Merry Christmas 2012

I had written an entry on Christmas Day but due to technical problems it was lost, I have done some cleaning of the database files and can finally post again.

Christmas Day came and passed in a flash, something not helped by the fact that I did not wake up until gone midday and immediately had to start preparing dinner. I had hoped to go to the Christmas Day service at the local church but had completely missed that due to oversleeping but had managed to go to a midnight mass service the night before – which might explain why I had overslept.
With all the cooking I was able to sit down for my starter just before 5pm and in the end I had opted for that old favourite – prawn cocktail. Followed shortly afterwards with Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

I had asked for practical presents as I am very difficult to buy for and did not want more junk that would take up space, so got a few DVD’s and blue-rays, loads of the traditional deodorant gift sets so should not need to buy any for a good few months. I really will have to get my gifts together so that I can take the customary photo.

Since my last update I am happy to say that with the help of a good friend I have gotten rid of the old television, microwave and some other small surplus electrical items that have been cluttering up my room for way too long. I am hoping that this will be a turning point in my hoarder mentality as I actually “allowed” my friend to take a load of my old videos to dispose of and will be finding more that will go to the same place. Some of my family tree computer disks have been copied on to a hard drive so I can get rid of the physical cd’s. It has freed up some space and the magazine no long issue the cover cd’s but the information can be downloaded so that will ensure that they can never build up again.

I have also looked with a more analytical eye and what else I could do to make better use of the space that I have available to me and hope to be a lot more proactive with my approach to keeping order in my living space going forward a major challenge will be for me to not be as sentimental towards things as that is leading to a lot of clutter.
Merry Christmas – Nadolig Llawen

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