I have decided to officially end my 1001 Project three years after it should have ended and it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Okay a few things I saw a programme on television a few days ago (Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder) and it was someone in work who mentioned that the bloke (Richard Wallace) kept newspapers as he wanted to keep a keep a digital record of events – this is something that I do but at the moment I scan what I think might be useful and recycle the rest of the paper. I’ve known for some time that I am a hoarder and don’t like to throw things out that might be useful or hold some sort of sentimental memory for me and watching the programme scared me, as all it would take is for me to slow down on the scanning element for the papers to build up!!

How do you decide if something you have is trash and should be gotten rid of or kept – I have a load of card craft magazines all stored just in case I need to refer to them at some future date. It is only now once I have typed that do I realise that I have not needed to look at them over the last twelve months. I have a vast collection of VHS videos that for years I have been storing and it is only recently that I have decided to get rid of them but even this is being doing in a slow and ordered pace.

Today I have started to empty the shed at my mothers, as she wants all my books gone so she can reclaim her shed – looking at some of the things I’ve already taken out the majority of stuff will end up in the bin as it has been destroyed by damp and my brothers.

A few weeks ago someone in work asked the question – How does someone know if they are having a breakdown?

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