Year End

We arrive at the end of another year and in the past I would normally do some sort of digest of what I had been up to over the past twelve months. I know that I have not really devoted the amount of time to this site that I used to and even when I did post some sort of update it felt half hearted.

As with every other year that has gone before, 2011 came and went and I cannot think of anything that I’ve done that is of note – I don’t mean that to come across as being negative and I’m sure if I really thought about it I have not just sat in front of a computer screen for the last twelve months.

I spent my 33rd birthday getting up at the crack of dawn and driving three and a half hours to North Wales where I climbed the highest mountain in England and Wales – Mount Snowdon. I do regret that another year has passed and I’ve still not managed to make to New York or Australia, both destinations that I wanted to visit for as long as I’ve been online.

As my last entry stated I have finally called it a day with my “101 things in 1001 days” project three years after it should have ended and while looking at some of the items that I had not accomplished I was surprised to find that some were relatively straight forward with no real excuse for them not being completed.

2011 saw my family tree research slow down considerable, maybe because over the last few years I have spent loads of time building the tree and to extend on this means having to visit record offices and spending time looking through church baptism and marriage records – this would involve a trip to Warminster and an overnight stay to make the most of it.

I have however already restarted work on my research by ordering a birth and marriage certificate, so at the moment waiting for them to arrive from the General Records Office.

I have however been keeping my research skills honed by working on a new project, in fact I’ve spent the last year and a half working on it and will eventually reveal all!
I’m generally happy with how I’ve been managing my finances over the last twelve months and having cancelled my Lovefilm membership yesterday I’m looking forward to being able to find another use for the £13.27 a month subscription. Anyway over the last twelve months interest earned from the majority of my accounts amounted to £88.97 an improvement on the £55.65 I earned in 2010.

I am not sure yet it I will come up with a list of goals for 2012 but have already said I will volunteer a few hours every week to help a local charity – so will see how that goes.

I have decided to officially end my 1001 Project three years after it should have ended and it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Okay a few things I saw a programme on television a few days ago (Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder) and it was someone in work who mentioned that the bloke (Richard Wallace) kept newspapers as he wanted to keep a keep a digital record of events – this is something that I do but at the moment I scan what I think might be useful and recycle the rest of the paper. I’ve known for some time that I am a hoarder and don’t like to throw things out that might be useful or hold some sort of sentimental memory for me and watching the programme scared me, as all it would take is for me to slow down on the scanning element for the papers to build up!!

How do you decide if something you have is trash and should be gotten rid of or kept – I have a load of card craft magazines all stored just in case I need to refer to them at some future date. It is only now once I have typed that do I realise that I have not needed to look at them over the last twelve months. I have a vast collection of VHS videos that for years I have been storing and it is only recently that I have decided to get rid of them but even this is being doing in a slow and ordered pace.

Today I have started to empty the shed at my mothers, as she wants all my books gone so she can reclaim her shed – looking at some of the things I’ve already taken out the majority of stuff will end up in the bin as it has been destroyed by damp and my brothers.

A few weeks ago someone in work asked the question – How does someone know if they are having a breakdown?

Christmas Ties

Today I went out to get a Christmas tie, I never knew it would be so much trouble to find one in Carmarthen. I tried both BHS (I asked here and they had no idea what I was talking about and finally pointed me in the direction of the normal ties) and Marks & Spencer with no luck and even a visit to the numerous budget stores like B&M and Poundland proved to fruitless.

Eventually got one from Debenhams who were having yet another special EVENT the prices have been the same for the last few weeks regardless of any special offer they appear to be promoting.

Got some drinks (soft) for a work buffet we’re having this week, still not sure how much would be needed for the twelve of us and it somehow feels wrong that I have bought the premium brands even though I normally get the budget brands for my own consumption.

I did manage to get the the clothes recycling bank yesterday and have unloaded all the clothes from my car and spent a little time last night going through my wardrobe and clearing that out.

Well home now for my lamb stew, which has been in the slow cooker for the last few hours and iron my shirts for the week ahead

Hark The Return…

Well since my last entry I have completed a great deal of my Christmas shopping, rather alarmingly this has to be one of the only years that I have not made a list or budget for presents. I have asked family what they want and have gone out and bought them – think it is much easier to get what someone actually wants or needs.

I still need to get a few things and am awaiting a few deliveries but the fun will be when it comes to wrapping them all up, luckily I still have wrapping paper left over from last year.

In other news December is looking like it will be a busy month, with work Christmas dinner and the work night out it is probably a good thing that I am not looking at what I am spending.

Been busy over the last few weeks having a clear out at home, I have a load of old clothes that I have had to admit I will never fit into again and have these bagged up to go to clothes recycling and took a bag of new things (yes still with the labels on) to a local charity shop.

Also decided that my VHS collection needs to go, I had originally hoped to replace each video with the DVD but since joining the amount of DVD’s I buy has gone down considerably with me only really buying a few DVD’s in the January sales.

So far I must have gotten rid of about 20 videos and the majority of these were ones I was “forced” to remove from my mothers house a few months ago that have been sitting in a bag in the corner for the last few months!!

However all this space I appear to be creating will be filled when I move more of my things from my mothers shed – my collection of Doctor Who videos and books, and old school books.

Will have to remember to remove my old microwave to my car so that I can take it to the tip at some point, that is something else that has been sitting in the corner for nearly a year.