Christmas 2013

Christmas came around again at an alarming rate and again this year  I did consider going out for dinner but in the end decided to cook my own food.

I had attended a midnight service on Christmas Eve at the local chapel and was up for an 8am service at the local church, which helps to remind us about the true meaning of celebrating Christmas.

With more careful planning this year I was able to sit down and eat my food at 3pm after deciding to have pate as a starter (not something I would have again and it was only used this year to keep things simple) I once again had the turkey crown from Aldi and did my own veg, stuffing and gravy.

Utilising my slow cooker and halogen oven I was able to cook everything but still need to work on my timings. I washing up as I went ensuring that I was not left with a mountain of dishes to do later.

I was unable to eat any pudding so will keep that back and eat it at a later date.

Called up my mothers early evening and happened to catch my brother and nephew there so we all exchanged gifts. I will readily admit I don’t like the whole gift opening experience but not many surprises for me as I had given suggestions as to what to get me – again I have way too much junk. So mainly got deodorant sets and DVD’s. I did get a few shocks my mother had gotten me a toaster, my fault as I mentioned that I was looking for one and not to sound ungrateful but I would have much rather have been able to go out and get what I wanted.

My grandparents are a nightmare to get for, they never give ideas they just give one item each and I was not asked what I wanted (not that I would have had any ideas) so was a little surprised when an annual membership to the National Botanical Garden of Wales and at £8 a visit I will be wanting to make sure that I get full value from this gift over the next twelve months and hopefully it will provide an excellent opportunity to take photos. When I was looking through the pack I noticed that they had also paid for me to go on a photography course at the gardens in March.

I will of course add the customary photo of my gifts when I get around to it.