Christmas Excesses

I am blaming Christmas for the excessive amount I have spent on my credit card but looking back at my statements online it would appear that I began to lose control of the credit card in April 2012 when I spent a fair amount during the month and did not pay it all off as usual. I know that I went to Warminster around this time and some of the spending was associated with that trip. Looking at May things were getting back on track but in June there was a massive spend (again looks like I was away in North Wales)

Since then it would appear that I have been spending more than I have been paying off at the end of the month which is why I has built up in the way it has.

Looks like this will be my first priority of 2013, without using saving reserves I would estimate that the debt should be cleared by May 2013, maybe a little quicker if I can make savings in others areas.

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