Fanlisting Clearup

I had an email a few weeks ago (back in February) informing me that one of the fanlists I had signed up to had moved to a different address, so with a little spare time I figured I had better update the link before it got forgotten about.

While I was doing this I also checked the other links I had on the fanlistings page and needless to say there was quite a bit of clearing up to do – amazed to discover that some of the fanlists I had joined simply no longer exist. Those dead links were removed and those that had changed were updated. It came as no surprise that some of these sites had moved over two years ago so shows how little interest they have in updating members or of me visiting.

Saying that I run two fanlistings myself both for television shows, they being for the original CSI and the long cancelled Quantum Leap both were taken over by others who had simply lost interest or lacked the time to maintain them. Combined both these sites have over 6000 members but if I decided to delete both these sites I doubt anyone would notice as over the past few months the numbers of people joining have dwindled which is to be expected with fans of a show and with the much more widely used social websites that are available today the programme makers can very easily set up and maintain a presence online that can be interactive for fans. (An example can be see at CSI on Facebook)

I really do need to do some updating on the site!!

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