Vultures Circling

Focus the DIY store has recently gone into administration, I had heard online that they had been unable to sell the business as a going concern so all the stock was to be sold off.


Since they announced the start of the sale the car park at my local store has been jam packed, I noticed the car park at the Focus branch in Pembroke Dock was also full. Out of interest and to see what sorts of bargains they had I called into the local Focus store a few days ago and the store was just as busy as the car park.

The reductions were from 10% to about 30% and having a quick look around the shelves even with the level of discount the items were still available elsewhere cheaper.

Yet the checkouts were busier than I had seen in a long time and it is a shame that those bargain hunters had not supported the firm prior to them going into administration – it reminds me of the days when Woolworths vanished from our high streets and everyone picking at the bones.

Technical Problems

It had been about a month since my last entry and since that time the system I used to write these entries has been updated twice – during one of these updates I lost the ability to post anything. This effected all my sites which incorporate WordPress and it was only yesterday when I went to post an entry that I noticed the problem a quick search for a solution did not find anything so I took the decision to delete the database and start again.

It has worked and has also corrected the problem with the other sites, this leads me to believe that the problem was caused by the size of the database. As such the majority of the old posts held on this site will be consigned to history.