Busy Doing Nothing…

I should apologise about all the gobbledygook that has been effecting the site for the last few days this was due to an update on one of the systems I use and meant that some of the coding used needed to be changed, there are still problems with my contents.

Anyway this is my second “Official” Saturday not working and again it is starting to feel like a wasted opportunity. Last week I visited a local church and later on also took some photos of the another graveyard. I had planned on going to a carnival in Kidwelly but apathy set in and even though it was not a wasted day as my photos of the graveyard have proved valuable.

Today I had planned to have a walk around town, even though I really can’t stand having to walk around shops- I decided not to waste my time with town.
I was then going to go and do a little research and with the weather being okay I had no excuse, I did visit the location I wanted to but not wanting to get arrested for trespass I was unable to actually do what I wanted. Drove home via some country lanes and got itchy eyes as a reward!!

Now tonight I an toying with the idea of going to see Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows pt2, one of my friends had asked if they could see it with me but they don’t plan on seeing it until the start of August and I’m not sure I could wait that long.

Think I will see it tonight and will go and see it again with my friend next month – only problem I have now is do I admit to already seeing it?

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