Community Minded

Here we are at the start of September and I really don’t know what happened to summer, it has come and gone in a flash!

I have been trying to get more involved with the community and helped with a Big Lunch event held at Carmarthen Park in July and will be going to the Eden Project later this month for the weekend which is about helping individuals across the UK create positive change within their communities.

How much one individual can realistically do, especially when I work full time is another thing. Hopes that the community council would be receptive to working in the community appears to be non existent. I shall be carrying out a community quiz at the end of the month, I am funding this myself and I hope that it is well supported (it is very likely going to lose money) as for years local people have complained that nothing every happens around here but when something is organised there is always a long list of excuses as to why no one came to the event.

The last few months has also seen work on my project build up momentum, again this is very much community orientated with being used to preserve the past as well as promoting the community. Work is slow with the old records but I have made some progress with creating information pages for local groups and organisations.

Hopefully give an update as to what happens when I go to the Eden Project later this month.

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