Fingers in pies?

Has it really been three months since I last added an entry to the site – yes actually last post was 25th May 2013!!

I’m being kept busy and maybe this time I can say that and actually mean it rather than me just being too busy (lethargic) to post anything. I am as always being kept busy with work but now feel that I have more interests outside of work which are utilising the time when I am not in work. I am still doing my litter picks in Llangunnor and have also started helping out with clearing the church graveyard, have to admit that I am interested in the history of the church so this is also helping me with a research project I am currently working on.

Speaking of my litter picking the local council PR department emailed me a few weeks ago regarding doing a press release about my work, something I was happy to do as it will help to promote my work in keeping Llangunnor tidy and hopefully it will get more people wanting to become involved.

The community council is moving forward for its plans with the park and was surprised that they got some repairs done to the wooden hut in the local park – I am currently looking to see if I can fund some new planks to replace the ones that have been vandalised. Meetings are still ongoing regarding further developments in the park.

The Community Council has also co-opted a new member, two people had shown an interest in the position however one candidate had the majority of votes from Councillors the new Councillor has some experience with web design and we have already discussed ideas regarding the new council website. In fact I have built a dummy site offline so that I was able to go to the meeting with a concept idea of what the site could look like.

I do hope that I am not spreading myself too thinly with too many fingers in too many pies!

Well that’s enough for tonight got early morning appointment at the church.

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