in Pembroke Dock and spent the afternoon there where I heard a few stories about the family which I had not heard before so it was a good day and got even better when I called up my mothers later that night to be given money for looking after my brothers on Wednesday, I do feel a little guilty about taking the money as all I did when I was there was use the computer and work on the internet - I did wash up as well!

Today I was up early to take my car to a local garage to have a free brake check as my hand brake does not hold as it should and that is why I am here now, I get to the garage and they tell me that the car needs to be booked in for the check at least 24 hours beforehand. It was at this stage that I was about to explode and tell them that this was the third visit I had made the first being on Tuesday when I was told that they were busy and to bring it back after 2pm on Wednesday which I did and was then told they were still busy and to bring it in early this morning, nothing was said about having to book it in but then again are they going to go to all the trouble of that for a free brake check?

I was told to take it back at 12pm today so will be going as soon as I finish this entry, talking of cars the Friday Five questions are vehicle related!

1. What vehicle do you drive?
I drive a Ford Escort
2. How long have you had it?
I have had this car for five months after a gap of almost four years since my last car was involved in an accident.
3. What is the coolest feature on your vehicle?
The car talks to me
4. What is the most annoying thing about your vehicle?
Very awkward to do certain maintenance jobs myself as this would involve a lot of unnecessary work, such as removing the air intake manifold to change the spark plugs.
5. If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now?
I think I would be driving something like the car from the James Bond film, the DB7; of course it would have to have the same features as in the film!

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Did not get off to a good start at the quiz last night as they were out of the steak which I had wanted for my meal but the sweet and sour chicken was not that bad, there were eight of us last night and not many teams so I thought that our chances were very good Ė at least until the end of the first round when the team we were marking managed to get 19 out of the 20 questions correct, was the fact that one of the bar maids was on there team (had she seen the questions beforehand?)
We managed a pitiful 17 and went into the final round not expecting to win so it came as a total shock when we were announced the winners with a score of 40, it seems that the team that had done so well in the first round lost some of there team members and I am guessing that these were the intelligent people, so another meal next week.

You may have noticed the slight change with the website I have changed the movie on show to Back To The Future which is a great film I have also been playing around with the sidebar and the main difference there is that certain things have been moved or deleted. I decided that I do not really need to earn any money back from visitors to my site clicking links and those pop up ads really annoy me on other sites and I donít want this site going that way. I have also had the opportunity to surf the net and visit other sites, something I really donít do enough off and I still have plenty to do here such as getting a guest book which I am sure will come in time.

Bored you all yesterday with my game playing so if you want more of the same see the extended section!!

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