Year End

We arrive at the end of another year and in the past I would normally do some sort of digest of what I had been up to over the past twelve months. I know that I have not really devoted the amount of time to this site that I used to and even when I did post some sort of update it felt half hearted.

As with every other year that has gone before, 2011 came and went and I cannot think of anything that I’ve done that is of note – I don’t mean that to come across as being negative and I’m sure if I really thought about it I have not just sat in front of a computer screen for the last twelve months.

I spent my 33rd birthday getting up at the crack of dawn and driving three and a half hours to North Wales where I climbed the highest mountain in England and Wales – Mount Snowdon. I do regret that another year has passed and I’ve still not managed to make to New York or Australia, both destinations that I wanted to visit for as long as I’ve been online.

As my last entry stated I have finally called it a day with my “101 things in 1001 days” project three years after it should have ended and while looking at some of the items that I had not accomplished I was surprised to find that some were relatively straight forward with no real excuse for them not being completed.

2011 saw my family tree research slow down considerable, maybe because over the last few years I have spent loads of time building the tree and to extend on this means having to visit record offices and spending time looking through church baptism and marriage records – this would involve a trip to Warminster and an overnight stay to make the most of it.

I have however already restarted work on my research by ordering a birth and marriage certificate, so at the moment waiting for them to arrive from the General Records Office.

I have however been keeping my research skills honed by working on a new project, in fact I’ve spent the last year and a half working on it and will eventually reveal all!
I’m generally happy with how I’ve been managing my finances over the last twelve months and having cancelled my Lovefilm membership yesterday I’m looking forward to being able to find another use for the £13.27 a month subscription. Anyway over the last twelve months interest earned from the majority of my accounts amounted to £88.97 an improvement on the £55.65 I earned in 2010.

I am not sure yet it I will come up with a list of goals for 2012 but have already said I will volunteer a few hours every week to help a local charity – so will see how that goes.

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