Christmas Ties

Today I went out to get a Christmas tie, I never knew it would be so much trouble to find one in Carmarthen. I tried both BHS (I asked here and they had no idea what I was talking about and finally pointed me in the direction of the normal ties) and Marks & Spencer with no luck and even a visit to the numerous budget stores like B&M and Poundland proved to fruitless.

Eventually got one from Debenhams who were having yet another special EVENT the prices have been the same for the last few weeks regardless of any special offer they appear to be promoting.

Got some drinks (soft) for a work buffet we’re having this week, still not sure how much would be needed for the twelve of us and it somehow feels wrong that I have bought the premium brands even though I normally get the budget brands for my own consumption.

I did manage to get the the clothes recycling bank yesterday and have unloaded all the clothes from my car and spent a little time last night going through my wardrobe and clearing that out.

Well home now for my lamb stew, which has been in the slow cooker for the last few hours and iron my shirts for the week ahead

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