A quite weekend

Was it really two weeks ago since my last post, well I did indeed take a look at the outstanding items on my 101 list and took a look at the things that were achievable over the next couple of months. For far too long I have been wasting my time when I could be out and about crossing things off my list.

I also discovered that some of the items on the list I had already completed but I have never actually updated them so that is something I am currently working on. I also “helped” one of my friends who I felt was become a little despondent and getting stuck in a rut, hopefully the ideas that he came up with and the focus he will now have on achieving them will be a positive thing.

This week is also the last week that I will have a day off work on a Thursday, I have to admit that that I quite liked having a break during the week as you can do so much more than on the weekends, I tended to visit my grandparents or friends. It does however mean that my whole Saturday is free now and that is one of the reasons I’ve been looking at how to fill my weekends and not just let them drift into the past.

Today is a good example, with the sun shining I have spent most of the day inside this is because I have a routine and it is the same every Sunday – I sleep later than normal then either watch a film/tv while cleaning then its off food shopping then up to my mothers for dinner I’ll go home and iron some shirts and watch tv.

Make your lives extraordinary

I’m sure we all get that feeling of being stuck in a rut and after another weekend nearly over with me doing very little (or at least it feels like very little) I do wonder if I am living life to its full potential?

Of course when not it work it is nice to just be able to relax and people can relax in many different ways – you don’t have to actually do anything. I think my problem is that I have once again set myself a routine (every Sunday I sleep later than normal and when I wake up I will do some cleaning and take the rubbish out, then a spot of shopping and to my mothers for dinner).

Nothing wrong with this but sometimes it can be nice to just be spontaneous. I was driving through Llanelli yesterday and could see clearly over to the north Gower coast, part of me was thinking of stopping somewhere so that I could take some photos – I did not stop as I figured I would stop another time to take the photos but what if tomorrow never comes?

I have take a copy of my outstanding 101 things and will be looking through that and making an effort to finish off that project – more than TWO years after it should have ended!

Thought for the week:- carpe diem

My 33rd Birthday

I am not sure how many people would choose to spent their birthday, I decided to climb a mountain and not just any mountain but the highest mountain in Wales – Mount Snowdon.

Set off from Carmarthen at 6.30am for the journey north and arriving in Llanberis at around 10.30am. The original plan was to use the Snowdon Mountain Railway to travel up to the summit and to take in the views get a few photographs and have a bite to eat before beginning the decent down on foot.

When we got to the station in Llanberis they had just put up a sign to advise that all the trains for that day were fully booked – if I had considered this that I might have pre booked some tickets. With no chance of being able to get on the train if there were any spare seats we decided to walk to the summit.

The walk from the train station to the start of the Llanberis walk (which is the longest but easiest) was easy enough then the ascent began and not being the most healthy person in the world I will readily admit that I found the going tough – this when still walking on tarmac roads. We soon turned off the road on to a path and the ongoing walk upwards.

As I was walking up I could see the trains going past and how I envied those lucky people being carried up to the summit. A lot of the way I was actually staring down at my feet as I walked as I found I was able to travel more ground instead of actually having to look at how far I had to go.

Stopped for a break at the Halfway House (halfway point) and was told that the ascent was a lot tougher at this point, and that it would take another couple of hours. I had also in the distance seen the trains going up the side of the mountain and the path that I would have to walk on to get to that point, However I pushed on hoping to get just a little further up Snowdon.

Summit of Snowdon

What seemed like a nightmare I pushed onwards and upwards, my friend way ahead of me and I am not sure if this was a good thing or not – sometimes you can cover more ground if you have someone to talk to on your journey.

One thing I will say is just how friendly everyone was on the mountain by offering words of encouragement or just a simple smile.

I did not make it to the summit due to time constraints and the fact that I was mentally and physically exhausted, today while typing this with my sore feet and legs I feel dreadful that I could not push myself that little extra to get to the summit but I know that the 20 minute walk would have take me at least an hour.

After resting for about 30 minutes the decent began and my idea that this would be easy was soon forgotten it actually felt that the journey back was longer – of course it wasn’t but this time I was racing racing against the setting sun to get to the base before sunset. This meant that there were no real rest breaks on the way down.

We started the trek up at 11am and got back to the base at 10pm!

What people need to consider is that this a mountain and can be very dangerous but it appears that because it is such a well know tourist attraction people come here unprepared.