Music Magpie and De-cluttering

How odd two entries from me in the same day! As part of me moving I have had to seriously consider de-cluttering – something I have mentioned on here many times before and after packing over 500 dvds I thought I would weed out those dvds I no longer want. It did not take me long to get about 100 together and did consider doing a car boot sale with all the stuff I wanted to get rid of but realised that it would be quicker to get rid of things in bulk. I decided to try out Musicmagpie so downloaded an “App” for my phone which scans the bar codes on the dvds and gives a value straight away.

Not wanting to send things away I did go to a local cash-converters store but they would only pay £0.10 per dvd regardless of what the dvd was, so got rid of about 30 dvd’s here as I could not face taking them back home.

I had also boxed up about £17 worth of dvds (about 18 in total) to see how much luck I have with Musicmagpie I do like the terms and conditions regarding condition of the dvds as I feel it is open to abuse as if it does not pass the quality check they keep the item and you don’t get paid for it.

My book collection is also being reduced but I don’t seem to be having much luck with selling them so have given a box away and am likely to get rid of more in the same way.

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