Council Website

Again life has been keeping me busy and most recently I’ve been working on the community council website. I say working on it I’ve for the last few months been trying to slowly develop the existing site that the council has it can be found here, as you can see the site is outdated and in fact very little of it still works and the organisation behind it plans to withdraw the site at the end of 2013.

So it was rather fortunate that the Welsh Government have a grant of £500 available for councils to use to help promote themselves and a website fits this requirement. I will not bore you with the details but a deal was struck with a company to utilise this grant to produce a site. Ever keen to take the current site and develop it further I began looking at example sites of what we could expect to get for our money and found an example that I liked the look of so began building a mock version of the site so that I had something to show to the council who have themselves admitted they have very limited skills with websites.

The problem however came with a new member of the council who sold himself as having experience with web design, this came at the best time for the council but not for me as this person is very difficult for me to work with.

Trying to get an opinion on anything has proved extremely difficult and would have forced the council to pick one of us to take the lead on the development and in all honesty that is a vote that I could struggle to win going up against someone who has come on to the council with an application letter mentioning his web design skills – something I have yet to see. I decided to withdraw my rather limited skills and leave it up to the resident expert!

Anyway enough of the rant.