Domain 10 Year Anniversary

Wow, was taking a look through some of the old pages on the site and noticed that the domain turned 10 last month. I find it hard to believe that in August 2003 I registered the domain and launched my own “proper” site. It would be nice to say that I have developed the site over the years but don’t think that has actually happened as the layout has remained the same over the last ten years with over very little tweaks being actioned – in fact the last change was back in 2005.

I do however feel that I have developed in some way and have many other web based projects that I have created over the years and have learnt many new skills. It is really interesting to look back at this old stuff and see what I felt was important, gosh looking at the sub section about myself is fun and really does need to be updated but I loathe deleting anything – maybe the historian in me does not want to see this time of my life vanish.

The Internet certainly has changed over the last ten years and how people are using the internet has changed, I have noticed the move from personal sites to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Will Nightmare-relm be here in another ten years – I would hope so.

1 thought on “Domain 10 Year Anniversary

  1. Hi,

    You don’t know me (yet…) but I found your blog through a comment you left on one of Jem’s entries over at Jemjabella.

    I don’t really know how to word this comment so please bear with me, I am trying to make it sound as least weird as is humanely possibly, but having difficulty with that (seems a recurring theme in my life!).

    Just that your website has brought up a lot of memories from when I used to blog many moons ago and had my own personal site — haven’t had one or blogged since 2008, but in many ways, it feels like a lifetime ago, not just 5 years/half a decade. Seeing your website is sort of like a time machine — but not in a bad way — in a lovely, sweet comforting way.

    Please don’t give it some big modern overhaul. That is bland, boring, and in the end, it is a personal website; it SHOULD show your personality and style rather than follow web design trends or what’s hot right now.

    And I think you should continue to renew it because ten years is a long time, and I imagine if you get to 15 or 20 years, it will be amazing to have all this to look back on. Wish I still had that sort of thing now and again! But back then I was a teenager, so probably for the best that it’s gone and forgotten…

    Also you seem a thoroughly nice guy as well, which is always a bonus!



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