Free Books… But Don’t Take The P#ss

Well we are getting on towards the end of the first month of 2012 and my aim to try and write here a little more frequently has not exactly gone to plan. I’ve got two draft entries that I just can’t seem to finish off.

Let hope this does not become the third!

After thinking about volunteering last year and speaking to someone at a local charity about helping out I have made a commitment to help out every Saturday – when I say commitment it is likely to be until I get board or something better come along.

Hate to say it but it is true, so far I have done three weeks and have to say generally I am enjoying it – however I do find some of the people who come in to get free books rather irritating.

The rule is simple each person can take three books for free but it is very tiresome when you get traders or others who come into the store and want to take advantage!

I was on my own for most of the day yesterday sorting out books and dealing with people coming in with donations and people taking books, found a very nice book “The Complete Chronicles of Narnia” in hardback it looked like it had never been opened and I thought it was too good to be put out so put it on behind the counter so that the people in charge could make the decision on Monday.

Anyway one of the last people who looked around the store came up to the counter so that I could check the books she had – she had her quota but noticed the book and asked if she could have it…WTF

Healthy Planet

Harveys Sales

I have noticed that a lot of people are coming to the site after doing a search for Harveys, or the Lima wardrobes – unfortunately a lot of what I had written about these for them to be picked up by search engines were lost when the site had some work done in a few months ago.

Basically I spent a year comparing the prices of two of Harveys Boxing Day offers to see how the prices changed over the 12 months and found that the price did indeed increase at points during the 12 month period but they charged exactly the same for the products on Boxing Day 2007 that they did on Boxing Day 2008.

The point I was trying to make back then is that Sales are pretty much pointless, if you see something that you like and you want to pay the price listed then just buy it – I would of course recommend looking online to see if you could get the same item cheaper elsewhere!!

Dawn of 2012

We’ve finally arrived at the start of 2012, and what sort of year does it hold in store for each and every one of us? There will be a few who believe that we will not get to see the end of the year as some global catastrophe will befall the planet, well either that or the Mayans decided not to carry on with their calendar!!

Watched the firework display in London on television and have to admit I thought I was watching V For Vendetta when all the fireworks started erupting from Big Ben and even through it was a great display I do have to wonder how much the display cost and more importantly who footed the bill?

I must be coming up with a new way to celebrate the new year as for the last two years I have spent the evening cleaning up and New Years Eve 2011 was spent no differently with me still going through some of the stuff that I have removed from the shed at my mothers. I have found a new home for my collection of Doctor Who books and magazines, having cleared out my old craft magazines – they are already loaded into the car ready to be given away.

I was not able to save my radio controlled Dalek – the moment it had been thrown into the shed was the moment it was destined to be thrown into the bin.

New Years Day was spent rather quietly at home where I cleared out the fridge – no more turkey for me which is rather shameful as I could have made a batch of turkey curry and frozen it for later in the year with the amount of turkey I had left over.

Managed to watch a few films during the day, saw It’s a Wonderful Life and The Muppet Christmas Carol – both fantastic films and two more films that I have managed to watch this holiday season.

Washed the car today and will have to remember to not use the jet wash after a stinking 4×4 has used it as I had to drive over a pile of mud which had been taken off the said 4×4 so I spent a few minutes just pressure washing the ground to clear all the mud out of the way. Here’s hoping I will be able to wash the car at least once a month.