The Start

So today I go along to Boots to use the weighing machine so that I have a print out of my current weight and have all the other statistics these machines pump out! I have gone since last Monday on a much reduced calorie intake and I am hoping that this is something I can take forward. Looking at NHS website it would suggest that I try to reduce my calorie intake to 1900kcal per day, the standard for an adult male would be 2500kcal.

Of course when you consider that a Mars bar is worth about 500kcal you realise that you certainly need to be aware of what you are eating. So here starts the calorie counting!!

I really will need to consider what I am going to be eating going forward and make a meal plan of sorts as I know in the past I have gotten home and not know what to eat and have just snacked. Breakfast has been pretty easy and I have been there measuring out the portion sizes and they are considerable smaller than I would normally have. Lunch in work has been okay so far with a combination of soups and pasta – I have managed to cut out the bread but even I know that this is not something I am likely to be able to maintain, but with bread come the temptation to have a slice while I am waiting for food to cook.

Hopefully as well as reducing my food intake I will be able to increase my activity levels and start to see and feel a difference. I have not listed my weight here but needless to say I am unable to weigh myself at home as standard scales will only weigh up to 20 stone.

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