Caught Short

Got to my car this morning to find yet another parking fine, (Have gone a good few months without having one so still cheaper than actually having to buy a permit or daily ticket) I had a feeling when I parked up last night that I would get one but always wanting to push my luck I did not “hide” the car.

Of course yesterday the local council changed some of the parking spaces from long stay to short stay, I did notice last night but thought I would chance it – I did get to my car earlier than I normally would and got to the car park just before 9am. As I had guessed because the area I had parked in was now designated short stay my car was all alone and stood out like a sore thumb as all the other cars were parked in the long stay.

What aggrieves me the most is that this was an easy hit for the council enforcement officer, they saw the car and zoomed in on it (knowing that it would have been left overnight) and I know from past experience that they would not have checked any other car to see if it had a valid parking ticket. Looking at the paperwork I was caught at 8.20am which is fair enough as the car park is monitored from 8am but any other day I have safely left my car until at least 10am sometimes longer when it is “hidden” in with the other long stay cars.

My policy of hiding the car will not change as mentioned before it is not worth me buying a ticket or permit as the only day the car is in the car park after 8am is when I work a late shift.

If I pay within 14 days I will only need to pay £25, this month was already a tight squeeze on my finances with me already cutting back so looks like I will be using food from my cupboards and freezer for the rest of the month.

September 11th – Ten Years Later

I am sure that the news will be full of the events that happened in New York back in 2001, it becomes one of those moments that people will always remember what they were doing on that fateful day ten years ago.

It was a Tuesday and back then I was working part time and not working on Tuesday, I can remember sitting at the computer with the television on in the background when they reported that a plane had hit one of the Twin Towers in New York. I was watching the news and at that time no one knew that it was a terrorist attack and I can remember thinking no wonder a plane hit the building as they were flying so close – I was watching live reports and could see a plane in the background approaching the second tower and hit it.

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the confused news reports.

September Comes

Well what summer we had has now passed that we enter September and the approach of autumn, over the next few weeks we shall see the leaves change colour before falling to the ground. The mornings will be crisp and the nights will start to draw in.

You’ve gotta love this time of year.