Council Tax

About this time of year people will start getting letters informing them of how much council tax they need to pay for the next year. These bills as they are normally broken down into a number of sections informing you were the money is going that makes up the total for the year.

Here we have it broken down into three sections, the local authority takes the largest share, the community or parish council and the police authority.

I had a little part in the decision making process when it came to setting the local precept here as a community councillor, basically the community council finance committee had a report which detailed how much money they needed for the coming year. As councillors we were given three options and went for the largest increase.

However it was mentioned at the last meeting that we had one of the lowest rates for a band D property with it being about £35 a year!

This seems really good but I start asking myself what exactly are we spending our £37,000 a year on?

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