October 2012 update

Unsurprisingly it has been a few months since I last updated and reading back over my last entry very little has changed.

I have however ended my volunteering at the book place, I had taken the majority of September off to think about what I wanted to do last week when I returned I handed in my notice – today was my last day and it did feel strange to be leaving but I know that going forward that too much conflict would be generated and I don’t like some of the things that are developing at the store.

Work was done on a new leaflet for the council but as I thought it was too late for any new ideas so what I had done was shelved but hopefully when it comes to redoing the leaflet I will be able to have more of an input. Strangely enough I was asked to do some tweaking to the edition they are going with so will see how that looks.

Would you believe I still have my old microwave and television taking up space in my room, last time I mentioned that I would be making more of an effort to de-clutter – not sure what has happened to that but will need to get something done as I have a lot of books taking up space as well.

Currently reading “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl see the film adaptations so thought I would take the time to read the book.