Diet and all that

And I was beginning to think that I was a little better at keeping things updated here, okay only a quick entry to say that my “Weight Reduction Plan” aka diet is still going well. I weighed myself on the 24th Jan and had lost a further 4lbs and yesterday had lost a further 3lbs.

Was a little surprised as I had been out for the annual council dinner on Thursday, which was a three course meal and it certainly filled me up and maybe that is a good thing as I tried to be careful with my portions and was still feeling full when I woke up the next day!

My fizzy drink intake has reduced considerably and while it is most likely in my head I do think that my trousers don’t feel as tight when wearing them.

In other news I have begun planning a Big Lunch event in Llangunnor and have been looking at options for supplying food – the idea has been up-scaled from a street party type event which would be a lot easier as you could agree with your neighbours who was bringing what.

I can’t stretch to a hog roast which would have been my preferred option but with hopefully over 150 people turning up to what is a free event I need to keep costs low but ensure that everyone has something to eat.

Any suggestions please feel free to comment.

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