A quite weekend

Was it really two weeks ago since my last post, well I did indeed take a look at the outstanding items on my 101 list and took a look at the things that were achievable over the next couple of months. For far too long I have been wasting my time when I could be out and about crossing things off my list.

I also discovered that some of the items on the list I had already completed but I have never actually updated them so that is something I am currently working on. I also “helped” one of my friends who I felt was become a little despondent and getting stuck in a rut, hopefully the ideas that he came up with and the focus he will now have on achieving them will be a positive thing.

This week is also the last week that I will have a day off work on a Thursday, I have to admit that that I quite liked having a break during the week as you can do so much more than on the weekends, I tended to visit my grandparents or friends. It does however mean that my whole Saturday is free now and that is one of the reasons I’ve been looking at how to fill my weekends and not just let them drift into the past.

Today is a good example, with the sun shining I have spent most of the day inside this is because I have a routine and it is the same every Sunday – I sleep later than normal then either watch a film/tv while cleaning then its off food shopping then up to my mothers for dinner I’ll go home and iron some shirts and watch tv.

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