Hark The Return…

Well since my last entry I have completed a great deal of my Christmas shopping, rather alarmingly this has to be one of the only years that I have not made a list or budget for presents. I have asked family what they want and have gone out and bought them – think it is much easier to get what someone actually wants or needs.

I still need to get a few things and am awaiting a few deliveries but the fun will be when it comes to wrapping them all up, luckily I still have wrapping paper left over from last year.

In other news December is looking like it will be a busy month, with work Christmas dinner and the work night out it is probably a good thing that I am not looking at what I am spending.

Been busy over the last few weeks having a clear out at home, I have a load of old clothes that I have had to admit I will never fit into again and have these bagged up to go to clothes recycling and took a bag of new things (yes still with the labels on) to a local charity shop.

Also decided that my VHS collection needs to go, I had originally hoped to replace each video with the DVD but since joining the amount of DVD’s I buy has gone down considerably with me only really buying a few DVD’s in the January sales.

So far I must have gotten rid of about 20 videos and the majority of these were ones I was “forced” to remove from my mothers house a few months ago that have been sitting in a bag in the corner for the last few months!!

However all this space I appear to be creating will be filled when I move more of my things from my mothers shed – my collection of Doctor Who videos and books, and old school books.

Will have to remember to remove my old microwave to my car so that I can take it to the tip at some point, that is something else that has been sitting in the corner for nearly a year.

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