Charity Begins At Home

I really don’t know where the last six months have gone, they have flown by at an alarming rate.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a long day with various meetings, the last of those with the group of people who have been volunteering to maintain the graveyard of Llangunnor Church.

The church had signed up to Time Credits in July 2013 so that the volunteers could earn one for every hour these could then be used at a range of places – One of the conditions that the church had been made aware of from the start is that they would have to provide activities so that these earned credits could be used and other volunteers from outside organisations could also use their credits.

To date Llangunnor Church has not put on any activities that allowed anyone with Time Credits to use them and after last night it became clear that they had no intention of putting any on as it is more important for the church to raise funds, which they will be doing with a Strawberry Tea later this month.

This has left me feeling deflated as one of the things I have been trying to do for so long is to build community spirit and while money can be important in these times it is a shame that the people of Llangunnor Church seem to have lost sight that you need to have some give and take.

As a member of Llangunnor Church I effectively pay each week and am left wondering if the limited amount I give each week could be better utilised elsewhere I have bought 5 tickets to the Strawberry Tea at a cost of £15 to myself but ultimately the church will pay as I will ensure that they lose double that amount from me in collections. I will need to consider my position on the Parochial Church Council.

– Six Month Review –
Anyway six months ago I made the following list of what I wanted to achieve in 2014.
1. Renew my passport.
2. De-clutter my room.
3. Use my slow cooker to make a meal at least once a month.
4. Visit Beamish
5. Go see a show in a theatre.
6. Complete at least 10 years of transcriptions of Council records.

Ashamed to say that very little of this has even been attempted over the last six months. My passport has expired and I am sure very little effort is needed to renew it but it comes down to money. De-cluttering my room should have been done and no real excuse for this except lethargy mixed with some sentimentality. I had toyed with the idea of going to see War Horse at the theatre in Cardiff checked a few prices and left it on hold to see if I could get a better deal for a show in London.

The only thing that has been worked on has been the transcriptions of Council records but not 10 years yet.

No doubt it will be another six months before I find the time to post anything here.