The Fanlistings – The End

For some time nightmare-relm has been home to two Fanlistings CSI and Quantum Leap they have both been here for a number of years and last year the Quantum Leap one was removed from the Fanlisting Network as it had not been updated for over three months – I was not overly concerned as no new members had joined for quite some time and the same can be said for the CSI Fanlisting. The internet has changed a great deal over the years as does how people use the internet – why have a list of people who like a particular subject when a facebook page can be more interactive.

Last week I got an email from The Fanlistings Network advising me that I had not updated the CSI Fanlisting for over two months and that I needed to correct the problem and reply to the email (jump through some hoops) I made the decision at that time to update the fanlisting but not to reply to the email.

I checked my emails today and the fanlisting has been removed and to be quite honest with you I am relieved and truth be told I did like CSI at one point in time but I stopped buying the DVD’s after season 4 and stopped watching the show. People change as do their interests, as I have already mentioned no new member has joined for quite a few months and with a membership of 6162 I have no way of knowing how many are still active but it has been great over the years and has in a way helped to support the website (via advertising) and monies gained from advertisers who have wanted to target these 6000 people have paid for me to go on holiday etc – of course that all dried up years ago.

So the CSI fanlisting will eventually be taken down as it will serve no useful purpose the episode guides are old and can be found in much more detail elsewhere. The list of fans is a drain on my resources (database) and I no longer watch the show – I do believe that the original series is due to end shortly anyway so looks like a good time to call it quits!

Thank you CSI Fanlisting for giving me something to work on all those years ago.

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