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Just over five years ago I started my new job, when I started there were a few other people who had started at the same time, I would say I was friendly with at least four of them. After our induction we were sent to our various teams and would meet for breaks and lunch with at least two of my fellow new colleagues. A few weeks after starting there was a promotion exercise and a few of the new friends I had made were considering applying as the job was on a fixed term contract. I was happy to stay in the current job and learn the ropes before thinking of advancing – however I was physically given an application form and completed it.

Now the story of how I nearly missed out on getting that promotion due to my involvement with a certain carnival is something that not many people would know and thinking back potentially very silly of me.

Anyway I got the promotion and went off for extensive training for my new role with new people and sort of lost touch with those people that I had originally started with, I would pass them in the corridors but found that I did not have a great deal to talk to them about any more – originally we were all new and I suppose that is what we had in common and being honest it was easier to interact with my new colleagues.

I have heard through the office grapevine that one of the people I originally started with has now left the office along with some others of the same grade after taking an early release package. I do feel bad that I did not get the chance to wish him well for the future and am hoping that the other person who I started with has not gone.

Last week I noticed that the local B&Q (DIY store) store had rather cheekily in my view stuck up a banner on the fence what would have been a competitor store, the now closed down Focus store. I was going to take a photo but being in a rush I did not get the chance only to discover a few days later that the sign has been removed. Now I can’t imagine Carmarthenshire Council doing it so can only guess it was a former employer who took offence (and the sign!)

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