Respect for property

Rather annoyingly I went to my car on Tuesday morning to discover that some swine had stolen my car aerial. It is something that I have worried about happening in the past but as it is a screw on aerial there is not a great deal I can do about it and removing it every time would be to much hassle.

Anyway I drove to work with the intermittent radio signal and wondered how I was going to replace the aerial. I am sure that whoever took it had a similar car and needed a replacement rather than it just being some random incident.

Leaving work I notice that the passenger door on my car has been hit, I know it happened in the work car park as I had checked around the car earlier when I had noticed the aerial had gone. Spoke to security and the cameras don’t cover that section of the car park and the next day I did rather hope that I would get an email from the person who had damaged my car. No email but as the parking spaces are allocated to people I have been able to get the names of the people who had use of the space – I have been trying to see the same car parked so that I can check if for damage before confronting them.

However knowing my luck the car that hit mine would have been cleaned and any trace of my paint work removed by now. I think what makes it worse is the fact that when they hit my car they got out and inspected the damage to my car (I can tell as they had wiped the door)

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