My last entry just under a month ago saw me writing about me wanting to get more involved with the community, in particular with the community of Llangunnor. I am already a community councillor, a member of the parochial church council, litter champion and behind the Llangunnor Network web site.

I also mentioned in my last entry that I was going to be visiting the Eden Project with Big Lunch Extras – (I shall write more of this again) and while this did offer encouragement it also made me realise how lethargic the residents of Llangunnor have become.

A week of events last week had a very poor turn out, okay it could be that the events did not interest people but a talk on “Riotous Carmarthen” pulled in 14 people!

Of course my quiz took place last Tuesday with a first prize of £40 in vouchers and a consolation prize worth £5 to the team in last position it does not take a mathematical genius to work out how well it went with 15 people each paying £2 to take part.

It is not so much the loss that was made it was the apparent apathy of local residents, nothing goes on locally but when something does they would much rather stay in and watch television!

Four faces that I was not expecting to turn up did and I am grateful to the ladies from St Cynnwr Woman’s Institute for making the effort. Nice to see some of the members from Llangunnor Church turn up but I do wonder where the team from Babell Chapel were on that night – I have supported quiz nights that they have held in the past with my overgenerous donations of first prize (£40 for the last two quizzes they have held)

Even taking a loss I am still committed to driving ahead so I look at my next project to latch on to the annual Christmas Tree light switch on. This event is arranged by the community council and it does manage to bring a lot of people together all huddled on the pavement for the 15 minutes it takes to sing a carol or two and switch on the lights – everyone then disappears.

I suggested after the event last year that it would make more sense if we the council invited everyone back to the school for a mince pie and maybe more singing, to actually make more of the event. Members were all for the idea and discussion of speaking to the school PTA were to follow.

I’ve taken matters into my own hands, I have spoken to the local chapel and asked to use it on the evening and have gotten the council to agree to invite everyone there after the switch on – I shall fund the mince pies and drinks myself and am looking to form a lantern parade, something that will extend the event and make it something more than it is at the moment.

Of course there is only so much money I can personally use to support these activities and my hope is that engaging with the community like this would encourage greater participation in future events so that a profit is made and that profit can then go on to support further events.

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