August Already!!

Was it really the 10th June since my last entry?

Of course it was and I am being kept just as busy with so many things to do that trying to think back over the last two months for anything interesting to talk about is very difficult.

I still do my volunteer work at the book place every Saturday but am not sure for how much longer I will be able to commit to this – various reasons that I may go into later.

Councillor business has stopped for the summer but I have been asked to report back on how I felt the council was operating as a new member. Not sure what they actually want me to do as it was the chairman that asked me at the end of the last meeting. I am going on the assumption that he wants my views on what it was like as a new member of the council.

I was also sent out a pack which the council has developed to welcome new residents to the community and I think it could do with some changes – but am unsure if the information was only sent out to show councillors and that all decisions on the contents have been finalised at some previous meeting.

However I have taken it upon myself to create something else – at the moment I am working on a different layout but keeping the information the same as the original, I also hope to highlight information that I feel a new resident would fine useful. Have not decided how I will approach the council with these – depends on what happens at the meeting.

Regular visitors will know of my constant battle with trying to keep my room tidy, watching a programme about hoarders I realised that I could be called a hoarder. Not as bad as the people on the show but I am sure they were like me at one point and I managed to find a book (at the shop I volunteer at) about de-cluttering your home and along with the advice given on the television show I feel that I am ready to be a lot more ruthless than I have been in the past about getting rid of stuff.

I have finally come to the realisation that my video collection is worthless – I do have a video player and I did actually buy a device so that I could copy them on to my computer and then on to a disk but quality issues made me realise that was a pointless exercise, so they will be bagged up at taken to a charity shop.

Other things that I will be getting rid of –

    1.Old Clothes
    2.Spare Television
    3.Old Microwave

Also thinking of getting rid of some of my crafting supplies, it has been a good couple of months since I last made any cards.

Quite shocking for someone that had nothing to write about I have managed to waffle on for so long.