Olympic Torch, Snowdon and Birthday

Since my last post the Olympic Torch has passed through Carmarthen on its tour around the United Kingdom. Have to admit I was at the start point when it came to Carmarthen as the Community Council had put up a banner and bunting to welcome the flame.

It was a lovely morning but for all the build up for it to be over so quickly was a little disappointing add to that the fact that no one seemed to officially know where the relay was going to start so I was unable to get any good photos.

As I was off work due to annual leave I decided to venture once more up to the highest point in England and Wales – Mount Snowdon. After spending my birthday last year walking up and down that mountain I thought I would return, I did however cheat and took the train to the summit!!

Using the train to get to the summit meant that I had a limited time frame at the summit to take photos but with all the people racing to the highest point for photos and to admire the view. I was lucky that it was clear blue skies on the summit for the photos that I took.

The summit was a little busier due to the fact the BBC were doing a live report from the summit as the Olympic Flame had been taken to the summit by Sir Chris Bonington, honestly I have not been following the Olympic Flame around the country.

Spent the night in Caernarfon and enjoyed the castle the next day before making the return journey home – stopping en route at Beddgelert a legend I have known for years but have never had he opportunity to visit the grave.

Yes I was lucky enough to be able to hold one of the Olympic Torches when I visited Snowdon and even got my photo taken.

All that took place before my 34th birthday on the 3rd June, which was spent at a slower speed watching Prometheus at the cinema – have to admit that as you would expect the special effects were fantastic but I just found the film somewhat lacking.

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